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Summer 2013 newsletter


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Information and an update on the work we are doing in schools in the UK and in Ghana

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Summer 2013 newsletter

  1. 1. 1 Raising Aspirations in 2013 and beyond! By Staff Hello and welcome to our final Newsletter for the 2012/13 academic year. We hope you are enjoying the summer break so far and that having been working so hard you are finding time to play hard ‘so to speak’. We, like you are very excited about what the coming academic year has in store. In this newsletter we would like to tell you about some exciting things that are available to you in the 2013/2014 academic year. First, it's been quite a busy summer for us. In the 2012/13 academic year we have delivered a n u m b e r o f programmes in around 30 different schools all over the UK. We have been speaking to, and working with hundreds if not thousands of young people, and it has been great fun! We do what we do b e c a u s e w e a r e frustrated by the fact that there are young people growing up today who d o n ' t b e l i e v e t h a t anything else is possible for them apart from what they are currently seeing and experiencing. We do our best to challenge that mindset and raise the aspirations of young people whilst reinforcing the great work that teachers are already doing. The feedback we have had from the students and staff we have worked with has been fantastic. Thank you! (See testimonials at the bottom of the newsletter) NEWSLETTER Picture taken at the Kick off event of the G and T Literacy Project. Featuring students from Swanshurst Girls, Moseley, Hall Green, Kings Norton Girls and Kings Heath Boys. Summer2013
  2. 2. 2 SUMMER2013 Some highlights of the year: and there were so many!.. By Staff • The 'Do Something!' Leadership Development programme for Teens in 15 schools across Birmingham. We had 180 students developing innovative leadership projects in their schools. Developing their confidence, teamwork and public speaking skills. • The Leadership and Literacy G and T Project delivered with 5 s c h o o l s i n t h e s o u t h o f Birmingham. All 5 schools worked together. Students in each school developed Peer mentoring programs to help year 7 students love literacy. It was a blast! • Delivering the ‘Ambassadors’ P r e f e c t / S t u d e n t L e a d e r s development programme at St Edmund Campion School and Handsworth Wood Girls School. Seeing the newly appointed student leaders in these schools define their roles and rise up to the challenge of being role models in their schools was inspiring. • Delivering an increasing amount of Teacher coaching and staff CPD sessions. One of our targets was to deliver more teacher coaching this year and we did it and had some great feedback. Finishing the year on a high note At the end of July Errol went to Ghana to deliver a residential leadership development programme for 75, 15 - 19 year old students from across the capital city, Accra. You can find out more about our work in Ghana from this review by clicking this link or copying and pasting it into your browser. http:// On our return to the UK, we delivered the 'Aspire' 3 day confidence building workshop for around 20 female students at Aston Manor Academy in Birmingham. All students were in years 7 - 9. 'Aspire' is designed for those students who are doing well academically, but lack the self- confidence to put their ideas forward and build relationships. The fun and i n t e r a c t i v e p r o g r a m m e w a s delivered by our team alongside special guest appearances from Melody Hossaini, a previous finalist o n t h e B B C T V s h o w ' T h e Apprentice' who offered some words of inspiration and motivation for the participants. We were also visited by Justice Williams (MBE) - the Birmingham-based entrepreneur who also inspired the Participants with her story, providing them with a huge confidence boost. See a short clip of some of the students sharing their feedback at the bottom of the newsletter. To book an Aspire confidence building workshop for your school, please send us an email. (Melody Hossaini from The Apprentice at the Aspire Workshop with students from Aston Manor Academy) Students on the Leadership Programme at St Edmund Campion School. Right: Students at Aston Manor School on the ‘Aspire’ Workshop with Justice Williams (MBE) Below: Errol Lawson delivering a workshop in Ghana
  3. 3. Looking forward to this year, we have a number of programmes available to schools. Please see a list of the programmes that are available for the 2013/14 academic year below. Programmes Available For The 2013/14 Academic YearProgrammes Available For The 2013/14 Academic YearProgrammes Available For The 2013/14 Academic YearProgrammes Available For The 2013/14 Academic YearProgrammes Available For The 2013/14 Academic Year Package Main Themes Duration # of Students Special Features ASPIRE Confidence Motivation Raising Aspiration Teamwork 3 days 30  Relaxed and informal  Fun activities for building social skills  Confidence-boosting exercises  Motivational (celebrity) speakers Exam Success Revision, Memory, Exam preparation, Aspiration, Time management, Attitude, Relaxation, Mental rehearsal, Visualisation. 2 hours 50  Exam success 'passport' for each student  Exam preparation  Fun  Interactive Independent Learner Independent learning techniques, Speed reading, Equipping the brain, Relaxation, Goal setting, Why study? 2 hours 50  Great Induction for students going into year 12  Opportunity to get students going into year 13 to Refocus Do Something! Public Speaking and communication skills, Teamwork, Goal setting, Critical thinking, Leadership, Project 10 hours over 6 weeks 16  Students create and deliver a project within school.  Fun activities to improve confidence in students. Ambassadors Leadership, Teamwork, Taking responsibility, Attitude, Being a role-Model Up to 9 months 0 - 50  Empower students to take ownership  Develop leadership skills in students Staff CPD Session - Authentic Leadership Leadership, Values, Culture, Teamwork. Various Various  Interactive workshop enabling staff to get clarity on their own core values, the school’s core values and to analyse the extent to which they are leading from those values. Coaching Hours Leadership, Problem solving, Transition, Confidence Various Various  Support staff who need to boost confidence, transition to new roles, rediscover passion for teaching or senior teachers who need coaching through specific challenges. 1hr Motivational Talk Raising aspirations, Overcoming adversity, Goal setting, Attitude, Decision making, Taking responsibility, Relationships. 1 hour Unlimited  Inspirational motivational keynote talk.  Great for assemblies or 'off timetable' days. SUMMER2013
  4. 4. “Entrepreneurship changes lives. If we want to change the world – and The UK – for the better, we need to create and support more young entrepreneurs”. Errol Lawson We are particularly excited about the 'Teenpreneur boot camp' that takes place for three days during the October half-term. Are great entrepreneurs born or are they made? Either way, it’s never too early to ramp up those sales skills. That’s why we are welcoming young business talent aged 13 - 17 for our best ever Teenpreneur program! We’re focused on enhancing your child’s business acumen, giving him or her an opportunity to learn the ABCs of entrepreneurship and apply those techniques to craft a viable business plan. With veteran entrepreneurs to serve as instructors, we guarantee an enriching, motivating experience that will help transform young minds into major players. Space is limited so register now! It’s sure to be a worthy investment in your teen’s future! Teenpreneurs will . . . • Explore options for solving a challenge within a company • Understand how to save and invest wisely • Develop strong leadership skills • Build their confidence • Learn from successful entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals • Network with their peers from across the city • Collaborate on projects and learn to be team players • Develop and practice presentation skills Two levels of instruction: • Junior Executives (Ages 13–15) • Future CEOs (Ages16–17) To register a maximum of ten students from your school, or for more information please send an email to Coming Soon!!... THE TEENPRENEUR ‘BOOTCAMP’ SUMMER2013
  5. 5. Website Developments Our website is being updated. Look out for lots of free resources and giveaways for students and teachers Company Name Change As of September 2013, our company name will change from EWL Consultants to Jasiri Leadership Development. (“Jasiri” means “courageous” in Kiswahili) Testimonials "The session today was fantastic! The students took part in activities which were accessible, relevant and applicable. They have gained invaluable skills for exams, the world of work and life outside." Rebecca, Academic mentor, Nottingham Emmanuel School “...Errol has been one of the best coaches I have ever had..." Heather Roberts, Head Teacher, Aston Manor Academy I was at a position in my career where I needed some guidance and confidence in bringing back my “believe it you can do it!” attitude, which I seemed to have left behind somewhere along the way. How much could I really get from a one-time coaching session with Errol? More than I could have imagined! The time spent with Errol was fun, relaxed and very productive. Errol was able to quickly identify what type of coaching I needed and focussed me clearly on aspects of my own confidence that had been hidden away for a while. I strongly recommend a coaching session with Errol for people eager to evolve to a higher level of personal c o n fi d e n c e a n d p r o f e s s i o n a l satisfaction Nsha Vaitha, Head of Maths, Swanshurst Girls School, Birmingham Click these links for other video testimonials - Teacher Testimonial Nottingham Emmanuel School - Head Teacher Testimonial Aston Manor Academy - Student testimonial Nottingham Emmanuel School - Head of year 10 testimonial from George Dixon School - Assistant head testimonial from Plantsbrook School - Student testimonial from the Aspire programme - Student testimonial from Sutton Coldfield Grammar Schools for girls Remember... You can contact us on (+44) 7852397747 or email Thank you Other news moving forward.. By staff SUMMER2013