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Cma mjcc case study final

  1. 1. Rebranding an Organization for GrowthMIDJersey Chamber of CommerceE X P E C T R E S U L T S
  2. 2. “After making the decision to rebrand our organization, wewere very much aware on how critical it was to find the rightpartner to help us achieve this. After an extensive proposaland interview process, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA)was chosen. We were truly the winner here!”“As CEO of the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, I can saywithout reservation, that CMA produced results that exceededour expectations and helped us achieve our goals in a shorterperiod of time than anticipated.”Robert D. Prunetti,President and CEOPresidentfrommessagetheE X P E C T R E S U L T Sclient profileFor 145 years, the former Mercer Regional Chamber ofCommerce, Mercer County, NJ, has supported the diverseCentral New Jersey business community through growth-driven solutions and services.challengeRebrand the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce toexpand its membership and service area to encompass theentire mid-state area.strategyCMA immersed itself in the Chamber’s history, embraced thenew vision and goals, evaluated the marketplace (locally, state-wide and nationally) and weighed different perceptions ofnames, taglines and creative treatments through its proprietarystrategic analysis process, Marketecture™.
  3. 3. • New name and tagline Through a strategic naming process, CMA eliminateddescriptors like “central” or “regional” as they connote amore narrow geographic Chamber membership footprintin people’s minds. “MIDJersey” is less geographicallyspecific, encompassing service to the entire mid-statearea and positioning the Chamber for future growth.• Logo Design The new logo features an open-ended red circlesymbolizing an inclusive yet expanding community ofdiverse interests united by a common goal of collectiveeconomic, social and cultural growth. Additionally, a newtagline, “The hub of New Jersey business,” implies a focalpoint of growth solutions and economic resources, whilealso positioning the Chamber’s wider reach statewide.The rebrand also included a new Chamber websitehome page and renaming the Chamber’s magazine toMIDJersey Business.www.GoToCMA.combrand identity
  4. 4. CMA created two 4-color newspaper ads to communicatethe name change and new direction of the Chamber. “ANew Brand has Emerged” featured the logo and namehovering above a broken eggshell for an attention-grabbing design. The “Moving Business Forward” adcaptures slightly out of focus business people walking andinteracting to portray a sense of movement and change.Digital banner ads were based on this ad concept.Newspaper Magazine AdsadvertisingE X P E C T R E S U L T S
  5. 5. Newspaper Magazine Adswww.GoToCMA.comBanner AdsSkyscraper Ads
  6. 6. Formerly the Mercer Regional Chamber, the MIDJersey Chamber ofCommerce is expanding its membership and service area to encompass NewJersey’s entire central region. Our new name re-positions and symbolizesour organization’s wider outreach to business, cultural, community andgovernment organizations and their representatives throughout New Jersey’scentral region.Why Expand the Chamber’s Service Area?Over 35% of Chamber member businesses are located outside of MercerCounty, underscoring the broader regional appeal of the Chamber’s services,opportunities and the wider resonance of its programs to the Central Jersey area.As a united business community, it’s time we embrace the unique and diversequalities of the Central Jersey region. We are the right Chamber at the righttime to define this region and raise awareness for the benefits of doingbusiness here.Our New Logo.The red “ring of commerce” emphasizes our MIDJersey geographic andservice orientation.Being open-ended, the ring symbolizes an inclusive yet expanding communityof diverse business and societal interests united by a common overarchinggoal of collective economic, social and cultural growth.Our New Branding Tag Line:The hub of New Jersey business.A hub implies a central and single source of multiple business, economicand community growth solutions, resources and services. As the geographichub of the Garden State, the MIDJersey Chamber is a crossroads for doingbusiness in New Jersey.The Mercer Regional Chamberis now the MIDJersey Chamberof Commerce.We’re growingto help you grow!Fact Sheetcollateral/direct mailFact sheets, posters, e-blasts and direct mail, informedcurrent and potential Chamber members of the namechange, the rationale for the rebranding and the benefitsof mid-state expansion, explaining “we’re growing to helpyou grow.” A stationery suite, powerpoint presentation andanimated header displaying the old logo transitioning to thenew logo were also developed.E X P E C T R E S U L T SDirect Mail
  7. 7. Responding to broader regional growth opportunities, the MIDJersey Chamber is evolving to its new identity.For 145 years, the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce has represented and supported the diverse Central NewJersey business community through growth-driven solutions and services. The Chamber unites the region witha common goal of collective economic, social and cultural growth, and serves as a hub for economic resourcesand valuable connections.Central New Jersey’s ChamberformerlyThe Mercer Regional Chamber is nowthe MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce.A new brand has emerged.• First Chamber of Commerce inNew Jersey (1868)• January 2013, marks our145th anniversary• 2011: NJBiz’s #3 “Top Chamberof Commerce”• 10 Chapters (North Route 130is newest)• 35% of membership outside ofMercer County, including PA• Over 1,000 member businessesDid You Know?For more information on the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce, please visit our website or call 609-689-9960.PostersLetterhead EnvelopeBusiness Cardswww.GoToCMA.com1A Quakerbridge Plaza DriveSuite 2Mercerville, NJ 08619-1248MIDJerseyChamber.org1A Quakerbridge Plaza DriveSuite 2Mercerville, NJ 08619-1248Orsola AndersenMarketing Communications Managerorsola@MIDJerseyChamber.orgP 609.689.9960 x21F 609.586.9989Pocket Folder
  8. 8. E X P E C T R E S U L T SCMA played a central role in a press conference withChamber executives formally announcing the rebrandand name change. CMA created a media kit for pressrepresentatives at the event, a press conference invitation,a media alert and media relations at the announcementevent. The result was strong regional editorial coverage.public relationsTop Photo from Left to Right: Kaitlin Friedmann, CMA Manager of Public Relations; Erin Klebaur, CMA Director of MarketingServices; Orsola Andersen, MJCC Marketing and Communications Manager; Jeffrey Barnhart, CMA President and CEO.
  9. 9. results“CMA’s ability to identify thefactors contributing to ourorganization’s growth andseamlessly turn those factorsinto a sound strategic plan,was a true showcase of thefirm’s expertise in strategyand understanding of theclient’s vision.”“The outcome was evenbetter than expected. Notonly the name, MIDJerseyChamber of Commerce, wasWOW, but the roll out wassuperb…The response hasbeen wonderful.”www.GoToCMA.comThe rebranding campaign generated broad public awareness ofthe MIDJersey Chamber’s new identity and direction, includingawareness among Chamber members about the strategicrationale and goals of the name change. The Chamber hassuccessfully embarked on its expanded regional mission withthe wind of the campaign in its sails.— Carol Beske,President, ACT Engineers, Inc.Past Chairman, Board of Directors,MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce— Timothy Losch,Regional President, Central Region,Fulton Bank of New JerseyPast Chairman, Board of Directors,MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce“The rebrand showcasedCMA’s expertise of the regionin a way that truly translatesinto strategic marketing.Any organization lookingfor strategy, results andlong-term success wouldbe wise to look to CMA.”— Sherise RitterManaging Partner, The Mercadien GroupPast Chairman, Board of Directors,MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce
  10. 10. 191 Clarksville Road, Princeton Jct., NJ 08550609.297.2235 • 609.799.7032 Faxwww.GoToCMA.comE X P E C T R E S U L T SCMA services include:Strategic Marketing • Brand StrategyContent Creation • Interactive MediaTraditional Media • Public Relations“Being selected to partnerwith the MIDJersey Chamberof Commerce for this pivotalorganizational change wasa tremendous opportunityfor CMA. Exerting a synergyof expertise and passion onthe Chamber’s transition, ourteam looks forward with prideto the continued successof both the Chamber andMid-Jersey region.”— Jeffrey E. BarnhartPresident CEOCreative Marketing Alliance