How To Finally Be Happy


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How To Finally Be Happy

  1. 1. How to Finally be Happy.A super simple method to find out what makes you happy and how to explode your happiness level.
  2. 2. Proudly presented ©2012
  3. 3. I would like to start this booklet off with a personal letter Iwrote to somebody I love dearly. I want her to step backand look at the broad picture. I want her to get out of herown way. I want her to be happy.Dear _______,I know your life isn’t what you had in mind for yourself.You thought you would have more, and be more by now.You try and try, with all of your might, pushing yourselfand what seems to be forcing your ideas and ideals onothers. Why won’t they just hear you? Can’t they see thatyou only want the best for them?
  4. 4. It is time to take the pressure off of you. It’s time to giveto others so they will be in a better place in their lives.That is what you want – for people to have a better life.Allow me to remind you of an age-old action. One thatbuilds your karmic bank. An idea that ultimately willbenefit you; but it does so indirectly. Some people call itbeing a good person. Others call it random acts ofkindness. I prefer to call it, “Paying it Forward”.When you pay it forward, you do something selfless foranother person. You only hold the hope in your heart thatthey will, in turn, pay it forward to somebody else and thechain of goodness will continue.You want happiness to surround you. You want successfor other people. Start giving that to others in a different
  5. 5. way. A way that you have not yet tried. Start giving thathappiness and success to others by paying it forward.You will be amazed at how great it makes you feel.Deepest Love,ErinYou might be reading this and wonder what “Paying itForward” has to do with your own happiness. Friend, I amhere to tell you that it has everything to do with yourhappiness. It is something that cannot be explained. It must be experienced.
  6. 6. But before we get further into how to pay it forward, let’stalk about something else first.Being happy with who you are.You simply must get rid of the things in your life that aredragging you down! Make room for the things that lightup your life. Do this. Right away. Life is too short tocontinue living a life that leaves no time for who you are asa being.When you are happy with who you are, paying it forwardwill come so much more naturally.Want an example?Let’s say that you have such a tender place in your heartfor homeless animals. Every time you walk into the petstore and they are just waiting to be adopted, you hope
  7. 7. your highest hope that they will soon find a good home.You look into their eyes and you can feel their loneliness –you just want to take all of them home.You have just come up with a plan at home that will freeup some of your time. Wonderful! Now, you can adoptone of these pets to fill that time with something thatmakes you happy!Now, let’s take it a step further and pay it forward. Youknow what makes you happy, so reaching out to thoseanimals will not be a “chore” whatsoever.You decide to volunteer at the local pet shelter. When youcan devote time to the animals there, you light up andtime flies by without you even noticing. You know, that bygiving them the special attention that they deserve, youare enhancing their lives if even for a moment. Spending
  8. 8. this time with them brings you such happiness at a deeplevel.After you have spent a few weeks volunteering at the petshelter, you realize what they are missing. They needmore interaction, more food, more treats, more, more andmore! You decide to do something about it.You gather a few other volunteers and have a fundraiserfor the shelter so these pets can have more of what theyneed.You hold the fundraiser and guess what – you just paid itforward. The wonderful animals won because you just gotthem all kinds of goodies that will make their stay at theshelter more comfortable; and you have won because youhave done something that lit up your Spirit. (And whenyour Spirit lights up… wonderful things happen!)
  9. 9. So what if you are like so many people and just don’t knowwhat makes you happy?It’s time to take an inventory of YOU.Do these things to help you figure out where your true happiness lies: 1. What do you have a lot of around your home? Books? Collectables (what kind)? Cooking instruments? Bicycles? Items you want to repair? Craft items just waiting to be crafted? Take a look and you will get clues as to what is important to you. 2. What is your prized possession? Pen and paper? A camera? A guitar? Your family tree? Books? When you identify the one thing that means a lot to you, you will have clue number two.
  10. 10. 3. What do people always ask you about? “When people have a question about ________, they always call me.” Plain and simple – clue number 3 is something that people can count on you for. If you know a lot about it – it must be important to you.4. What do you find yourself always talking about? If you talk a lot about it – you have clue number 4. (Note: if it is something negative, flip it around to the opposite.)5. What did you want to “grow up to be” when you was a kid? Kids are so stinkin’ smart. As we get older, we tend to let society dictate what we are going to become. Recall what the smart you – the kid you wanted to become in life. That’s clue number 5.
  11. 11. 6. What did you play with when you was a kid? Same premise here. Clue number 6 lies in your playtime as a child.Did you find a common theme? Perhaps you found a fewthings! If they can be combined – great! If not –wonderful! That just means you have a variety of optionsto make you happy!Here is the super simple method to find out what makesyou happy and how to explode your happiness level: 1. Clear your physical and time clutter. 2. Do what makes you happy. 3. Find a way to help others in the area that makes you happy.
  12. 12. That’s it. Honest.True happiness doesn’t come from how much money youhave, where you live, or what kind of car you drive.True happiness comes from being true to who you are and helping others.Seriously.You won’t know it until you try it – and I am willing to betyou have tried a lot of things in order to be happy. It’samazing how many people simply aren’t happy.Look within yourself for your happiness, and then find away to pay that happiness forward.You just have to do it to understand it.
  13. 13. Here is a secret. That letter at the beginning of this book?It was to myself. I wrote it before we (my family and I)started the website/contest: (Iactually wrote it because I was really sad and mad atmyself.)It is because of that letter that we have created somethingthat is so huge and helpful all the way around.Quickly – our story. We need to move, but because of thehousing market, we would lose our shirts if we sold ourhouse the traditional way.SOWe are holding a contest where people write in and tell us,in 200-300 words, how they want to pay it forward intoday’s society.
  14. 14. It costs $104 to enter – and that is a deal because whenyou enter, you automatically receive over $300 worth offree downloads (eBooks, music MP3’s, hypnosis MP3’s,coupons, etc…) That is way #1 we are paying it forward.Way #2 we are paying it forward, is if we reach ourmaximum of 10,000 entries, we will send back $65,000 toentrants – randomly!Way #3 we are paying it forward is that the top 10 entrieswill be eligible to receive a free consultation to take theiridea to the streets with little to no money out of theirpockets.Way #4 we are paying it forward is the winner gets tochoose if they want our HOUSE or $20,000. Huge, right?
  15. 15. I truly hope you enter the contest. It is a win-win all theway around.Pay it Forward ! Share the contest info on your socialmedia and with your real-life friends! cant help everyone, buteveryone can help someone.~Ronald Reagan