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Errol lawson speaker sheet


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Information about Errol Lawson's professional speaking services. An ideal choice to inspire your audience at your school, college, university or corporate event.

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Errol lawson speaker sheet

  1. 1. “Errol Lawson is an inspirational leader and motivator. I highly recommend his both challenging and motivational approach that will encourage you to see beyond your limitations and practically access your dreams.” Monique Thomas, Virtuous Records “Errol is one of those CAN DO Must Do people. He gets on with the task at hand, he inspires others to get involved and things happen - very proud to recommend him and to have worked with him.” Siobhan Harper-Nunes, Director, Shakti Women Ltd. Errol reveals the core beliefs and proven strategies that have lead to the turnaround in his life, going from gangs and drugs to becoming a Minister, Author and Executive Coach. He proves to audiences that regardless of your starting position in life, the circumstances you were born into and the opinions of others that we can, if we choose to take 100% responsibility, turn our lives around. Not only will he demonstrate what it takes through his speaking, but through his workshops and coaching programmes he provides the necessary tools that can be used to help you improve your performance and grow professionally. WHY BOOK ERROL LAWSON? • Inspire your team to get back up again after major setbacks • Your team will be empowered to take action based on Errol's compelling examples and personal stories. • To get a deeper understanding of the importance of having the right people around you and shaping your environment for success. • To get back to that winning mindset. • Re-discover your passion for the big picture. Errol’s main motivation for doing the work that he does is a deep sense of frustration with the fact that there are so many adults and young people growing up in our society today and in cities around the world believing that nothing else is possible for them outside of what they are currently seeing and experiencing. As a teenager he got involved in gangs and drugs and became homeless at 16, so he definitely knows what it's like to live in a place of apathy and hopelessness but he also knows what it takes to get back up out of it. Website: | Email: LinkedIn: | Twitter: @Errollawson Mobile: +44 7852 397747
  2. 2. Over the last 15 years Errol has worked with schools, churches, organisations and individuals in the UK, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. In 2010 he was selected to be a member of the British Council's Transatlantic Leadership Network TN2020. In 2013 Errol began his journey in TV presenting by hosting several episodes of “This is your moment” a Gospel TV lifestyle and chat show on SKY for Believe TV. Reaching audiences around the world Errol has also been interviewed or featured in Keep the faith Magazine, The VOICE, The Birmingham Mail, Magic FM, Premier Radio, UCB Radio, New Style Radio, BBC WM, Untangled FM and many other online and offline platforms. Errol is the author of “From the Postcode to the Globe: How to Overcome Limitations and Realise your Potential”, Which has had national acclaim and sold hundreds of copies around the world. “I saw Errol deliver a presentation skills masterclass to group of students in the Midlands. His obvious expertise and professional manner gave them confidence to engage and have a go. great content, sincere/ genuine guy with a huge passion for developing young people... BOOK HIM!” David Hyner PSA Fellow, Professional Speaker Website: | Email: LinkedIn: | Twitter: @Errollawson Mobile: +44 7852 397747 “I find it quite hard to be brief (nothing new there) when it comes to Errol. You see he has so many excellent skills which he naturally shares with everyone he comes into contact with. Errol has the natural ability to inspire others, and I do not use the word natural lightly. I feel, because he has a genuine passion for people, that can become contagious and that passion then starts to spread. I have seen this time and time again whilst working with Errol and expect to see it continue in the future. Should you be looking for a professional, focussed and inspirational individual, look no further.” Claudette Dawson, Freelance Trainer, Revelation Training and Development