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Camera angles and analysis shot list


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Camera angles analysis for AS media

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Camera angles and analysis shot list

  1. 1. Camera Angles and analysis/Shot list -By Erin Doneathy . April walking down street: Tracking shots/panningshots, wide shots,high angle, low angle, mid shots. Tracking shots and panning shots are essential for when April is walking to the park as it gives an eerie sense that she’s being followed and also allows for a view of her surroundings to show where she is. It also shows her walking to an unknown location leaving the audience wondering where she’s heading . . In kidnapers shed: Panning shots, extreme close up, close ups, over the shoulder shots, The kidnappers shed will have props such as knives, rope and duct tape to clearly indicate that it is the shed of the kidnapper. Close ups will be used on the pictures of the young girl the
  2. 2. kidnapper stalks and perhaps his weapons in order to suggest sinister and threatening intensions. . Empty Park: Panning shots, close ups, establishing shots, wide shots. These shots of the empty park are used to create an atmosphere and mood as it will look eerie and almost depressing. We also included some over the shoulder shots of the kidnapper watching the little girl walk through said park. The over the shoulder shot keeps the kidnappers identity a mystery but also lets the audience know what he is looking at, in this case the young girl.
  3. 3. Kidnapper: Low angle, over the shoulder, tracking and close up The shots of the kidnapper are very important as he is an antagonist and needs to appear threatening while also keeping his identity a mystery. Low angle shots will be used to make the kidnapper appear intimidating and powerful. Shots of corkboard: Zoom outs, close ups. The corkboard is a key prop in our title sequence as it establishes who the young girl is and shows the killers obsession with her. The zoom out of the cork board is an effective shot as at first when its simply a close up of one of the pictures of the girl it could be assumed it’s a picture in a family home but once zoomed out it becomes clear it’s a compilation of pictures on a corkboard.
  4. 4. Shots Tracking shots of the kidnapper are key as they show where he’s going and reveal the shed where he will later keep the young girl. The tracking shots keep the audience wondering about where he’s headed and shows his stature and build, the sweeping motion also shows certainty as if he has a plan of action. Kidnapper tracking shots: Panning, tracking, tracking mid- Jump Cuts: Young girl (April) and Kidnapper As Aprilwalks down an alleyway towards the park we used jump cuts to show her progression without wasting time with one long shot, when the kidnapperfollows behindwe again used jump cuts as not only does it establish what’s happeningmuch quicker but also gives a sense of impendingdanger as the kidnappergets closer and closer.
  5. 5. POV: From kidnappers camera, focusing on young girl Throughout the title sequence we have POV shots from the kidnappers camera of him filming the young girl. We used a filter over the top of the shot that makes it appear as though its from a camera and handheld the camera to give it a more realistic feel.