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Winter 2013 Newsletter


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The Winter 2013 Emerge Leadership Newsletter

Find out more about Emerge Leadership UK CIC and the work that we do to raise the aspirations of young people in the UK and in Ghana.

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Winter 2013 Newsletter

  1. 1. E M E R G E Developing Selfless, Socially conscious and Competent leaders A Quarterly Newsletter ! Teenpreneur comes back for 2014 We’re excited about Teenpreneur 2014. 500 teens will be taking part Page 2 Global Leadership Programme Thirty Six 16-19 year olds from Ghana and the UK will take part in the Global Leadership programme this year. Expanding their Horizons and developing their leadership skills... Page 2 Not leaving the future of our young people to chance Great corporations like Apple, Mercedes and Coca Cola, all go to great lengths to put plans and strategies in place to ensure that they they can create the best possible futures for their businesses and for their stakeholders. How much more should we as adults, parents, and as communities, do all that we possibly can to ensure that we can help our young people to have the best future they possibly can? Whether we like it or not we are all going to grow old one day and the people that are going to be making the decisions that will effect our quality of life, who will become our teachers, doctors, civic leaders will be the young people of today. Young people today are facing an array of challenges. Apathy and hopelessness amongst teenagers is widespread. Many Emerge Leadership Uk CIC Dec 2013 From The Postcode To The Globe The new book inspiring young people to be the best they can be. Get your copy from Amazon today!! 19t8mrX Parent Power How do we support our parents and enable them to rediscover their dreams, raise their aspirations and motivation levels, whilst in turn helping their children to start doing the same? Page 2 Public Speaking Workshops Most people have the ability to get their message across well in certain environments but in other environments they feel less comfortable. Click here to see the latest promo showreel Page 2 At Emerge we are committed to enabling young people to create a positive alternative reality for themselves and in turn, for us all. Workshops, Coaching, Speaking During Black History Month in October 2013 we spoke to all of the students at Moseley School in Birmingham, inspiring them to take responsibility, set goals, be passionate and work hard. young people are growing up in dysfunctional families, in difficult environments and we have to somehow convince them that there are opportunities on the table for them apart from what they seeing or experiencing. We firmly believe that we cannot leave the future of our young people to chance. “I know what it’s like to live in a place of apathy and hopelessness having been a delinquent teen and being homeless at 16, but I also know what it takes to get back up out of it. That’s why we are able to connect so well with our audiences.” Errol Lawson, CoDirector Emerge Leadership We are known for raising student aspirations in all of the schools that we work in. We do this by running workshops, motivational talks and assemblies for 13 – 19 years olds, and by delivering coaching sessions for teachers and parents. Our inspirational workshops for students range from 2-hour sessions up to 5-week programmes, for between 16 - 60 students at a time. We cover a range of topics such as: •Public Speaking and Communication Skills •Critical Thinking Skills •Teamwork •Goal Setting •Student Leadership •Peer Mentoring and much more. We've worked with over 30 schools across the Midlands in the last 12 months, raising student aspirations and motivating them towards their potential. Schools include Arthur Terry, Sutton Coldfield Girls, Plantsbrook, Aston Manor, Bishop Vesey, George Dixon Academy and many more. “You taught me not to run away from my problems but to face them. You motivated me to be positive.” Amina Ramzan Hodge Hill Girls
  2. 2. E M E R G E “A true motivational speaker who was able to engage and relate to pupils regardless of their age/background or culture. A huge thank you to him for coming to see our pupils.” S. Nawaz Faculty leader for Humanities Hodge Hill Girls School Going further...Together Global Leadership Programme Parent Power Workshops We are passionate about partnering with organisations and individuals that share our commitment to what we do and resonate with our core values. If you would like to contribute to the work that we are doing with your time, finances or expertise please do get in touch. We would be happy to hear from you. In 2014 we launch the Postcode to the Globe Leadership programme. In the pilot of the programme we will see 18 students from Ghana and 18 from the Uk come together in a ‘World Cafe’ type forum. The programme will enhance their learning opportunities whilst broadening their awareness of themselves and the global community. Other aims of the programme are: Increasingly more parents are having to face the challenge of raising their children in single parent families. Many parents today have little or no support or positive role models to guide them on the way. As a consequence our young people are coming home to difficult environments and facing slim odds of realising their potential. In 2014 we are committed to inspiring, coaching, training more young people than ever before. We are aiming for our schools programmes, which are mostly being delivered across the Midlands, to be delivered in even more schools, raising the aspirations of as many young people as possible. Teenpreneur 2014 The Teenpreneur enterprise event will take place on 5 different dates during 2014 with the Grand Final taking place in December 2014. Over 500 young people from 10 different schools will take part in the challenge. Students will have the chance to spend time with some of the Uk’s leading entrepreneurs. By the end of the workshop participants will: • Have an increased understanding of their ability to develop their ideas and start a business, • Enhance their employability skills, • Grow in personal confidence and emotional intelligence, • Develop their enterprising skills, • Meet students from other schools and work alongside them, • Meet and be inspired by other successful entrepreneurs and business people, • Get a clear understanding of the importance of taking responsibility for their future, • Have an understanding of the tools and technologies that are available to them to help them to develop their ideas, • 5 schools will be chosen to take part in the grand final event in 2014. • Ongoing mentorship and support for the 5 finalists. • to provide an opportunity for aspiring leaders aged 16-19 to develop their selfleadership skills • Participants will raise their awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses • Participants will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences and stories of their peers in other parts of the world • Participants will collaborate with young people around the world on projects that will develop their leadership ability • Participants will learn tools and techniques that will accelerate their personal growth and leadership ability • Participants will understand how to start a positive movement or tribe • Participants will asses their current leadership ability • They will be inspired and empowered to make a significant impact in their local community • Participants will raise their level of conscientiousness, in such a way that they are aware of themselves and their environment • Participants will recognise they have the power to initiate change for the greater good • Participants will begin to unravel limiting beliefs that are holding them back • Participants will become a part of a global network of emerging leaders • Participants will raise their aspirations and improve their employability skills • increase the likelihood of the young people making a positive contribution to society • create positive role models for others to follow To find out some more about these exciting projects or to partner with us please email Sponsorship Opportunity: Each year we reach over 10,000 young people aged 13-19 across the UK and Ghana, through our speaking events and workshops. 2 If your organisation has a mission to reach, inspire and empower young people, from less advantaged communities and would like to be considered to be our Headline sponsor for 2014/15 Please call 07852397747 How do we support our parents and enable them to rediscover their dreams, raise their aspirations and motivation levels whilst in turn helping their children to start doing the same? Our solution is a three day workshop for parents to help them to: • Get clear about their personal goals and dreams • Create daily winning habits for themselves and their families • Understand their child better and restore relationships with them • Develop their organisational skills • Get more focus • Discover tools that will help them to get the best out of their children • Learn from the experiences of other parents • Not leave the future success of their child to chance. For more information on Parent Power please email Public Speaking and Communication Skills Workshops Most people have the ability to get their message across well in certain environments but in other environments they feel less comfortable. If you’re looking to move into your first recognised leadership or team management role, or have recently done so, and you want to do more to improve the way you communicate your message to those around you, this course is for you. Get the desired response from your audience and discover tips to make your ordinary speech great. For more information on the half day Public speaking workshops for your organisation please email or call Tel: 07852397747 Nullam arcu leo, facilisis ut