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Community Development, TN Basic Economic Development Course 2013


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Michelle Williams
City of Mt. Pleasant, TN
Jamie Stitt
TN Dept. ECD
Bob Connelly
USDA Rural Development

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Community Development, TN Basic Economic Development Course 2013

  1. 1. Rural DevelopmentWorking for Rural Communities
  2. 2. Our Mission• Increase Economic Opportunity andImprove the Quality of Life for people living in Rural Communities
  3. 3. Program AreasHomes Community Business
  4. 4. Housing ProgramsInnovative home ownership programs help families and individuals in ruralareas improve their economic security through affordable home loans, homerepair loans and homebuyer education opportunities.• Single family home loans help people buy, build, or repair modest homesin smaller communities.• Single family home loan-guarantees help private lenders make more loansand offer better terms in rural areas
  5. 5. Rental Housing ProgramsWe also work with private lenders to ensure financing is available fordevelopers and management companies to build or repair quality,affordable rental homes or apartments in rural communities.
  6. 6. Community ProgramsWe provide rural areas with financial resources to construct or improveessential services like reliable access to clean water, sewer, healthcare,education, job training, first responder equipment and community facilitiesFunding is also available for rural electric, telecommunications,distance learning and telemedicine projects.
  7. 7. Community Programs• Safe, reliable drinking water• Waste disposal• Healthcare• Education• Job training• First responder equipment• Community facilities• Rural electric• Rural Telephone• Broadband• Distance learning• Telemedicine projects
  8. 8. • We help the private sector create jobs and diversify the local economy.• Loan-guarantees helps rural businesses compete by working with privatelenders to increase the pool of investment capital available for start-up,expansion and modernization.• Loan and grant programs help local governments and non-profits buildbusiness-infrastructure necessary to sustain the community’s economic health.Business Programs
  9. 9. Rural businesses are eligible for grants to fund• Energy Efficiency improvements• Renewable energy productionEnergy Programs
  10. 10. Key Priorities:Excerpts from Under SecretaryTonsager• Regional collaboration: Encourage communities to worktogether at the (multi-county) regional level to invest inopportunities to improve rural economies• Community building: Channel the positive resources wehave in rural America towards creating self-sustainingcommunities• Strategic partners: We need strong partnerships to bestserve rural regions
  11. 11. CD is central• RD’s ultimate goal is buildingstronger communities andrural regions!• CD plays a central role!