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  1. 1. OUR VISION C H A N G I N G E - C O M M E R C E P R O J E C T M A N A G E M E N T Plan. Execute. Achieve.
  2. 2. WHAT PROBLEM ARE WE SOLVING? e-Commerce can be overwhelming Your business is important to you. It is your job to focus on the managing of the projects so you can focus on your business and remove unnecessary stress. WE will help you plan your project. WE will ensure the project is executed. WE will help you achieve.
  3. 3. We understand the struggle. W E H A V E B E E N T H E R E . We are a group of Project Managers who come from corporate America and have e-Commerce Companies as well. We know where the holes are and want to provide the solution. To us, Quality Project Management is in our blood. All we want is for our clients to succeed. Plan. Execute. Achieve. WHY DO WE CARE?
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO "e-Commerce is a way of life" Over the next couple of years experts predict ecommerce will surpass 2 trillion dollars in sales. This means there is a shift in busines. We want to help you implement the best projects to get a large piece of that 2 trillion. Online Shopping sales will surpass this number in 2016. 1.5 TRILLION
  5. 5. 29.7% C O M P A N Y . C O M I N 2 0 1 5 O F S A L E S W E R E D O N E O N M O B I L E D E V I C E S I N T H E U S A
  6. 6. PLAN We help you formulate a plan. This include milestones and goals. We help you execute the plan my ensuring each step of they way is complete and successful. ACHIEVEEXECUTE W H A T D O W E C A R E A B O U T ? We help you complete and implement your projects on time and on budget. This achieves your goals and we have a happy client.
  7. 7. PROJECT MANAGEMENT NOT JUST FOR CORPORATE AMERICA All projects matter. Corporate America defines a Project Management Team as a group of individuals who manage big projects worth millions of dollars (example) We have cornered the Market on Project Management for e-Commerce (example) Project Management is for any size team or endeavor A one person Amazon FBA shop needed project management to help complete adding an additional stream of income A medium size company who does Private Label and Wholesaling used project management for an effort to outsource 90% of their operations Recent Fortune 8 company used project management to organize the onboarding of 231 applications**
  8. 8. THE TEAM Over 20 years experience in Fortune 500 Project Management Experience Leaders have managed multi-million dollar projects; delivering on-time and on budget 15+ years in personal E-Commerce selling on eBay, Amazon FBA, Etsy, Shopify Stores and Facebook Extensive Experience with Dropshipping, Private Label, White Label and Wholesale
  9. 9. E-COMMERCE IS MORE THAN JUST AN EXPERIENCE "Shopping is a way of life." C O M P A N Y . C O M
  10. 10. THANK YOU W E H O P E Y O U J O I N U S E C O M P M O . C O M

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