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Flipmyfunnel ABM Presentation - Jason Jue


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Jason Jue's 2016 FlipMyFunnel presentation on Account Based Marketing

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Flipmyfunnel ABM Presentation - Jason Jue

  1. 1. © Triblio Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not for Distribution Account Attributes for a Personalized Journey ABM Web Campaigns
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. ABM. It’s Everywhere
  4. 4. ABM in Music: All ‘Bout Money Meja-1998 Gucci Mane
  5. 5. Industry Funnel Stage ABM is Account Attributes Employees Lifecycle Account
  6. 6. • Use account-centric approach to boost lead gen • Use lead gen tactics to scale account based marketing
  7. 7. Account-based Web campaigns
  8. 8. Web is a Buyer’s #1 Influencer Source --Forrester What are you doing on the web? #1: web
  9. 9. Most Influential Vehicles Across Journey --Forrester What are you doing on the web? Web Web Web
  10. 10. • Use account-centric approach to boost lead gen • Use lead gen tactics to scale account based marketing
  11. 11. ABM Tactics in Lead Gen 1. Forms fields 2. Top Lead score criteria Account attributes in:
  12. 12. ABM Tactic #1: Dynamically customize CTAs by firmagraphics to boost leads
  13. 13. Digium • Sell open source phones • Objective: More quality leads • Use dynamic web campaigns • Website and SEM LPs Leads for Target Account Segments
  14. 14. Unknown visitors receive a dynamically customized CTA Not Targeted Professional Services Education 1.24% Conversion Rate 1.64% CR (+ 32%) 2.55% CR (+ 105%) Account Based Web Campaigns Boosts Leads >30%
  15. 15. Out-Target In-Target < 15% of known and unknown visitors are in-target All Web Visitors Source: DemandBase What account(s) are visiting your website? Are you targeting the 15% that matters? Key Takeaway: Focus on Target Account Segments
  16. 16. ABM Tactic #2: Dynamically customized CTAs by funnel stage spurs sales conversations
  17. 17. Typical Website CTAs: Spray & Pray
  18. 18. Cision • ~ $700M PR software provider • Objective: demos and consults • CTA based on funnel stage ~ 10X lift in demos and consults from gated content Spur Sales Conversations
  19. 19. Customized CTA by Funnel Stage Anonymous visitor: 27 customized CTAs by content interest
  20. 20. Customized CTA by Funnel Stage Known contact: customize CTA by firmagraphics
  21. 21. • Use account-centric approach to boost lead gen • Use lead gen tactics to scale account based marketing Rapper
  22. 22. Introducing Savi Technology Pioneering sensor analytics solutions provider Started in 1989 – Developed innovative RFID tags for US DoD High-value asset tracking and supply chain solutions at epicenter of IoT, Big Data, and Analytics markets
  23. 23. Two core segments with complex needs and long sales cycles Reliability CommercialGovernment Data-driven ROI Can I execute my mission with consistency and precision? Can I execute an adaptable plan efficiently?
  24. 24. Savi ABM Activities and Environment Tech stack: Value proposition and positioning Account selection Messaging and content Lead gen and nurturing Sales support and feedback 4. 3. 5. 2. 1.
  25. 25. This Icon Means: New Lead Gen Tactic to Scale ABM
  26. 26. Current ABM Campaign: Estimated Time of Arrival as a Service (ETAaaS)
  27. 27. 1. ETAaaS Positioning Customer pain points… 14% increase in freight costs since 2013 Freight costs are rising 22% increase in inventory levels since 2013 Inventories continue to grow On-time deliveries have decreased 5% decrease in on time arrivals over past 2 years Billions in lost sales because product not delivered on time $238 B out-of-stocks cost for retailers in 2015 Lack of real-time visibility into shipment location, condition and ETA limits planning and execution Complex, global, multimodal logistics with many suppliers and carriers Disparate tracking systems
  28. 28. 1. ETAaaS Positioning …led to ETAaaS solution Sends real-time alerts to notify distribution centers, production sites, and customers Identifies disruptions as they happen Increases planning effectiveness and productivity Predicts situations in real-time and enables proactive responses Tracks real time shipment location and adjusts ETA by considering historical patterns of disruption continually improving ETA accuracy over time
  29. 29. 2. Account Selection Method Pain points create an ideal account profile Organization Shipment characteristics Logistics operations • Multinational • Manufactures raw materials or 50% of products • Time and risk sensitive • High value shipments • Multimodal - land-sea-land • Volume - 750,000+ shipments annually
  30. 30. 2. Account Selection: $100K+ deals P&G, L’Oreal Ericsson, Ingram Micro Carlsburg, MolsonCoors Carrefour, Kroger GE, Smith & Nephew Prada, Hermes BASF, DuPont Philip Morris, Swedish Match Account profile generates target accounts
  31. 31. 3. Messaging and Content for ETAaaS Web Sales PresentationsInfographics eBooks Datasheets, Case Studies Analyst reports, Whitepapers
  32. 32. 3. Dynamic Web Messaging = 250% Increase in Engagement General prospect Government
  33. 33. 3. Dynamic Web Messaging = 250% Increase in Engagement General prospect ETAaaS
  34. 34. 4. Outbound Lead Campaigns List Campaigns Pipeline Discovery Specialist and Sales Follow-up
  35. 35. 4. Web Lead Campaigns Dynamic CTAs: 50% more leads, 3x in target
  36. 36. 5. Support Sales: Campaign Reports Filter by rep, prospect, activity
  37. 37. • Opens, clicks on email • Downloads any content • Visits buying intent webpage • Unsubscribes 5. Support Sales: Account Intelligence- Known Contacts Real-time alerts, daily reports on prospect activity
  38. 38. 5. Support Sales: Unknown Contacts • Total traffic / account • # Unique visitors / account • Pages visited / visitor • Timing of accounts page views
  39. 39. 5. Account-based Content Hubs Curated by marketing and customized by sales • Customers receive special treatment • Visit behavior tracks account interests
  40. 40. Demo Discovery Executive Briefing Follow Up Pre-Discovery Work Group Sessions ETAaaS: Campaign Results “These results are awesome!” — Scott Shaul — SVP of sales ETAaaS Sales meetings generated: 57 Phone outreach with ETAaaS best buyer leads: 302 Engagement: 250% in page views ETAaaS opportunities identified: 8
  41. 41. Summary- Implement ABM Web Campaigns in Days, No IT ABM tactics to enhance lead gen • For unknown contacts, use dynamic CTAs by account type • Dynamically target CTAs by funnel stage and firmagraphics Lead gen tactics to enhance ABM • Dynamic messaging and CTAs increase engagement and contacts • Alert sales to (un)known visitor metrics grouped by account • Content hubs track account interest
  42. 42. Thank you FMF offer: View web campaigns in your environment Stop by Triblio booth Rapper
  43. 43. backup
  44. 44. Prospect Buyer Journey: Account vs. Leads Unknown MQL Leads based Account based Mary Joe Inquiry Pat Sales Opp Campaigns based on individual interest and campaign response Nurture based on sum total of interests in account and sales prioritization
  45. 45. Thought Starter: Account vs. Leads Onboard Retain Leads based Account based Mary Joe Expand Pat Nurture based on individual interest and campaign response OR no marketing focus Advance customer lifecyle on account based needs