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Student #2 Story


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Student story using the narrative writing format of Barbara Mariconda.

Published in: Education
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Student #2 Story

  1. 1. Lela and the Haunted House Lela, a shy 12 year old girl, dashed down the block to a dark and spooky haunted house. Lela could hear an earsplitting shriek coming from behind the black rusty gate. She wondered why the house looked so old. “Why are the lights on?” questioned Lela. Lela cautiously twisted the door handle as she entered the haunted house. As Lela entered she could see cobwebs and dust everywhere! Lela shivered as she heard the floors creaking loudly as she tiptoed down the dark hall. As the wind blew through the window of the old house she could smell smoke. Suddenly, Lela noticed an unusual picture of a girl hanging on the wall. Lela shivered as the pictures’ eyes followed her. CRASH! The pictures dusty glass shattered on the floor! She stopped at the end of the hallway and started walking down the stairs. She felt the dusty old wooden railing when she rubbed her fingers across it. Peering at the bottom of the stairs she saw a blinking light at the bottom. Lela opened the
  2. 2. rusty door and felt her hand bleeding from the old, wooden handle on the door. Suddenly, Lela felt a stick poking her in the back. She spun around with her hands sweating but nothing was there, so she continued walking down the hallway. In a blink of an eye, a green flash appeared in the distance. As Lela’s heart pounded in fear she took two steps forward but it disappeared. “This house is haunted,” she thought out loud but continued walking around. Just then, she heard an evil cackle coming from a room down the hallway. She cautiously walked closer with her body shaking. She opened the door and was face to face with a tall, green faced witch. Suddenly, Lela screamed as her heart pounded in fear. She immediately started running down the hall. But the witch was too fast! Just then, the witch threw a bottle of freeze potion at Lela, but the hag had missed her! The green faced witch suddenly started flying above trying to catch up. Lela noticed and sprinted the other way! “Try and catch me now!” shouted Lela. Crack! Crack! One of the floor boards fell through and Lela did too! Now she was in the basement of the old house. Without warning, Lela could see the old witch running behind her again. In a blink of an eye, she
  3. 3. noticed a dark room with a shattered window and a dusty bed. She immediately ran in and hid under the old bed. “What’s that noise?” whispered the witch as she walked down the stairs. As the witch walked into the room she saw Lela’s colorful striped dress peeking out from under the old bed. “I found you!” cackled the witch! Just then, she grabbed Lela and threw her in the closet. “I’ve been wanting to tell you something” whispered the green faced hag. She opened the closet door and walked out. “Can I have you for dinner?” Just then Lela felt like 15 years of fear were building up in her. In a blink of an eye her heart started pounding and her palms started sweating. “You cannot eat me!” shouted Lela. “No, no, no!” said the witch. “I would like to invite you to dinner with all of my ghost, goblin and werewolf friends. We’re having ghost roast, apple pie, and the goblins favorite extra sweet Shirley temples!” the witch exclaimed. “Sure!” said Lela. So Lela enjoyed the feast with her new freaky bunch of friends! Later on she ran home and told her parents, but they didn’t believe her!