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Diversity by default in design monki gras 2019


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18(ish) minute version of Diversity In design talk for Monki Gras 2019.

Published in: Design
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Diversity by default in design monki gras 2019

  1. 1. Diversity in design. Content warnings: Misgendering, Ableism, Racism, Visual representations of Transgender people, LGBTQIA+ representation, Agesim. @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras Diversity in design
  2. 2. “Tools are never completely neutral and their settings reflect the cultural bias of the technicians that calibrate them.” Pg. 90 - Politics of Design by Ruben Pater Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  3. 3. Diversity in design Hi, I’m Eriol. (Ehh-roll) Non-binary, Trans. (Regardless of what people may think I ‘look’ like) Designer. (many job titles…) They/Them/Their’s pronouns. Mx (instead of Mr/Mrs/Ms) Queer person. ‘Invisible’ disability/illness. (PTSD) @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  4. 4. Helping people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better A tool to help other teams reach each other everyday and in a crisis. On any device. Diversity in design We were able to map all the health facilities in Kathmandu Valley before the earthquake, which will undoubtedly help the relief workers’ ability to deliver supplies and help save lives. @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  5. 5. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  6. 6. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  7. 7. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  8. 8. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  9. 9. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  10. 10. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  11. 11. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  12. 12. Make something usable, relevant and simple for anyone to use. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  13. 13. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  14. 14. Diversity in design ‘Respectful Collection of Demographic Data’ @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  15. 15. Edge-cases... Also known as: “We can’t please everybody” Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  16. 16. Stress-cases Also known as: “The people that need our empathy and attention the most” Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  17. 17. As designers, we are at the forefront of how products serve users, but also how the digital and physical world represents and reflects back at users... ...we have a responsibility to be inclusive, sensitive and understanding with what we design, and endeavour to help non-marginalised folk foster their acceptance and expose them to systems that include, rather than exclude. Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras
  18. 18. - Gender Balance through AI genderidentityupdate - Gender Identity Update from UK Census - Pronoun tips for Binary Men and Women - Less than or Equal a podcast geeks facing inequality in their industries - Good POC stock photography Diversity in design @Erioldoesdesign #monkigras