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MHA 2019 - How are you showing up?


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What behaviours are showing up daily? How do you show up as an individual? And How do you show up in a team? This session offers insight into self reflection and tools that can be utilized in any part of your daily life!

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MHA 2019 - How are you showing up?

  1. 1. How are you showing up to be your best daily? Erin Bolk MHA 2019
  2. 2. What to expect Take a look at behaviours necessary in an Agile environment/life Get some tools Instropection and why it is important
  3. 3. A little about me... Erin Bolk Agile Coach @ Nelnet Twitter: @erayDenver Email: | Website:
  4. 4. Let's talk history • Re-Org​ • Training​ • Team Formation​ • Go do agile​
  5. 5. What we need first
  6. 6. Experiment Mindset TRY LEARNGROW
  7. 7. Who you are • If you had a Billboard what would it say? • How do you show up to live that billboard? • Think about a time in your life when you were completely free, who were you? • If you weren't a mother/father, sister/brother, daughter/son, etc, strip those roles...who are you?
  8. 8. Ownership Do you own your own growth? Do you look for your own solutions? Do you...? Are you proud of...?
  9. 9. Can you hear me now? Efficient Effective
  10. 10. That was you, now what about in a TEAM? TEAM DYNAMICS COLLABORATION CONFLICT
  11. 11. Team Dynamics
  12. 12. Team Dynamics
  13. 13. Collaboration
  14. 14. Conflict • How do you show up? • Methods/Tools to help People are NOT dysfunctional, Behaviours ARE dysfunctional
  15. 15. Reflection Who you are now and actions you will want take
  16. 16. What's Next? • Understand how you show up in the world • Tools for professional and personal life • Finding purpose • Sphere of Influence • Team Performance Models • Conflict Protocol • Wheel of life What is one thing that you are going to use immediately after leaving this room?
  17. 17. If Nothing Else... BE KIND to yourself