Xpress channel manager


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Manage all your direct OTA's next to our CRS system in one easy management tool

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Xpress channel manager

  1. 1. GlobRes Xpress Channel Manager TheXpressChannelManagerisanintuitiveandpowerfultwo-wayexpressway to and from the world's largest reservation booking sites. Additionally, it has the connectivity to manage hotel rates and availability on the GDS, IDS and Booking Engines. This Channel Management Technology recently received the highest independent ratings in a study of PMS connectivity, connection to online portals, user-friendliness and value for money. GlobRes is also proud to announce that it was awarded the only 12 out of 12 rating for the German speaking market outperforming, among others; RateTiger, Reconline, EZYield and ParityRate. GlobRes eDistribution Solutions GlobRes Xpress Channel Manager quality Industry leading & unrivalled
  2. 2. Xpress Channel Manager 2 Unlike many channel manager providers which claim connections to hundreds of portals, we do not believe this risky process of site- or screen-scraping. Every single one of the portals and property managementsystemswithwhichweconnect arecarefullycreatedusingthelatestOpenTravelXML standards. GlobRes only offers fully operational 2-Way XML interfaces meaning all of your direct contract channels get updated seamlessly. 2-Way XML Connections A world leading channel management solution.
  3. 3. 3 "We switched from our previous channel manager to GlobRes. We are very happy and excited with their services that they have provided. Besides more revenue and exposureforourhoteltheyarealwaysavailableforanyquestionsorhelpweneed.With the new version coming up things are only getting better. We have made the right decision to become partners with GlobRes." - RobertRamon, Amsterdam If hotels update at least two or three internet extranets then the Xpress Channel Manager can save considerable time and money. Efficiency and accuracy are paramount at GlobRes and a hotel investing in Xpress allows immediately responses to market conditions and the updating of rates andavailabilityacrossalldigitalsaleschannelswithaclickofabutton.Xpressallowsthemanagement of Hurdle Rates and complex rate structures with ease. Save Time and Money HOTEL PMS GLOBRES XPRESS CHANNEL MANAGER GLOBRES CENTRAL RESERVATION SYSTEM GDS/ IDS WEB BOOKING ENGINE MOBI BOOKING ENGINE DIRECT PORTAL CONTRACTS An All-in-one Solution
  4. 4. GlobRes Global Reservation Agent AG Hirschmattstrasse 28 CH-6003 Luzern Switzerland Tel: +41 41 311 0100 Fax: +41 41 311 0102 www.GlobRes.com Please recycle. © GlobRes 2013. All rights reserved. CU/2013/XPRESS/V2604