Feelings connecting to inner radiance


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10/21 - Dynamic Nourishment: Finding Power, Pleasure and Freedom with Food with Nicole Ohebshalom

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Feelings connecting to inner radiance

  1. 1. Fulfilled Feelings Openhearted Engaged Enthused Compassionate Curious Optimistic Loving Fascinated Jazzed Friendly Interested Inspired Affectionate Stimulated Hopeful Warm Blissful Amazed Self-connected Exhilarated Stirred Relaxed Ecstatic Surprised Open Radiant Expectant Centered Rapturous Joyful Thrilled Delighted Refreshed Happy Rejuvenated Jolly Restored Tickled Grateful Overjoyed Appreciated Peaceful Touched Comfortable Excited Calm Amazed Centered Aroused
  2. 2. Content Eager Fulfilled Energetic Relieved Passionate Nicole Ohebshalom PreciousRadiance.com & RadiantLivingWellness.com