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Community Care


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Community Care

  1. 1. Community Care Erlene Love DeniaGienel Alodia Tatlongmaria
  2. 2. Definition of TermsCommunity group of people engaged in multifaceted relationships, sharing a common culture, with the capacity to act collectively over a period of timeCommunity Health Nursing Care field of nursing that provides health care to a wide variety of populations Has a philosophy of delivering primary health care
  3. 3. Advocate a nursing role where he/she takes action to achieve a goal on behalf of anotherEpidemiology the study of the cause and distribution of diseases, disability, and death among populations
  4. 4. Global migration people crossing regions, countries, and international boundaries to reside and maintain themselves in new and unfamiliar placesMigrants laborers who move from one location to another in pursuit of work
  5. 5. Parish nursing an organization whereby a religious or health care system coordinates RNs in providing nursing care to members of a church congregationSocial marketer a nurse role involves the use of advertising strategies to promote health or a healthy lifestyle
  6. 6. Telehealth/telecare use of telecommunication equipment and communication networks for transferring health care information between participants at different locations
  7. 7. Types of CommunityRural villages Religious groupsWomen’s shelters Social clubsGroup homes Members ofSchools immigrantsFactories Refugees groupsUrbanneighborhoodsHomeless sheltersCommunity groups
  8. 8. Frameworks for Delivery of Community CareCritical Social TheoryFramework-its goal is to liberatepeople from health-damaging environmentalconditions- community care nurserecognizes the need forsocial change to alterhealth-damagingconditions
  9. 9. Citizen Ladder of Participation Framework -identifies different levels of community involvement: informing, consultation, partnership, delegated power and citizen controlFramework for Assessing Citizen ParticipationRefer to Table 23 – 1 p. 523
  10. 10. EcologicalApproach to healthcare theory-assumes that allindividual health caredecisions are madewithin a social context
  11. 11. Nursing Roles of CommunicationEducatorAdvocateResearcherConsultantDirect care providerSocial marketerFacilitator
  12. 12. Settings of Community-Based Health Care Schools -performed by the school nurse -makes sure that appropriate and comprehensive care is given to school age children
  13. 13. Neighborhood/CommunityCenters-determines healthneeds andcommunitystrengths to offer awide variety ofhealth promotionand preventionservices
  14. 14. Twenty-four-hourHealth Lines(Telehealth)-identified as the futureway for the delivery ofmultidisciplinarycommunity care
  15. 15. Migrant ClinicHealth Services-identifies health needsof the migrantpopulations-develops programsand disseminatesinformation across thecountry
  16. 16. Rural CommunityHealth Services- rural groups areaggregates for whichcommunity healthnurses provide care- nurse midwives, nursepractitioners, and otheradvanced practicenurse specialists aresome of communitynurses who meet thisneed
  17. 17. Correctional HealthNursing-provides nursingservices to clients incorrectional facilitiessuch as: prisons, youthdetention centers, andparole divisions
  18. 18. Occupational/EnvironmentalHealth Nursing-executes the scope ofoccupational healthpractices
  19. 19. Public Health CareServices-could be found inpublic health clinics -here the nurse is theeducator, case managerand the direct careprovider who promoteshealth and preventsillness and differentpopulation groups.
  20. 20. Partnerships (settings/ ties) Parish nursing Homeless care - Nurses here do not just-addresses the health address the spiritual needs of homeless needs– they address people the physical and emotional needs of the clients
  21. 21. InternationalPartnerships- between well-developed countriesand countries withunderdeveloped healthcare systems
  22. 22. Nursing ProcessAssessmentNursing DiagnosisPlanningImplementationEvaluationSee Box 23-4 onpage 530-532
  23. 23. Nursing DiagnosisOMAHA system - developed to identify physical factors important to community health 3 components: 1. problem classification scheme 2. intervention scheme 3. problem rating scale for outcomes
  24. 24. Are you ready for a GAME??
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