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My final presentation on Blogging as your career!

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C:\documents and settings\dadmissions\my documents\erin ellerbrockfinal

  1. 1. Blogging!<br />Can be Used for::<br />Side Jobs: Instead of a full blown career, blogging can be used as a part-time job.<br />Careers: many people sell advertising space on their blogs and make a salary doing it.<br />Activism: bloggers use their opinions on issues to call people to action.<br />Therapy: Blogging can be very therapeutic even if you’re making money doing it.<br />
  2. 2. BLOGGING AS A CAREER<br />People Make Money Blogging…But Just How Many Are There?<br />We are a nation of 20 million bloggers with over 1.7 million blogging as their career!<br />There are more career bloggers in the United States than there are lawyers.<br />
  3. 3. Blogging for a company can earn from $45,000-$90,000. Some who make over $200,000 work 50-60 hrs a week!<br /><ul><li>It takes about 100,000 unique visitors per month to generate $75,000 a year.
  4. 4. A good post will generate between $75 -$200 and some bloggers serve as “spokesbloggers” for products and are paid to blog about them</li></ul>How Much Can You Make Blogging?<br />
  5. 5. Create Your Own Website:<br /><ul><li>This is the best way to really make $$$
  6. 6. Buy your own domain name (GoDaddy.com, etc…)
  7. 7. Choose a host (dreamhost, bluehost, etc…)
  8. 8. Choose a theme, there are many websites that provide you with easily customizable themes!</li></ul>Starting Your Blog<br />Choose a Platform to Spring off of!<br />There are many platforms such as Blogspot, Wordpress, Blogger and more!<br />These Platforms provide structure and a “ready made” page to start with.<br />
  9. 9. Getting Your Blog “Out There”<br /><ul><li>Link Your Blog to Other Sites:
  10. 10. Most sites allow you to put an RSS feed on your own page such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…
  11. 11. Tell Your Friends!
  12. 12. Use a business card.
  13. 13. Just asking someone to read your blog can help!</li></li></ul><li>Lure in some Advertisers<br />Have an Identifiable Market!<br />Make sure the people you are writing for are a specific group of people.<br />Promptly Respond to Inquiries<br /><ul><li>Answer back to people in a timely fashion, be professional if you want this to be your job.</li></ul>Make Sure Your Audience has Potential Advertisers<br /><ul><li>Some topics aren’t of interest to enough people, make sure yours is.</li></li></ul><li>Keep Your Blog Current<br />Keep Up With What You’re Blogging About:<br /><ul><li> News, Fashion, Literature, Celebrities- know your stuff!
  14. 14. Don’t narrow your subject matter down so much that you lose readers, they bring in $$$
  15. 15. Write early and write often-when news breaks it’s time to post a blog!</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Most bloggers join with a few other bloggers to create sites that generate revenue.</li></ul>Some Blogs That Make $$$<br />ProBlogger.com<br />Boingboing.net<br /><ul><li>Launched January, 2000
  16. 16. $2,000-$3,000 for banner ads sold-over $1 million per year
  17. 17. 2.6 million page views in a month.</li></ul>Perez Hilton<br /><ul><li>Launched September, 2004
  18. 18. 4 million unique visitors a day
  19. 19. 24 posts on average a day
  20. 20. $111,000 a month based on ads</li></ul>I can has cheezburger<br /><ul><li>Launched January, 2007
  21. 21. $500-$1,500 a week through BlogAds
  22. 22. $5,600 per month</li></li></ul><li>Does Blogging Make a Good Career<br /><ul><li> A Blog can help you get a job or promotion
  23. 23. No job stability…if you lose popularity you lose your job
  24. 24. One bad post can kill you no matter how good you were before
  25. 25. You can get your voice heard and get paid for it
  26. 26. It can be done anywhere you get internet service</li></li></ul><li>Sources<br /><ul><li>America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire.
  27. 27. How to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog.
  28. 28. Keeping Your Website Current- Three Ways to Maintain Your Blog Site.
  29. 29. The Pros and Cons of Blogging for Your Career.
  30. 30. 10 Ways to Make Money BECAUSE of Your Blog.
  31. 31. How to Make Money with a Blog.
  32. 32. Map: Welcome to the Blogosphere.
  33. 33. Make Money Blogging: Top Bloggers and How Much they Earn.
  34. 34. Yes, Some Blogs are Profitable. </li>