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  1. 1. ERNESTO FERRIOL . Net D ev elo p er (786 916 7690 – – 4709 NW 7th, Miami, FL) báez/53/814/26b/ Senior.NETDeveloper with 8 years experience and great knowledge of Internet, enterprise and ERP applications.I´mable todevelop very responsibly. Analysisand solution to complex problems. Ability to workon highstressenvironments.Fastassimilation of interests, goals and business process of the organization. S K I L L S  Languages: C#, Javascript(AnuglarJSTypescript),Transact-SQL.  OS: Windows7, Windows8,Windows10, Windowsserver2003 – 2010  Technical: AngularJS,Javascript,Typescript,WindowsAzure,Asp.netMVC(3 to 5),Asp.netWeb Forms,WebApi,WindowsWorkflows,WCF,LINQ,Lucene,WindowsServices,SEO,Entity Framework,LinqtoSQL, ADO.NET,nhibernate, Html/Html5,Css/Css3,Javascript/JqueryUI, Bootstrap,XML.  Applicationsand Tools: VS2005-2014, SQL Server2005-2014 ManagementStudio,SQLServer Profiler,IIS5-7,IISExpress,Azure Emulator,TourtoisSVN,TFS,Github.  Database: MSSQL, MySQL  Programming: POOprinciples,DesignPatterns,SOLIDPrinciples,AsyncProgramming,Separation of concerns.  Software Engineering:Agile SCRUM  ERP: Sales,Invoicing,ProductLife cycle,Production,Accounting,CRM,CostingandPricing E X P E R I E N C E 2015/08- 2016/03 S E N I O R . N E T D e v e l o p e r- R 3 D N u m e r i q ue ( T e c h so l c o m) (1450 CityCouncillors #340, Montreal QC, • Develop large modules of an AngularJS/Typescript/WebApi/SQL Server based application for one of the biggest client of the company. • Front-end development: AngularJS/Typescript (views, controllers, services,directives), Smartadmin, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML 5. • Back-end development: Web Api, Design patterns, Unit Test, Async Programming, Entity Framework, SQL Project, Unity (IoC), Automapper to EF, T4 templates, Fluent Validation, Typelite, NUnit for unit testing. • Assisting Team Lead to do code reviews and technical interviews. • Agile: Attlassian products, confluence, jira, stash (GIT bigbucket), team city. • Quality analysis, bug detections, product´s presentation to client´s CIO and vice-president. 2014/03 – 2015/08 S E N I O R . N E T D e v e l o p e r – Visual2000 (8960 Avenue du Parc Montréal QC, • Integrations (Business to Business or Business to Consumer) between PLMS, POS, ERP, EDI, e-commerce websites (Shopify, Magento, Joor or own clients websites) for company clients. • Develop (C #) modules, plug-ins, activities ,connectors and complex SQL
  2. 2. queries to a software (WW) providing capabilities to build complex Data Flows. • Automation of ERP operations for sales, invoicing, accounting, production, shipping, warehousing and product lifecycle. • Training and support to clients and developers • Data transformationfromandto multiplesdatasourcesasMSSQL databases,REST andSOAPWeb services,excel/csv/xml files. 2013/05 – 2014/02 F R E E L A N C E W E B D E V E L O P E R – Hector Garcia Consulting (5148039105) • Develop websites for real estate brokers in Montreal area. ASP .NET MVC 5 / SQL Server. • IDX software to exchange real estate data with Centris (Québec MLS). 2007/03 – 2014/02 S E N I O R D E V E L O P E R – Cubisima.comAG(Zürich Swiss, +41 79 403 06 94) • Implement Cubisima mobile application (back-end). ASP.NET MVC WepApi 5. • Develop several modules and sections of the website • Data Base design and performance improvement. • Web Crawler to multiples websites. • Implementation SOAP web services for site’s text search (Lucene-SQL hybrid). • Guiding the teams of all programmers using tools for source code control (GitHub, TFS and SVN) and tasks distribution (Scrum). • USER interfaces using HTML / CSS / JQuery. • Increase the SEO web positioning in search engines (google, bing, yahoo). 2008/09 – 2010/09 . N E T D e v e l op e r – Cubatel (LaHabana, Cuba)  Develop company ERP Software.  Develop web based Management Professional Training Software.  IT Courses for clients (SQL Server, MYSQL). EDUCATION: Software Engineer(2008 Universitydegree).5yearscycle. CUJAELa Habana, Cuba Idioms(speakingandwriting): Spanish (Native), English (Fully Functional), French (Fully Functional)