Veeam: 5 Ways Smart vSphere Backups May Surprise You


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Veeam: 5 Ways Smart vSphere Backups May Surprise You

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  • I gave thought to “Smart VM Backups” but then they may not entirely and exclusively associate vSphere. If we had it on Hyper-V at this point, I’d feel more comfortable with it. Good call on replication straying from backup in title, but I want to highlight this “replication thing”. The fact is, most people aren’t doing it. My goal is to seed interest in this capability and lead it in as included with VB&R. I’ll fold in Smart CDP for sure. I’ve only created this one, and it is for a VMUG User Conference (the larger event). I have an online vForum on my calendar, but haven’t started content building yet. From: Betsy Bender Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 6:15 PMTo: Carrie Reber; Danielle Wagner; Rick VanoverCc: Holly CanterucciSubject: RE: vForum/VMUG breakout session abstract I really like the idea of “Smart vSphere Backups”… it’s a succinct way to convey that we offer something better/different than the alternatives. We might want to play with the wording a bit… for example, “Smart VM Backups” might be a bit easier to read (even to a VMware audience). Also not sure about including replication in Smart VM Backups. Replicas aren’t backups, and there’s already plenty to say about backups. Maybe include Smart CDP as another thing Veeam Backup & Replication offers. (that is, after talk about 5 ways or 3 ways Smart VM Backups will surprise you, talk about Smart CDP as another thing Veeam offers… the product’s not called Veeam Backup & Replication for nothing J) Danielle talked about having 2 presentations for VMUGs and vForums. What’s the second presentation? Thanks, Betsy 
  • Avoid resume generating events (RGE)
  • Closes the loop. Mention how it replicates in the background, pauses, moves memory. Re-emphasize that the platform is leveraged.
  • ** Mention with Veeam that replication is no additional cost
  • Explain the use cases of how this can help! Security updates, scanning, test a multi-tier application, etc.
  • Veeam: 5 Ways Smart vSphere Backups May Surprise You

    1. 1. 5 Ways Smart vSphereBackups May Surprise YouvForum SeriesMario Marquez System Engineer
    2. 2. What do we usually ask of our backups? Do we only ask simple things? ● Keep us safe ● Let us restore files ● Satisfy auditors ● Protect against errors ● Meet retention requirements Other things we want from backups ● Lower our storage requirements ● We want something that just works! ● Keep our jobs!
    3. 3. What is the natural choice? It seems natural to do backups the same way as always ● Agent-based backups ● Same tools as physical systems ● Tired list of features, complicated to “Get it all” ● Cumbersome processes, slow restores Is this the right decision for vSphere environments? ● Maybe, maybe not ● What are the protection requirements? Platform capabilities vSphere can’t be beat
    4. 4. Why do backups differently? VMware vSphere gives an incredible platform to work with for virtualization. ● Rich set of APIs ● Many different types of storage are supported ● Competitively very mature, features purpose built for VMs Tools not designed for this platform may miss out We’ll show how your backups may do things you didn’t think were possible ● Specifically, tools such as Veeam Backup & Replication
    5. 5. Surprise #1 – Instant VM Recovery Allows VMs to run directly from a backup Can get to a usable state in merely minutes Backup Production of Virtual MachineProduction Virtual Machine running from the backupVirtual Machine running from production storage file Veeam Backup VM VM Application Application (vPower) (production) vSphere Backup file for virtual machine
    6. 6. Surprise #2 – Quick Migration The Instant VM Recovery trick is nice, but….. I don’t have Storage vMotion… No problem! ● The right backup tool can accommodate that as well. One example is Veeam Quick Migration
    7. 7. Surprise #3 – Replication failback What is replication? ● An inventoried and runnable virtual machine on an ESX(i) host ● Same site or different site Is replication the missing link for a DR strategy? ● Need backups, need backup files off-site, need separate domains of failure between entire stack The failover is the easy part ● But what about returning to the production resource? ● Especially without a wholesale re-transfer?
    8. 8. Replication failback (continued) The winning combination is to be able to have options with the replicated VM ● Permanent failover, Undo failover, Failback Taking the differences only, efficient use of storage and bandwidth resources
    9. 9. Why is a smart failback important? Disaster may be corrected on primary site Storage resources at replicated site Intelligently use (presumably) limited bandwidth Granular control of individual VMs may be desired
    10. 10. Surprise #4 – Multiple Replication Points Another benefit of replication for a solid DR strategy ● Recover from multiple points in time based on replication iteration
    11. 11. Surprise #5 – A virtual lab We know how to clone VMs BUT, a sophisticated backup tool can allow us to access the VMs within the backup file. Reduce disk storage requirements (only changes) ● Keep backup read-only! ● Isolated from production network!
    12. 12. Did you know? The right backup tool for vSphere could do ALL of this? In Veeam Backup & Replication, these features are included at no additional cost. Legacy tools may not be designed to do all that you need, let alone all that want now that you know what is possible! But, none of this would be possible without a superior platform: VMware vSphere
    13. 13. Questions? For more information, contact Veeam! Email: Twitter: @RickVanover Demos: Easy to use evaluation program! Follow @Veeam on Twitter Veeam blog: Veeam Forums: