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Degarelix and how it Works


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Degarelix and how it Works

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Degarelix and how it Works

  1. 1. Degarelix and how it Works By: Erol Onel
  2. 2. Degarelix and how it Works Erol Onel, a resident of California, is the vice president of the medics pain management firm Heron Therapeutics. An expert in reproductive health, Erol Onel has worked extensively with male fertility and treatments such as bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension, flibanserin, and degarelix.
  3. 3. Degarelix and how it Works With the trade name Firmagon, degarelix is a hormone therapy that is used to treat forms of prostate cancer that rely on hormones to grow, which are known as advanced hormone dependent prostate cancers. Patients receive the treatment via an injection into the abdomen. After an initial two injection treatment, degarelix injections occur once a month.
  4. 4. Degarelix and how it Works Degarelix works by triggering a hormonal chain reaction that ultimately suppresses the production of testosterone, which is a hormone used by prostrate cancer to grow. Degarelix first affects pituitary gland hormone receptors located in the brain that release gonadatrophin. This triggers the suppression of the hormone luteinising that causes the production of testosterone. For this reason, degarelix is referred to as a gonadatrophin releasing hormone blocker.