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  • What other things do we notice are connected to the network? How is networking computers helpful? How is it difficult?
  • We have a shared drive for our district and everyone has a folder. When a computer is connected to the network, these files can be accessed. These folders can also share things between people and computers.
  • Router- Switch for information. Makes sure things get where they are supposed to Software- Allows the computers to speak the same language and access things from each other. The path is the cables that run or the wireless signal Look around or think: Have I seen any of these components in my classroom?
  • The Router directs information to computers as well as allows everyone to share one internet connection. Routers have limited range so there may be more than one in this building. How many do you think there are?
  • Our district purchased Novel to use for it's networking. This software allows computers to tap into the same internet, files, and printers. It also keeps all the building networks separate so that you cannot print to another building!
  • Ethernet cord looks like a chunky phone cable. While it is limiting, it is perfect for classroom computers because they are not mobile and it is so much faster. However, the cable is expensive and has to be run throughout a building
  • 541 network presentation

    1. 1. Finding Your Place in the Network What are networks and how do I connect to them? By Erin Hatfield EDTECH 541 Boise State University
    2. 2. What is a Network? ● A network is two or more computers linked together ● Can include more than just computers – Printers – Scanners – Copiers – iPads
    3. 3. What does a Network do? ● Allow computers to communicate ● Shared drives and shared folders ● Share files, internet connections, printers, etc.
    4. 4. What makes up a Network? ● At least two computers ● Router ● Software ● A path for the information to take (usually cable)
    5. 5. Router ● Directs information ● Share Internet
    6. 6. Software ● Usually comes with computer ● District purchased Novel
    7. 7. The Path ● Ethernet cord – Faster – More secure – Less mobility ● Wireless – More mobility – Cleaner appearance – Slower
    8. 8. How It all Fits Together
    9. 9. What We See ● We have to connect the Ethernet Cord from the computer to the Network outlet ● Or enter the wireless password
    10. 10. Resources ● Ethernet cord picture courtesy of: http://www.washington.edu/itconnect/connect/uw-networks/uw-housing/ ● Network picture courtesy of: http://www.ask-the-computer-doc.com/lan- definition.html ● Information from: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/home-network.htm