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Emerge Leadership Brochure for schools 2013/14


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A breakdown of the packages that are available to schools around the world for the 2013/14 academic year.

Please contact us at for prices and more information.

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Emerge Leadership Brochure for schools 2013/14

  1. 1. Raising Aspirations 2013/2014 Product synopsis Please find here an outline of programmes that are currently available for the academic year 2013/14. Aspire In a comfortable, relaxed setting, our experienced trainers will take young people through a range of fun, informal activities which will help them to develop social skills, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Duration: 3 days Number of students: 30 Main themes: confidence, motivation, raising aspiration, teamwork Exam success This fabulous workshop has been specifically designed to enable your Year 10/11 students to prepare for their exams thoroughly and effectively. It will help them to plan their time more efficiently, making the most of every second in a way that’s palatable, realistic, and therefore ultimately very effective. Students will leave this session motivated, prepared, and with their own personal plan of action, giving them a distinct advantage in the run up to, and during, their exams! Duration: 2 hours Number of students: 50 Main themes: Revision, Memory, Exam preparation, Aspiration, Time management, Attitude, Relaxation, Mental rehearsal, Visualisation. Independent Learner This interactive workshop will engage your Post-16 students and enable them to master the skills required to become independent learners. The workshop forms an effective part of induction for new Yr 12s, and is a great way to refocus Yr 13s in the run up to their exams. Invaluable for Post16 and beyond! Duration: 2 hours Number of students: 50 Main themes: Independent learning techniques, Speed reading, Equipping the brain, Relaxation, Goal setting, Why study? 1
  2. 2. Do Something! This 6 week programme aimed at G and T students in years 7-9 will enable students to discover and develop their leadership ability. They will develop their confidence and their ability to lease and work as a part of a team. The programme culminates with the students creating a leadership project based around a relevant school need. This is a highly motivating and inspiring programme that raises the aspirations of students. Students will also get a free 6 week online course to further reinforce their development. Duration: 12 hours over 6 weeks Number of students: 16 Main themes: Public Speaking and communication skills, Teamwork, Goal setting, Critical thinking, Leadership, Project Ambassadors The Leadership programme for school prefects, student leaders or school ambassadors. The perfect way to help your students to prepare for the responsibility of being next years school ambassadors or prefects! Let us take care of your task of having to develop and properly prepare your students to become the next set of school prefects or ambassadors by enrolling them on our comprehensive Ambassadors programme. Duration: Up to nine months Number of students: 0-50 Main themes: Leadership, Teamwork, Taking responsibility, Attitude, Being a rol-Model, Peer mentoring, behaviour mentoring 1 hr Motivational talk on 'Raising Aspirations'. Errol shares his story, relating how he turned his life around from the postcode mentality we find in many of our communities to a global mentality of achievement and success. Fascinating, motivating, and relevant for all young people! Duration: 1 hour Number of students: Unlimited Main themes: Raising aspirations, Overcoming adversity, Goal setting, Attitude, Decision making, Taking responsibility, Relationships. 2
  3. 3. Staff CPD Workshop - Values based leadership Schools that are consistently performing well have teachers that understand and buy into the ethos and vision of the school. This workshop addresses the challenge of getting staff to buy in to and drive the school ethos and vision. This two hour workshop takes place as part of a staff CPD session or training day. We will help teachers to identify their personal core values and the clarity that comes from them personally being congruent with and living from those values. We will then help them to understand the importance of the schools values and assess how congruent they are as a staff body and as individuals with the schools values. During the interactive workshop they will identify some clear actions that will help them to become better aligned. In doing so helping to create the desired school culture. Duration: 2 hours Number of staff: unlimited Main themes: Leadership, Values, Culture, Teamwork. Coaching hours Should a member of your Senior Leadership Team need coaching around a specific issue in relation to the school aims and objectives we will come in and provide one to one or group coaching. Issues and challenges such as staff management, specific project objectives, grievances, student/staff/parent engagement. "Errol Lawson is one of the best coaches I've ever had." Heather Roberts, Head teacher, Aston Manor Academy Duration: 10 hours Number of staff: 1-8 Main themes: Leadership, Problem solving. Parent Workshop Delivered by our facilitator Beverley Burton. Beverley has just finished her first book, “How Can We Equip Our Children to Succeed?” which is published in June 2013. The book explores how we can empower, enable and equip our children with the attitudes, thinking and behaviour essential to succeed in anything. In this workshop, Beverley shares experiences, tools and tips from working with thousands of young people and from raising her own children. 3
  4. 4. The packages 2013/14 Aspire • Exam Success workshop x 4 • Do something! Leadership programme • Aspire Leadership  Do something! Leadership Programme  Aspire  Exam Success x4  Independent Learner x4  1 hour motivational talk for each year group  3 Staff CPD High Performance  Aspire  Do something! Leadership Programme  Exam Success x4  Independent Learner x4  1 hour motivational talk for each year group  Ambassadors Programme  Parents Workshops x4  10 Coaching hours  3 Staff CPD sessions 4