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Biomee mariammmmmm 2


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Biomee mariammmmmm 2

  1. 1. Terrestial Biome
  2. 2. General descriptionGeographic Location: Covers North Americamost of inland Canada and Alaska as well asparts of the extreme northern ContinentalUnited StatesLiving in the taiga is cold and lonely.Coldness and food shortages make things very difficult
  3. 3. Abiotic FactorsTemperature range in the summer gets as lowas low as -7° degrees C (20° F) The high insummer can be 21° C (70°F) Mostly warm,Humid and Rainy.The soil type is thin, acidic and not verynutrient it is also really rocky.
  4. 4. Abiotic factorsThere aren’t many animal species, manyinsects during summer time. Birds migratelo nest and feedMost of the precipitation in the taiga falls asrain in the summer.One thing unique about the taiga is that themain seasons are winter and summer, thespring and autumn are too short.
  5. 5. PlantsPine ConesGiant SequoiaPolytrichum mossLichen
  6. 6. AnimalsAmur TigersSnowshoe HairPorcupineElkBobcat
  7. 7. The TaigaSome photos of the taiga.