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Teenpreneur November 2014 review


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A review of the most recent Teenpreneur Challenge event held in Birmingham, UK.

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Teenpreneur November 2014 review

  1. 1. Emerge Leadership UK CIC The Teenpreneur Challenge 22nd November 2014
 Teenpreneur Nov 2014 review, Page 1
  2. 2. Emerge Leadership UK CIC Teenpreneur Event Review One of our most exciting programmes that we deliver each year is the Teenpreneur Challenge. Inspired by a programme that our colleagues Albert and Comfort Ocran have been running in Ghana for a number of years, Teenpreneur is all about developing entrepreneurial mindsets and attitudes in our youth. A recent study by ‘Unltd’ showed that 54% of young people today are thinking about having their own business as oppose to pursuing a traditional career path. This is not surprising. In fact it’s a change in trend that is in line with both national and economic conditions which in forcing many adults and young people to think of creative ways to make a living for themselves, on their own terms so to speak. At Teenpreneur we pride ourselves on giving young people access to established entrepreneurs that have come from similar backgrounds and that have achieved significant success in their business field. We have seen time and time again that young people that take part in Teenpreneur leave the event feeling empowered, inspired and dreaming of doing things they have never before thought possible. Teenpreneur Nov 2014 review, Page 2
  3. 3. Emerge Leadership UK CIC At our most recent Teenpreneur event the guest speakers were: Jamie Dunn - International Speaker and Entrepreneur Justice Williams MBE - Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur Tony Sealey OBE - Businessman, Multiple McDonald’s Franchisee Daniel Anderson - Award winning Actor and filmmaker Students attended from Aston Teenpreneur Nov 2014 review, Page 3
  4. 4. Emerge Leadership UK CIC Manor Academy, North Birmingham Academy and Kingsbury Sports College. Here’s what a few of the students had to say about the event.. “I have thoroughly enjoyed the program. The quality of the venue was fantastic and the speakers were extremely useful and motivational. This will definitely help me if i decide to go into my own business. I cannot recommend this highly enough.” S.Austin “This experience has benefited me a lot in terms of motivating me and it was very inspirational hearing people’s stories. It shows you can become anything no matter your past or qualifications.” H. Ali “This program really motivated me. Being surrounded by people with similar dreams as me is more than amazing. I absolutely loved it.” M. Omer “The experience encourages me and other people to be on my own business. I want loads of other young people of this generation to do this and learn about young businesses because this experience was great.” T. Fullwood “I think this was a great opportunity for e to get advice on how to shape my future. Very inspiring.” N. Clarke “I thought this was going to be boring but it wasn't it was inspirational and fun. It boosted my confidence and helps you find courage within yourself to do great. If you're interested in business then you'll love it. I also learnt off people that started their business at our age and sold it for a lot of money.” A. Kabran Teenpreneur will be back in 2015. Keep checking back to our website for updates. You can also see video footage from the event by visiting For more information about Teenpreneur, to get students from your school involved please email Teenpreneur Nov 2014 review, Page 4