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Nov. ss newsletter

  1. 1. Spirit Says NOVEMBER 2011 Realize Your Potential to have Abundant Happiness, Health & Wealth.Your Thoughts Create Your Future. Find Your Happiness. Establish Good Thoughts. Actualize Your Future.
  2. 2. a Items in this Welcome Issue to Why & How “Spirit Says” Came to Be Erin Chavez SpiritSaysNewsletter Bring Happiness “Learn to let go.” “Find yourself.” “Relax.” “Put yourself first.” “Live your dreams.” These are all terms we read frequently in self help books. Sure – they make perfect sense, and we know that we should strive to attain them. In actuality though, they are some of the hardest words to make true in your life. For about 18 years, I have been studying the subconscious mind, LOA, quantum Welcome Letter physics, and manifesting in general. It has always been a magical and powerful concept to me. I have always known it was possible; and (of course) have even Spirit Says attempted several methods to try to make „manifestation‟ happen. Sure, there have been tiny victories… but not the huge, earth shattering proof that I have Healing Prayer always wanted. January of 2011… My daughter was in the hospital. She wasn‟t extremely ill, but Exciting Beginnings it was enough to put me into a tailspin. Taking what I had learned throughout the years, I asked her what was going on at her soul level. What was she thinking, Group Wish what was she feeling, what she wanted in her life. Through her answers, I found that while she was happy with her life, she was not happy with herself. I could fix that! Then, after days of attempting, I realized something. I wasn‟t happy with my New Beginnings Visualization self either. How could I teach my daughter to be happy if I, myself, didn‟t know? Forcing Happiness I decided I better figure this out so I could then teach my daughter through example. The journey began… Color to Focus on It started with letting go of all unnecessary items in my life - the things that didn‟t make me feel good, or the ones I dreaded. Then, with that new feeling of 6 Steps to Success lightness, things began to fall into my lap that did feel good. I made a quilt and knitted a scarf – both of which I had never done before in my life. I didn‟t feel the It’s November! skin between my eyebrows cinch together anymore. I was smiling, laughing and joking around more. I began to see people helping other people, the sunrise, and the squirrels outside playing… all things that I had thought I was already doing Intention for this Issus became crystal clear to me. I hadn‟t really been doing these things in an organic manner. I was doing them because they were on my mental to-do list. But now, I Guest Columnist: Liz Benny was finally living in the present. And boy, did I start to live! Happiness was (is) mine. A happiness with my self that has delved down to a deeper level – one of Financial Abundance is Everywhere! my spirit. I am now happy with my self and my spirit. I have never felt more at peace and Ponder This content in my life. Back Page Manifesting? Yes. It is happening. I appreciate it to no end; however, I now know that I don‟t need what I am manifesting in order to be happy. I am happy already. Also, my daughter has found her happiness… This is what this newsletter is about. It is coming from a place of such love and appreciation to your hands. It is my intention to help you find your happiness. Because when you are happy – the world and your desires find their way to you.
  3. 3. Spirit Says… Healing PrayerSpirit said, “Go outside and you will feel our message.” There is a prayer in the book titled, “The Power ofI went outside and started to look around. I saw the early morning sunshining upon the tops of the trees, and the shadows that were cast so Your Subconscious Mind”,differently among the leaves and branches. I saw the gentle breeze moving by Dr. Joseph Murphy,the smaller branches and the leaves. I heard crickets. I felt the love and which has healed me ofopportunity that came from this experience. As I walked back inside, simpleblack birds flew over our home while chirping. No other time in my life has a stage 4 pre-cancer, mygroup of black birds held such power and stature. daughter of Chron‟s“The magnificence of each day” I wrote on my paper. Disease, and kept a friend from getting brain surgery.Spirit replied, “Yes! We are each given the beauty of a new day to startagain.” Due to copyright laws, I amFor more information on “Spirit Says”, click here. reluctant to publish it here, however, I recommend “We are given the beauty of a new day to start again.” ~Spirit 100% that you go out and purchase this book. Basically, it is telling your subconscious, in positive terms, to heal your (or a loved one‟s) body. Yes, it can be used for yourself or for somebody half way around the world. In each and every aforementioned instance, Hey everyone! I’m Lee Chavez, and my debut the doctors were absolutely EP has dropped. You can listen to the tracks amazed. They literally were at a loss of words. here and buy it here. This prayer is such a 25% of the proceeds from the songs that are miracle; I had to tell you out now, and the EP, are going to the Abused about it so you can use it Womens Shelter of Dallas Texas! too. Consider this coming from a best friend or your Keep up with everything by following me: mother. Twitter Facebook Go get the book. Use the ReverbNation. prayer. It‟s amazing.
  4. 4. Exciting Beginnings SpiritSaysNewsletterFor more information on rituals, and the science behind them, click here and findout in the forum.Intent: to welcome new, wonderful, happy beginningsinto your life.Items Needed:  Approximately 15 minutes  An uninterrupted, private spot  Relaxing music that evokes either peace or Specializing in Highly Edited Photos excitement SpiritSaysNewsletter (Preferably instrumental only) Do you have numerous digital pictures  New, small, Yellow candle (and something to light of your loved one that you would like it) morphed into one photo like  Something to write on and a pen or pencil this example?  Fire safe bowl (to dispose of burning paper)  Something that symbolizes a new beginning to you: Great prices for holiday gift giving! o If you want to be a knitter, some yard o If you want to be an artist, art supplies Email Facebook EllieChavezPhotography o If you want to be a millionaire, paper money o Etc…  Anything that makes this feel special to you: o Incense SpiritSaysNewsletter o Bible o Mood lighting (or just candle light) "Whatever you o Special cloth to lay out your items can do orDirections: dream you  Set up your ritual area in a way that makes you feel good and turn on your music. can, begin it.  Light your candle.  Write down what you want to begin in your life. Boldness has  Stare into the flame of your candle, while visualizing yourself having achieved this item or state of being. genius, power, and magic in (Feel free to ask for spiritual assistance from SpiritSaysNewsletter anything/anyone who is special to you and your it. Begin it beliefs.)  When the time feels right, fold up your paper, hold it by the corner, and light it with the flame of your candle. now."  While you light it, and while it is burning, repeat your intent (what you want to begin in your life) over Goethe and over until the paper is completely burned.  Before the flame gets too hot, put your paper in the fire safe bowl & allow it to burn completely.  Thank the powers that you believe in, and feel happy that your intent is making its way to you.  Allow your candle to burn out on its own in a safe spot.
  5. 5. Believe. Wish. Help.Group WishFor more information on group wishes, and the science behindthem, click here and find out in the forum. Join the event!When:November 15th, 2011 at 10pmeastern time.What to do:Find yourself a quiet spot, and relaxyour body and mind a few minutes Break the Silence Ofbefore the set time. Have yourgoal/intent (from the IndividualRitual) in your mind. At the time Abuseand date specified, repeat the Kellie Jo Holly bares all.following sentence:“I wish for everybody wishingtonight; to feel a surge ofhappiness, have an amazingchain of events happen forthem, and for their newbeginning to come true.”8 Affirmations to Enhance Your MonthWeek 1:“I am open to the possibilities of a new beginning.”“I am open to trying new things in my life.”Week 2: Contact to“I follow my hunches.”“I allow new things into my life.”Week 3: purchase“It is exciting to feel different things than I have felt before.”“New experiences are popping up all over – and I welcome them.”Week 4: advertising space“Trying new things leads to new opportunities.”“Accomplishment and Happiness comes from within me.”
  6. 6. Now, what will you spend that money on? GiveNew Beginnings Visualization yourself a few minutes to write down, or draw theYou walk out your front door and begin to walk. items you will be spending all of this money on uponBefore you know it, you are on top of a large hill, your yellow pad of paper.overlooking a beautiful valley. You sit to think aboutwhat you want. In your perfect world, what does itlook like to you to start brand new? What things will Happiness… that feeling you get when everything isyou release from your life? What new things and right in this moment. First, quickly recall a time inexperiences will you welcome into your life? You your life when you was really, really happy. Focusnotice that right beside you, there is a yellow pad of on that feeling of happiness and how wonderful it feltpaper and a writing instrument. You begin to draw to your self and your spirit. What makes you thator write out the things you are going to release, and happy now? If you have trouble thinking about whatthe things you are going to welcome… makes you that happy now, think about what could make you that happy now. Take a moment to really see yourself doing this thing that makes you so veryNow, let‟s focus on your health. Notice a wave of happy… On your yellow pad of paper, write or drawpositive, healthy energy moving into your body. Any what makes you so happy.ailments that you previously had are pushed out ofyour body and whisked away into oblivion. Younotice nothing but this healthy wave of energy that As you sit on top of this large hill, you now have anow occupies your body. Take a moment to really feeling of happiness and peace. You have justfeel that health that is now in you. How do you feel? created the perfect life for yourself. Things are allImagine, for a moment, all that you will now be able brand new and filled with hope and excitement of ato do with health being your new physical capability. new beginning. The valley before you has served asWrite or draw all that you can now do on your yellow your blank slate, but when you turn around, you seepad of paper. the new beginning you have created for yourself. You see the 100% healthy you moving about town doing activities with such vigor. You see yourselfLet‟s move on to wealth… imagine, sitting next to purchasing the items you want to buy and helpingyou is a debit card to your new, ever-expanding those financially that you want to help. You also seechecking account. You know, that with this card, yourself doing all of the things that make you have the potential to purchase whatever it is youdesire, and to financially help anybody you want tohelp. Feel the emotions that come with having this YOU created this life. YOU created this newamount of money at your disposal. You can easily beginning. As you sit and watch all of thesespend money on yourself and others and it will wonderful things unfold, you feel that deep-seatedreturn to you quickly and easily. Grab your pad of happiness well up within your being. Take a fewpaper and writing instrument again and first write moments to really watch all of your creations anddown how much you have in your new, ever- feel the emotions that come with it…expanding checking account, and how often it isreplenished with how much money. Allow yourselfto really feel the emotions that come with this new You can easily speak this visualization into yourfreedom. phone’s mp3 player and listen to it that way, or you can purchase the professional version, with a relaxing soundtrack, here for $9.49.
  7. 7. Forcing Happiness“Fake it until you make it.”I employed this line of thinking into my life for quite some time.Sure, I was „happy‟. I love my family so much. I appreciate what Ihave. I have hope for tomorrow… but while I wasn’t faking thosethings, I was faking being happy… Truly, 100% happy. The kind ofhappy that makes you wake up several times in the middle of thenight, hoping it‟s time to get up and start your day. THAT kind ofhappy I didn‟t have.In fact, I had faked that personal happiness for so long; I believed Iwas really was happy. Oh, boy, I wasn‟t. Not compared to how I feel now.When I finally made up my mind that I wasn‟t going to “fake” it anymore, I started to really live. Istarted to really appreciate. I started to finally feel what “happiness” is all about.This isn‟t something you can be taught how to do. It is something you just do. You start to live.You start to allow yourself to see and hear the little things. You make a conscious decision tolook for “happy”. You allow yourself to be in the moment.That‟s what happiness is all about. Be in the moment. Be present in the here and now. Enjoythis second. Put aside the past and the future. Be happy – now. Give it a try. It only takes onesecond.Color to Focus onYellow! It symbolizes new beginnings,hope and clarity. It is also correlated to thesolar plexus chakra which gives the senseof identity. Contact toSurround yourself with yellow: candles, purchasefood, flowers, jewelry, clothing, even aswatch of fabric! Don‟t feel like you need advertisingto go out and purchase “yellow”. You aresure to have some yellow items around space.your home. Look for yellow wherever yougo and it will pop up, bringing you the hopefor your new beginning.
  8. 8. 6 Steps to SuccessRevised from “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill 1. Decide exactly what you want. 2. Know what you intend to give in return for what you want. 3. By what date do you plan to have what you want? 4. Write down your exact plan on how you are going to achieve your success. (Go into detail.) 5. Summarize #4 into a concise, clear statement (or two). 6. Write your clear, concise statement on an index card, carry it with you, and read it when you wake up and when you go to bed. Its November! Of course it is not forgotten that this is November, the month of being Thankful. Make this November be the month that you begin stating, every day, what you are thankful for. Tip: It is best to use the words "thankful" or "appreciate" instead of "grateful" because the word "grateful" can imply a lack in your life. APPRECIATE your daily lists and post them on!Intention for this IssueTo give the hope and realization of a new beginning. A beginning that will bring you theresults you have tried so hard to get in the past. Happiness, Health, and Wealth arewaiting for you… it is time to feel good about who you are right now, and to feel thehappiness that is within you.Did you get the feeling of an exciting new beginning from this first issue of “Spirit Says”?Let us know what you think. Click here to leave feedback and to create your own page.
  9. 9. Depressed, Skinny & Unhappy...To... Vibrant, Happy & Fulfilled.By: Liz Bennyhttp://TogetherBeHappy.comhttp://LoveTheLifeYouLead.comNot long ago I popped anti depressants to help me get through my day and poppedsleeping pills to get me through the night. I was unhappy, skinny, unconfident, and This is Erin, the creator of Spiritdesperately hard on myself. That was the old me though. Now, I’m now new and Says Newsletter. I am promotingimproved. this product because it is the first thing that actually gave a to-do If I were you right now, I’d be thinking “who is this person and why would I read item that worked. I am serious.their message?” (that is, of course, if you’re terribly on the logical end of the scale... Yes, I will get an affiliate) or... perhaps you’re just looking to get the feel for how this article will go... commission if you purchase fromwondering what the message is all about and how it relates to you. Whoever you this link, but it will help me pay theare, “Hi, I’m Liz Benny. I’m 31 years old and Co-Founded 2 websites (see links above bills! I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’tarticle) in order to spread as much love, joy, fun and happiness in our world as believe in it 100%.possible.I look back just a year or so, and remember a different “Liz” than I am now. Shedesperately wanted to make a difference. She wanted to make others feel happy,achieve their dreams, live life out loud, with passion and zest... to her, helpingothers was all that mattered. I remember too, going through a period of time when “Ever since happiness heard yourI was just so confused. I knew I had the potential to make a difference, heck ... name, it has been running througheveryone does... but... I was “Little Liz Benny... Just Liz Benny”... “Only Liz Benny”. the streets trying to find you.” ~Hafiz of PersiaAbout a year ago something in me clicked. Something shifted, so much so thatthere was no going back. You see, after years and years of personal developmentbooks and conferences (which had their place at the time), of counseling sessionsafter counseling sessions... where I was looking to find the answers to the bigquestions of “what’s my life about”, “why am I here” and even “what’s thepoint?”... I finally did something different. I sought the answers in a place I hadn’tyet looked - inside myself.In doing so, I learnt how wonderful I am, I learnt I had this inner beauty and powerthat radiates from within me, I learnt that I have the ability to do anything I choseto... and I learnt that I can, in fact, make a difference. So, I guess, the moral to thisstory ... is ... go within.Happiness from Christchurch, New ZealandLiz Benny Hypnosis is a quick way to influence your subconscious mind, a way to reprogram your habitual thinking, so you can quickly achieve your desires. CLICK HERE.
  10. 10. Financial Abundance is Everywhere! Ponder ThisWealth can be perceived in two different ways: financially and spiritually. When early settlers came fromWe are going to focus on the financial aspect right now. Europe to America, they stayed offFirst of all, it is important to realize that the wealth you desire is already the shores for a few days sowaiting for you. Just imagine that for a moment, and let it sink in… It is anybody that might be on landbecause of your current beliefs that all of this money has not yet madeits way to you yet. would perceive them to not be a threat. Then, the day came whenUp until this point, it isn‟t your fault. You have been told things by the people on the large ships got offsociety, teachers, friends, and parents that have been ingrained intoyour subconscious mind, and that you believe to be true. It is time to the ship and started walking inform some new beliefs – ones that will allow all kinds of money to flow to toward the land. Native Americansyou easily and effortlessly. saw them and attacked. Why hadHow do you do this? Challenge your beliefs. You have probably been their plan not worked?told, “You have to work hard for your money.” Why? Why does thishave to be true? There are many, many people out there that do not It is because the Native Americanswork hard for their money. That right there is proof that, no, you don’t had never seen such a large ship inhave to work hard for your money. How about, “Money is dirty.” No it‟s their life, so in their own reality, itnot. Well, there are probably germs on it, but that isn‟t what thatstatement implies. It implies that having money isn‟t “right”. WHAT?! could not be perceived. Their mindsOf course it‟s right! There is nothing wrong with having a lot of money! simply did not capture the large ships because they could notThink of all of the wonderful things you can do with that money! Think ofall of the people you can help; and all of the peace you can provide for conceive the possibility of them.yourself. Money isn‟t dirty – it gives you the freedom to do whatever youwant. Is freedom dirty? No. “Money doesn‟t grow on trees…” Well, no, So what possibly could be “outI have not yet found a literal money tree; but that statement is saying there” that we are not seeingthat money is scarce. Again – no it‟s not. Money is everywhere! And because we have no idea it exists?there is enough money for each of us to have as much as we desire!Write down the beliefs you hold about money. Be truthful. Then, Ponder That…challenge those beliefs. For more involvement, and to seeRemember that you are beginning a new outlook on money right now. It what others are saying, visit theis probably true that right now, you go to work in order to get your Ponder This category in the forum.paycheck. I am not telling you to quit your job and wait for money tocome knocking at your door! I am merely suggesting that you open yourmind to a new and different reality about money.Allow new thoughts to enter your mind. Question the ones that don‟tmake you happy.Here are some examples:  Money flows freely in this world.  There is more than enough money to go around.  Obtaining money can be fun and easy!  There are several ways, right now, that money can come into my life.Join the discussion about becoming wealthy and money beliefs in theforum.
  11. 11. Share this newsletter with Learn More Mission of Spirit Says a friend! Newsletter If you haven’t signed up as a member yet, click here, and look on the right side of the page to To help you realize your sign up. potential, and have You will be able to interact with like minded abundant health, wealth people, and create your own space – all in a place and happiness. that will continually grow your happiness.Know EXACTLY What You Want. Don’t miss December’s Newsletter! At any moment, you should be Intent for December’s Newsletter: prepared to spout off, Act As If The entire newsletter is based on you getting in the right verbatim, EXACTLY what you feeling as already having achieved your goals. When you want. do this, you will feel extremely happy, and bring your Why? desires to you much quicker! Because when you can say, at Go to Spirit Says Newsletter and become a member in order to be notified when the new newsletter is any second, exactly what you available! (You’ll see it in the upper right corner of the want, that means you KNOW page.) exactly what you want.And when you know exactly what you want - it will find its Email way to you. No excuses. Do it now. Twitter Facebook“Everybody who has read this "Letter to Lee and Ellie" has saidthat it makes them feel so warm inside, so loved. It hasbrought tears to many. It emits a love that is embraced andtaken to heart by your own spirit.” SpiritSaysNewsletter Dear Lee and Ellie. The letter.