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Calaveras county training


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Calaveras county training

  1. 1. Interview & Public Speaking Skills Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing American Lung Association in CaliforniaA project of
  2. 2. Determining Your Sound Bite
  3. 3. Determining Your Sound Bite
  4. 4. Determining Your Sound Bite
  5. 5. Interview & Public Speaking Tips • Know your message • Don’t fake it • Take Control • Reiterate your message • Create quotable quotes • Pay attention to body language • Remember who you are talking to • It’s ok if you goof • Practice makes perfect
  6. 6. I’m all for makingdining patiossmokefree but I think itshould be left up toindividual restaurantowners to impose suchsmoking restrictions.It’s not government’sjob to regulate that.Let’s keep doing thevoluntary policies youhave been sosuccessful at.
  7. 7. I’m all for making diningpatios smokefree but Ithink it should be left upto individual restaurantowners to impose suchsmoking restrictions.It’s not government’s jobto regulate that. Let’skeep doing thevoluntary policies youhave been sosuccessful at.
  8. 8. I understand whatnon-smokers arefeeling, I don’t likesecondhand smokethere either, but I thinkwe need to be fair tosmokers. I think weneed to accommodatethem by letting themsmoke on the patiosof restaurants, sincethey can’t smokeindoors.
  9. 9. I understand whatyou’re saying abouthow badsecondhand smokeis. But on balance itjust seems like ahuge burden to puton the restaurantowners to have toenforce this policy intheir restaurants.
  10. 10. I support the stepsthe state has taken toprotect people insidetheir workplaces. ButI think that outdoorsmoke isn’t as aserious or urgent aproblem… it just getsblown away.
  11. 11. I think that non-smokers have tobear some ofresponsibility foravoidingsecondhandsmoke in outdoorpublic places.
  12. 12. Why would we wastetime on dealing withthe secondhand smokein outdoor dining? It’snot a priority issue, wehave other biggerproblems we need todeal with right now.
  13. 13. Secondhand smoke atoutdoor seating atrestaurants doesn’tseem like a problem tome, I never see it whenI go out to eat.
  14. 14. People are justgoing to do whatthey’re going to do(even if it’ssomethingunpleasant likesmoking onrestaurantpatios), you can’tpolice their everymove.
  15. 15. Making a big dealabout smoking inoutdoor dining willdrive away smokerswho want to go torestaurants. This istheir community too.
  16. 16. People are at therestaurants and barsto enjoy themselves.They don’t need to bebadgered with signsand rules that spoiltheir enjoyment.
  17. 17. Contact UsVanessa Marvin Center for Tobacco Policy & The American Lung Association in California916-585-7671 Reynoso