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Emerge Leadership August to December 2014 newsletter


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In this issue we share information about the work we have been doing during August to December 2014. Please feel free to share with friends.

Published in: Education
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Emerge Leadership August to December 2014 newsletter

  1. 1. AUGUST - DECEMBER 2014 NEWSLETTER Participants at the AIX programme We’re reaching more young people than ever before! We’re excited to say that in the last quarter of the 2014 we have been able to reach more young people in schools and colleges than in any other quarter before now. The great work that our team has been doing has meant that more and more schools have been willing to refer or recommend us to their colleagues in other schools which is fantastic! In this issue we will share with you some of our highlights from the last few months and recognise some key achievements. !1 EMERGE IN GHANA 2014 LATEST UPDATES FROM SUMMER IN GHANA TEENPRENEUR NOV 2014 ENABLING OUR TEENS TO DEVELOP THEIR ENTERPRISE SKILLS RECOGNITION AND ACHIEVEMENTS AND MUCH MORE…. “We exist To enable every young person to discover their gifts, talents, and a purposeful vision for their life and to equip them to be the influential leaders that God created them to be”
  2. 2. AUGUST - DECEMBER 2014 Ghana 2014 During the summer of 2014 Errol and Naomi spent four weeks training and developing leaders in Ghana. They began by working in collaboration with Ashesi University to co facilitate the Ashesi Innovation Experience. A two week long programme for teenagers. The residential camp covered the themes of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Creativity and Innovation. The camp was a great success. “We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team of staff and students at Ashesi University and the amazing young participants.” Following on from that the Emerge team delivered the “Emerge at Alpha Beta” Summer programme at Alpha Beta School in Dansoman, Accra. This was the 4th such programme we have delivered at the school over the last 3 years. Students attend from Alpha Beta and other local government schools. The focus of this programme was to develop socially conscious, competent and selfless leaders. We did this by taking the students through practical exercises that challenge their attitudes and beliefs about their own capabilities and about the problems that affect their communities. The highlight of this programme was taking students to a Market area popularly known as “Sodom and Gomorra”. The name came about as a result of the poor sanitation and many social vices that exist in the area. Many of the programme participants were going their first time. The students were placed in groups and tasked to come up with solutions to some of the problems. Their ideas were amazing. To see video footage from the camp click We also enjoyed working with our friends Albert and Comfort Ocran from ‘Legacy and Legacy’ a leading leadership development organisation in Ghana, at their annual Teenpreneur event and Samuel Yeboah from ‘Serve Led’. For the Serve Led organisation we delivered a workshop for business leaders on “Defining World Class”. Young Ghanaian leaders developing their skills at Ashesi Participants at the Emerge at Alpha Beta Summer school programme making their final presentations to parents, guests and fellow participants. !2 University Recognition: Diana Reid Diana Reid has been a facilitator with Emerge in the Uk for 2 years. She has a passion for working with young people and helping them to realise their potential. We would like to recognise Diana for her outstanding contribution over the last two years. Thanks Diana.
  3. 3. AUGUST - DECEMBER 2014 Teaching young people how to develop a ‘winning spirit’. Recognition: Emerge Leadership Co - Founder Errol Lawson was awarded with a prestigious local hero award by the Association of Jamaican nationals (AJN) on the 18th October 2014 in Birmingham, Uk !3 So far this academic year we have had the awesome privilege of being able to deliver workshops, coaching and inspirational talks in a number of schools across the UK. These include: King Edwards Aston, Sutton Coldfield Girls, Aston Manor Academy, Aldridge School, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, Hodge Hill Girls, George Dixon Academy, Handsworth Wood Girls Academy, Swanshurst Girls, Kings C of E, North Birmingham Academy and others. We hope to reach many more in 2015. DEVELOPING A “WINNING SPIRIT” Many teenagers today suffer from a lack of belief. A lack of belief in themselves and in their ability to do what it takes to realise their potential. In our day to day experience in schools we are regularly confronted by this ‘losing spirit’. We count it as our responsibility to help young people everywhere to realise that inspite of the circumstances in which they find themselves and their past results that THEY CAN realise their potential and be the best that they can be. We have lived through many of the challenging situations that students are facing today. Our experiences enable us to connect with the students in a unique way. Students and teachers come back all the time and tell us the difference our work has made to their lives. To see some video testimonials from students and teachers click We have particularly enjoyed working with students in George Dixon Academy. We have been working with their new Student Council members. Training the leaders in Public speaking and communication skills and how to run an effective meeting. We have also really enjoyed training Yr 11 student leaders from Sutton Coldfield Grammar school for Girls. We worked with the students for 8 weeks developing their Public Speaking skills, Team working skills, Confidence building skills and Goal setting. To discuss how we might be able to support you in helping your students or young people to realise their aspirations contact us via our email which is
  4. 4. AUGUST - DECEMBER 2014 Teenpreneur Nov 2014 On the 22nd November 2014 we held the 3rd Teenpreneur event in the last 12 months. The venue was Birmingham City Football Club. Are great entrepreneurs born or are they made? Either way, it’s never too early to ramp up those enterprise skills. That’s why we welcome young business talent aged 13 – 19 to take part in Teenpreneur! We’re focused on enhancing our teen’s business acumen, giving them an opportunity to learn the ABCs of entrepreneurship and apply those techniques in an enterprise challenge. With veteran entrepreneurs to serve as instructors, we guarantee an enriching, motivating experience that will help transform young minds into major players. Justice Williams MBE speaking to Teenpreneur's Recent statistics show that 70% of students are thinking about on how to develop courage starting their own business at some point in the future. Times have changed. No longer are our students’ thinking solely of getting into a career. Many are now thinking of working for themselves, developing their ideas and becoming entrepreneurs. Teenpreneur is a worthy investment in your teen’s future! Teenpreneur's will . . . • Get an understanding of the world of business • Learn how other teens have succeeded in business and how they can do the same • Understand how to save and invest wisely • Develop strong leadership and team working skills • Build their confidence • Learn from successful entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals • Take part in interactive challenges that will develop their business skills At our November event our guest speakers were Jamie Dunn (Entrepreneur and International Speaker), Justice Williams MBE (Entrepreneur), Daniel Anderson (Award winning Film Maker and Director), Tony Sealey OBE (Business Man, Multiple McDonald’s Franchisee). Students attended from schools across Birmingham and the feedback from the students was great. A big thanks goes out to all of the team that made Teenpreneur possible. Look out for Teenpreneur in 2015. Guest Speaker: Award winning Film Maker and Director Daniel Anderson !4 “I left the venue feeling on such a high, like I can take on the world. It gave me so many ideas. It was a fantastic event. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.” Y. Azzergini (student from North Birmingham Academy)
  5. 5. AUGUST - DECEMBER 2014 How you can help us to reach more young people.. We are always looking to partner with companies and entrepreneurs that share our vision to reach every young person across the world at some point in their youth with our message of hope, and to give them the opportunity to discover their talents and leadership abilities and realise their potential. We have personally experienced the difference that one positive interaction with a person or organisation can make to a life and we aim to give that same gift to as many as we can. The advances in technology in the world today make it increasingly possible for us to reach young people that were once thought unreachable and to connect with young people across the globe in ways that were never thought possible. We really want to hear from you if you share our heart and passion. We are open to share our expertise and have conversation with you if you feel you can add value to the work that we are currently doing or that we might be able to serve you in some way.. Of course we will welcome discussion about mutually beneficial sponsorship arrangements that might help us to reach more young people. If you are such a company or individual then please get in touch. Please contact us at: Emerge Leadership UK CIC 323/27 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 2EW England Tel: 07852397747 Recognition: One of our main partners in Ghana, Alpha Beta Education centre’s were awarded in November this year for being the “Leading A-Level School in Ghana”. We want to say a big congratulation to Alpha Beta. Your award is much deserved. !5