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Excel to TestLink


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Excel to TestLink

  1. 1. Transferring TestCases From Excel toTestLink step by step { By Erol Selitektay
  2. 2. First, click a Test Suit, then click Export buttonthat is under Test Case Operations.Note. You need at least 1 test case under the Test Suit.
  3. 3. Click Export button. Also, you can give asuitable name for your xml file.
  4. 4. Now we have an xml file. After that create anew Excel file.
  5. 5. Select first cell then click Data from the tabmenu
  6. 6. Click Other Resource then click XML DataImport.Note: The excel captures are Turkish but I believe you can figure outwhere you should click.
  7. 7. Select the xml file that we export fromTestLink. Then click Open button.
  8. 8. After import the xml file, you should havesomething like in the capture. You can add testcase what number you need. Of course youmust follow the structure.Note: execution_type can be 1 or 2. 1 refers to Manual and 2 refers toAutomated type. And importance can be 1,2 or 3. 1 refers to Low, 2 refersto Medium and 3 refers to High.
  9. 9. After adding test cases you must save theexcel file as XML. In this case, I saved asDemoTCs.xml
  10. 10. Go back TestLink and import the xml file.
  11. 11. Click Select File button.
  12. 12. Finally, we add our test cases to TestLink.