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TechCold International\'s brochure

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Tech Cold Brochure

  1. 1. The TechCold SolutionTechCold International (TCI) is on the cutting edge of energy saving refrigeration control technology. Witha proven track record of delivering effective control solutions for over 10 years, TechCold provides boththe technological solutions to control system challenges and the know-how for implementation in today’sglobal markets.TechCold’s mission is the reduction of energy consumption, helping organizations increase profitabilitywhile reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This mission has led to the development of TechCold’s line ofcontrol products.TCI’s energy saving technology ties in seamlessly with existing refrigeration control systems or can bepart of a new control implementation.TechCold Values • Integrity – in all business dealings • Honesty – in all communications • Dedication – to service in all projects • Respect – for all stakeholders
  2. 2. TechCold’s Core StrategiesTechCold International has built its business around the fundamental belief that to be a leader in theglobal refrigeration control industry, the company must focus on the following:PeopleTechCold‘s employees are highly skilled professionals who willwork for you. We can provide the information and technicalsupport necessary to maintain the most efficient and effectiverefrigeration control solution to meet your needs. Whether it‘ssoftware development, PLC programming, engineering orinstrumentation…we have the people.Research & DevelopmentTechCold is on the cutting edge of control technology due inlarge part to the never-ending efforts put forth by itsemployees to keep abreast of current technologies pertainingto the mechanical and controls side of industrial refrigeration.ServiceWe have developed the infrastructure required to provide you withsustainable, high quality service regardless of your plant location.Through alliances with implementers and remote monitoring, wecan help you with any questions or concerns that you may haveabout your system.QualityBy focusing on designing user-friendly systems based on off-the-shelf components, offering tech supportand detailed operational guidelines, you can be assured that we will provide a complete controls package...for today and tomorrow.GrowthBy providing non-proprietary control solutions and through developing strategic alliances with multi-nationalorganizations, TechCold is poised to expand its markets on a global scale.EnvironmentBy reducing energy, we are not only helping you increase your “bottom line”, we are helping you reducegreenhouse gas emissions which has been proven to be a leading cause of global warming. Through ourextensive R&D efforts, we are continually researching new ways to reduce energy consumption in industrialrefrigeration applications.
  3. 3. The TechCold TopologyWithout Existing Centralized Control:The TCI will provide a complete refrigeration control solution, including: • All necessary hardware for automated I/O (Input/Output) • All necessary software: - Operational Parameters - Graphics - Alarming - Trending - Customized GraphicsWith Existing Centralized Control:The TCI will work with and complement your existing system by: • Integrating with your PLCs • Providing high-end operational algorithms to reduce energy use • Adding customized graphics as necessaryTypical Integration with PLC and Remote
  4. 4. Testimonials We had two other competitors for control systems. TechCold had a great price and great service. In 2010, we will be building a 4Plex and will be putting a new TCI Pro-Act XP Control System in the new facility. - Ms. Debbie Allen, Facilities Manager, Quispamsis Memorial Arena, Quispamsis, NB The staff from (TechCold) has been a pleasure to deal with. They have gone out of their way to give all four of the City of Fredericton arenas, all of which have Pro-Act Arena Controllers, prompt and efficient service…….The Controller was installed as an energy saver and has accomplished that task very well. We have calculated that we have received energy savings in the range of 25%. - Mike Murray, Facility Manager, Lady Beaverbrook Arena, Fredericton, NB Since we installed the TCI Refrigeration Control System, it has made life a lot easier for the refrigeration operators. The refrigeration plant is so stable now. This frees up a lot of time for the operators to do other things. We were able to cut down on the operator coverage, which is a substantial yearly savings. We have a lot of peace of mind with the TCI System. I can tell with one glance how the plant is running. - Bob Simpson, Chief Engineer, Atlas Cold Storage, Toronto, ON We are very pleased with the operation and service of our TCI refrigeration Control System. The system runs very smoothly, and we are already seeing significant energy savings. Our discharge pressure is constant and we are experiencing fewer and shorter defrost cycles. Our refrigeration engineers find the interface controls very user friendly and helpful in monitoring our processes. - Mark Ingerman, Grand Bank Seafoods, Nfld. The ease of access through PC remote allows regular checking and adjustments, when necessary, from away with a great number of changes available. It integrated smoothly with our system and has greatly improved control features and monitoring abilities. The ability to have power save features has indeed proven itself as well… we have reduced our normal bill by 15-20% on average. - Peter Frye, Bayside Foods Terminal, NB TechCold‘s product and systems knowledge has been extremely helpful. Even more important to us has been the extensive “hands on” familiarity and experience in the area of industrial refrigeration. – Joel McLaughlin, Paturel International We have found TechCold to be a highly dedicated and professional company with a strong drive to deliver a fully integrated quality solution. We found the staff at TechCold to be very knowledgeable of the refrigeration plant and very willing to work with ourselves and a refrigeration consultant to achieve a very successful project. We very much look forward to working with TechCold in the future and would recommend their system to any potential customers. - Charlie Francis, Technical Director, Eltek Systems Ltd
  5. 5. TechCold SolutionsEvaporator Control:• Discharge pressure reset during hot gas defrost in order to allow reduced head pressure at other times• Zoned control through separate temperature indications allow “load shifting”• Anti-stratification fan control instead of continuous operation• Separate temperature scheduler for each evaporator• Full temperature alarms with time delays• Adjusts the defrost frequency based on run time and time of year• Manual defrost capabilityDynamic Compressor Set Selection:• Screw compressors are inefficient at low slide valve settings, operates the compressors as close to a 100% slide valve setting as possible• Adapts well with variable speed compressorsTCI creates and models all possible sets of compressors in software. When in a period of low volatility, theexisting compressor set can be replaced with one of higher efficiency.Dynamic Discharge Control:• Discharge must be high enough for proper process control• Discharge must be as low as effectively possibleTCI floats the discharge pressure based upon the ambient wet bulb conditions and the requirements of thesystem. The pressure setpoint will be automatically reset to insure each evaporator has the proper defrostpressure. Special algorithms prevent over-shoot when discharge pressure setpoint changes. Fixed, 2 speed orvariable speed fan control.
  6. 6. Compressor Capacity Modulation:• Normal lead-lag control often requires more energy than necessary• At times it is best to use two compressors for modulation while at other times, one is best• Incorporates variable speed compressor controlTCI calculates part load ratios and determines which compressor(s) to modulate for maximum efficiency.Ongoing TechCold InitiativesDynamic Suction Control:• Too low a suction pressure wastes energy by decreasing compressor COP• Too high a suction wastes energy by increasing evaporator runtime• Suction can be based on the dynamic product or room temperature requirements instead of on a fixed pressureTCI allows dynamic reset of the suction pressure to accommodate the present product or room requirementsinstead of a “worse case” setpoint.Refrigeration Plant Health Indication:• Through real time analysis, TCI indicates abnormalities in the operation of the condenser, compressor and evaporator components such that proactive maintenance can usually restore proper operation and gain maximum savings• Indications of energy use with TCI operation, what it would have been previously and what the potential is for further savings—all in chart form
  7. 7. TechCold’s Operational Screens (partial list) Compressor Control Screen Condenser Control Screen Manual Compressor Control Alarm Screen Evaporator Control Screen Custom HMI Screens
  8. 8. TechCold’s Performance Indicators Energy Comparison Screen Energy/Demand Cost Calculator Real-Time Energy Savings Historical Data TrendingOther TCI Features:• Full historical trending and automatic report generation software package• Auto reports can be emailed or printed• Full HMI package for custom graphics• Alarm Auto Dialer can dial out on any TCI variable, up to 110 alarms• Demand and consumption limit control option• Compressor and suction settings and condenser rankings are saved in “profiles” and can be recalled at any time
  9. 9. Other TechCold ProductsPro-Act “Plus” Ice Rink Controller - Single Pad ArenasThe Pro-Act “Plus” Rink Controller is your feature rich solution for basic rink control, and includesTechCold’s “TechArena” front-end computer graphics software! • Controls: - 1, 2 or 3 compressors - Cold brine pump - Alarm relay with 2 dry contacts • Controls ice temperature based on infra-red or return brine temperatures • Monitors and alarms on: - Infra-red ice temperature - Brine supply and return temperatures - Brine pump status (or flow with optional flow switch) • Compressor lock out on: - Low brine outlet temperature - Loss of brine flow (with optional flow switch) • Intelligent pump cycling saves energy by only operating brine pump when required. Auto-cycle reduces warm spots while in energy-saving mode • 4 event x7 day scheduler with TechCold’s “Auto Anticipate” ensures ice is at set-point when the game starts • Pro-Act’s exclusive artificial intelligence provides precise ice temperature readings within 0.1 ºF and control within 0.5 ºF as temperature fluctuations from players and equipment are ignored with special software
  10. 10. Pro-Act “XP” Ice Rink Controller - Single or Multi-Pad ArenasThe Pro-Act “XP” Rink Controller is your all-in-one solution for single and multi-pad arenas, andincludes TechCold’s “TechArena” front-end computer graphics software! • Controls up to 4 refrigeration systems with 4 ice sheets each • Controls up to 8 compressors per system • Controls up to 2 brine pumps per rink • Controls ice temperature based on infra-red, slab or return brine temperatures • Controls up to 8 stages of condenser per system with energy saving floating head pressure control (optional) • Monitors and Alarms on: - Infra-red / slab temperature - Brine inlet and outlet temperatures - Compressor status - Brine pump status - Brine flow status - Condenser fans/pumps status (optional) - Discharge pressure (optional) • Monitors: (optional) - Ambient temperature - Ambient humidity - Suction pressure • Compressors lock out on freeze protection or loss of brine flow • Auto change-over feature changes to brine control if the infra-red camera fails • Intelligent pump cycling saves energy by only operating brine pump when required. Auto-cycle reduces warm spots while in energy-saving mode • 4 event x7 day scheduler with TechCold’s “Auto Anticipate” ensures is at set-point when the game starts • Pro-Act’s exclusive artificial intelligence provides precise ice temperature readings within 0.1 ºF and control within 0.5 ºF as temperature fluctuations from players and equipment are ignored with special software • Standard PLC control of devices such as under floor heat and dehumidifiers
  11. 11. Contact UsFor more information about our TechCold products and how we can help your organization becomemore energy efficient and profitable in today‘s competitive markets, please refer to the contactinformation listed below. We look forward to hearing from you! TechCold International 127 Rocky Road Keswick Ridge, NB Canada E6L 1V1 Toll Free: (800) 807-3282 (DATA) Telephone: (506) 363-3068 Fax: (506) 363-3069 Email: Web: