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Student #1 Story


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Student story using the narrative writing format of Barbara Mariconda.

Published in: Education
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Student #1 Story

  1. 1. Erin,a nine year old girl, hesitantly tiptoed tothe front steps of the abandoned house. “Shall I go in?”Erin whispered to herself. Creak!Creak!The shuttersswungopen and closed. She wondered if she should explore the house. Slowly, she turned the brass door knob and entered the mysterious mansion. As Erin entered, she listened to the squeaking floors beneath her Feet. Erin peeked into the bedroom.Erin rubbed her fingers across the crackeddoor.Smelling the air, a damp odor filled her nose. For one minute, Erin stared at the torn coat laying in the closet. Standing quietly, she heard a ding coming from the hallway. It was a dusty grandfather clock.Walking to thegrandfather clock, Erin felt a rain drop on herhead. Glancing up, she noticed a crack in the roof that the rain was leaking through. Erin walked towards the soft looking rocking chair. Just then, the rocking chair started rocking. “It’s probably just the wind coming from the window,” Erin slowly whispered to herself. Erin slowly turned around and rapidly walked to the other room. All of a sudden, she felt fingers crawling up her spine. “Ahhhh!” she screamed. Quickly she turned around and shouted, “Who’s there?” but saw no one was there. “Oh, maybe it was just a spider,” she thought out loud. Nervously, she kept on walking but now even faster. Suddenly, Erin saw a black cape swoosh. “What was that?” she shouted. Her heart started pounding. Now she was really getting scared. “Maybe it was just my imagination.” Erin tried to calm herself down but it didn’t work. A moment later, she saw white skin in front of her. “What is that?” Right then she took a few steps backwards. Her legs were shaking like jelly. Leaning against the wall,
  2. 2. she slowly took a step to the other side. “Calm down! Calm down! It will be ok,” she said to herself but she knew something was not right. In the blink of an eye, Erin was face to face with a white-faced, frightening vampire. Erin could not believe her eyes. “You are a vampire!” she screamed. As the creature stared at her, she stepped back cautiously. Whirling around, Erin bolted toward the door. In a panic, she struggled to open the rickety, front door. Just then, she heardfootsteps coming towards her. Looking around, Erin found no place to hide. Just then, Erin set off for the stairs, searching for a room to hide in, she spotted a huge bed. She quickly headed for the bed and slid under it. “How on earth am I going to get out of here?” Erin screamed to herself. She wondered where the vampire was. Clump! Clump! She heard footsteps coming down the hall. Erin noticed black high- heeled shoes entering the room. She had to think of a better way to escape. As the vampire came in, he started looking for her near the window so she had a minute to get out. Quickly, she crawled out, without the cold blooded creature running into her. As she bolted towards the door, she heard some steps behind her. “He’s going to get me,” she whispered, as sweat dripped down her face. Suddenly, the vampire came in front of her and she noticed his shoes were slipping on the floor. She quickly grabbed the shoe from the vampire and smacked the vampire across the head. Once she hit him he fainted and fell to the floor and instantly she was free to go. Erin opened the front door and zoomed out of the weird haunted house. “I’m free”, she shouted with excitement and skipped home happily.