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Emerge leadership client case study: North Birmingham Academy June 2014


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Emerge Leadership Client Case study of the Student leadership development programme delivered in 2014.

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Emerge leadership client case study: North Birmingham Academy June 2014

  1. 1. Client Case Study: North Birmingham Academy ! ! Emerge Leadership: Student Leadership development programme for ‘Sudent Mentors’ at North Birmingham Academy! ! Errol Lawson - June 2014
  2. 2. Overview! In April, May and June 2014 Errol Lawson and the team from Emerge Leadership delivered the first Student Leadership development programme for Year 12 students at North Birmingham Academy. NBA is a good and fast improving school in inner city Birmingham. The school leaders identified that one of the ways to improve student behaviour in key stage 3 and 4 was to empower and equip older students to provide mentorship to selective younger students that were having behavioural challenges. In order to equip the year 12 student mentors with the skills and confidence they needed to be able to fulfil their role we were asked to come in to provide some extensive training. ! ! The training, which was designed to be fun, interactive and experiential, was structured in 8 x two hour sessions that took place fortnightly. The training covered the following:! ! Coaching skills: The GROW model of coaching. The difference between direct and indirect coaching. How to provide coaching in a school context. Practical coaching exercises. ! ! Team working skills: Students took part in a range of experiential learning team work challenges. The challenges were designed to enable the leaders to consider the role they play in helping to make sure the team effective and to understand the relationship between the leader and the team. ! ! Goal Setting: (Joint session with the mentors and mentees) Students were able to understand the power and purpose of goal setting and they were also given the opportunity to set goals for their lives in 6 areas. The guest speaker for this particular workshop was local entrepreneur Jamie Dunn. ! ! Personal Leadership: Students were able to understand what their core values are. In turn how their values effect there beliefs, their beliefs effect their behaviour and their behaviour their results. They were able to critically analyse their own behaviour and decide upon some changes that need to take place in order to improve their results. They were also able to get an understanding as to how this might help them to get results out of the students they were supporting. ! ! 2CASE STUDY OF THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME AT SUTTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS
  3. 3. Emotional intelligence: What is emotional intelligence? Why is it important? How do we develop it? What difference does it make?! ! Father deficit: Students were able to get an understanding of the impact of father deficit upon the lives of the young people they are mentoring and also upon their own lives. The large majority of the students we worked with had fathers that were absent from their home. The students were able to empathise with a young person that might be struggling with their behaviour due to father deficit. ! ! Bullying and Peer pressure: Local youth work organisation ‘Urban Devotion’ facilitated this session with us. We looked at the impact of bullying and peer pressure, some of the reasons why it happens and how we could help both the bullied and the bully. ! ! The training took place over 3 months. During that three month period changes in behaviour were identified in several students. We have established a great relationship with the staff at NBA and with the students and we’re are looking forward to going back to deliver the programme for a new group of year 12 ad 13 students in September 2014. ! ! ! “Our year 12 students were trained to become peer mentors for the Academy's more challenging 11-16 students. The programme encouraged them to be reflective about their own pathways, to develop resilience and empathy when dealing with their mentees as well as caring and nurturing to improve the younger student's attitudes towards learning. Not only has this benefited the Academy, it has been a rewarding experience for the year 12s involved and given them a valuable string to their UCAS application bow.”" ! Jonathan Kirkham"  " Y13 PAL (Progress and Aspirations Leader)" North Birmingham Academy" ! ! We would like to say a special thanks to Sam Kibble, Louise Maher, Jonathan Kirkham and all the students at NBA that made the programme a success. ! ! ! 3CASE STUDY OF THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME AT SUTTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS
  4. 4. ! About Emerge Leadership ! We specialise in going into schools and delivering coaching and workshops for students and teachers all on the topic of leadership. We run workshops that range from 2 hour sessions up to 5 week programmes, for between 16 - 60 students at a time. We cover a range of topics including: Public Speaking and Communication Skills Critical Thinking Skills Teamwork Goal Setting Gifted and Talented workshops Exam success Independent Learning Peer Mentoring and much more. We've worked in over 40 schools across the UK in the last 12 months, raising student aspiration and motivating them towards their potential. ! What makes us different from other providers are the amazing stories of real-life transformation that our facilitators share. We are known for stimulating change in attitude of even the most challenging students and enabling the top students to aim even higher. ! To discuss our programmes and how we might be able to serve your school or organisation please get in touch. Email : or call 00 44 7852397747 4CASE STUDY OF THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME AT SUTTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS