SXSW: Life Lessons From A Professional Dominatrix


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The slide show for my SXSW 2014 proposal "Life Lessons from a Professional Dominatrix"

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SXSW: Life Lessons From A Professional Dominatrix

  1. 1. Life Lessons from a Professional Dominatrix By Kali Williams (aka Princess Kali)
  2. 2. I’ve always been bored with conventional education and found traditional schools to be uninteresting.
  3. 3. I prefer to think for myself & discover knowledge like a scavenger hunt… …with human sexuality as the most interesting treasure! What could be more fun than confronting societal norms?!
  4. 4. I was an exotic dancer for two years before I discovered professional domination, which sounded even more exhilarating, taboo, lucrative & psychologically challenging.
  5. 5. Which is what I want to share with you… Useful Life Lessons Inside!
  6. 6. There are many building blocks that make up your SELF…
  7. 7. …it’s impossible to deny that sexuality is one of them.
  8. 8. Our sexuality is by no means our only ‘building block,’ but it’s one that commonly goes unexamined. When we look into our sexual selves, we discover insights useful far beyond the bedroom.
  9. 9. Being a Professional Dominatrix has allowed me to: I’ve had the unique opportunity to look deeply into people’s inner workings in a way that few others are able to. + Understand the influence of power dynamics + Help free emotional & sexual repression + Build my own authentic confidence + Provide space for vulnerability + Explore personal motivations + Gain insight into human desire + And so much more…
  10. 10. Human Connection In the dungeon we lay our hearts, minds and souls right out there…to flog and caress, to dominate or submit, to connect to another human being through raw emotion.
  11. 11. Professional domination looks other-worldly at first glance, but it’s made up of universal dynamics amplified & emphasized.
  12. 12. All of this has inspired my passion for communicating what I’ve learned to others, it’s so useful, I’d be greedy to keep it myself! Confidence Self-Awareness Relationships Self-Acceptance Communication Self-Expression Sexual Power Worthiness Vulnerability
  13. 13. Why should any of that matter to you? I like to share! I have exotic stories that will teach you unexpected & useful life lessons! You will be entertained, your preconceived notions will be challenged and you’ll leave with a new perspective on the world & yourself.Learn vicariously through my atypical experiences… have all of the fun with out the social taboos! No, not that kind of share!
  14. 14. Life Lessons from a Professional Dominatrix By Kali Williams (aka Princess Kali) Vote for me to present a solo session at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2014 Don’t let the whip scare you!