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Pain Funnel - dashboard for Sandler Foundations


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No Pain - No Sale. The Pain Funnel and Puzzle help you understand why your service, product or solution may be a fit. Ask good questions, then listen for their pain.
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Pain Funnel - dashboard for Sandler Foundations

  1. 1. The Pain Step D A S H B O A R D   F O R THE PAIN FUNNEL/PUZZLE ©2015SandlerSystems,Inc.Allrightsreserved.SSandlerTraining(withdesign),SandlerandThePainFunnel(wordsanddesign)areregisteredservicemarksofSandlerSystems,Inc. 7 Excited 7 Tired 7 Anxious 7 Concerned 7 Mad 7 Frustrated 7 Worried 7 Upset Review Identify the Costs Validate Understanding Verbal Confirmation FOUR BUYING MOTIVES SUMMARIZE AND VALIDATE LISTEN FOR PAIN WORDSPain Questions Impact Problems Reasons e No PAIN, no sale! e The problem the prospect brings you is never the real problem. e People buy emotionally; they make decisions intellectually. e A prospect that is listening is no prospect at all. e People buy for their reasons, not yours. Sometimes they buy in spite of your reasons. e No salesperson ever listened themselves out of a sale. Tell me more about that… Can you be more specific? Give me an example. How long has that been a problem? What have you tried to do about that? And did that work? How much do you think that has cost you? How do you feel about that? Have you given up trying to deal with the problem? ® Details Elapsed Time Costs Actions Feelings Surface Problems Reasons Impact Pain NOW! Pain FUTURE! Pleasure NOW! Pleasure FUTURE! IDENTIFY 3 - 5 PAINS