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Cedric Diggory is in 6th year. (This is the year before the Triwizard tournement.) He though that this was going to be a good year: he was quidditch captain, prefect and got all O's in his O.W.L.s.
Jade Potter is just dealing with life and thinks that her cousin Harry will go through some crazy adventure this year. Being a third year is never easy, especially when your godfather is a werewolf and is the current Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, or when everyone realized that your cousin Jasper's last name was Black and his father is THe Sirius Black, not to mention that her dad bought her a Firlbolt which she was likely to never use. Oh! Did i forget to mention that she's been dared to seduce Cedric Diggory by her wonderful friends in Gryffindor?

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  1. 1. DARE A Fanfiction Brought to you by ErinChang1234
  2. 2. IT ALL STARTED WITH A DARE  Chapter 1: It All Started With a Dare  “Hey Jade,” said Dean.  “Hey, yourself,” Jade replied.  “We’re playing truth or dare, wanna play?”  “You had to ask?” Jade said teasingly. Jade and Dean walked into the Gryfinndor Common Room where everybody was waiting for them.  *One Hour Later*  “Ron, truth or dare?” Harry asked.  “Dare!!!!”  “I dare you to write a secret admirer note to…SNAPE!!!”  “Mate, how could you?”  “Go on…”  Ten minutes later Ron had finished his note and had sent it to Snape. He couldn’t wait to unleash his wrath on someone.  “Parviti, truth or dare?”  “I’m kinda scared of you at the moment so truth.”  “Do you own a thong?”  “Omi EW!!!! Of course not!!!!” They had placed a charm that showed whenever someone wasn’t telling the truth. Parviti’s hair turned green. “Okay I do….” The boys started laughing, “but only because Lavender bought it for me!” Pleased that everyone was starting at Lavender, Parviti choose her victim.  “Jade, truth or dare?” 
  3. 3. CH1 CONTINUED  Jade sent a look that said you really don’t know me so well before saying “DARE!!!!” “I dare you to seduce Cedric Diggory before the next Quidditch game!”  Jade had a look of horror on her face and the twins and Oliver screamed outraged. Jade never backed down from a dare, Parviti knew this which is why she had her seducing the one guy she hated.  “You want Jade my Jade! To seduce Pretty-boy Diggory?!” Said Seamus jokingly. The pair had a friendship that went back to the first day of school when those two slipped into McGonagall’s class right before Ron and Harry and didn’t get busted.   ……………………………….   The next day Jade woke up happily before realizing what she had to do. She groaned. Yes seducing pretty boy Diggory what a nightmare she had owled Devine who was her best friend that went to Drumstrang and was in Cedric’s year for help. Devine had owled her back.  It’s Nafisa don’t call me Devine! That’s what my gran calls me. So need to seduce someone. Welll first they have to know you or it’ll totally be pointless flirting with other guys or wearing short skirts. I mean for example say there’s this girl named um…um ANIL and she like this guy named um BRYCE she has to become friends with him or he’ll never realize that she was flirting/trying to get him jealous, like this Anil wears a really short skirt and is flirting with IDK, Bryce isn’t going to notice because he doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t like talking about people’s relationships that he doesn’t know. I mean if Anil and he became friends then he might care. And don’t flirt with any random guy to get Cedric jealous, flirt with his enemy or like a really HAWT Slytherin I mean everyone hates them right? And or his BFF that’ll get him really mad. TTYL gotta run. Krum’s crazy. G2G  ----Good Luck and yeah well Good Luck----  Nafisa Jung.
  4. 4. CH1 CONTINUED  So she decided to ask Cedric to help her with Transfiguration because it wasn’t her best subject she barely got a E on her last pop quiz and he was smart so no fuss right. Or she could start randomly saying hi to him. Maybe working on her look wouldn’t be too bad. She wore a tight fitting white shirt with a few buttons undone, her red and gold stripped tie hung lose, she wore a altered version of the black skirt she usually wore; it was 4 inches above her knees, knee length white stockings and black ballet flats, on top of it all was her robe but it went to her knees instead of the one Granger wore that went to the floor. Parviti and Lavender had similar skirts and robes.
  5. 5. PICS Harry Ron Fred and George Oliver Hermione Dean Seamus Parvati Lavender Jade
  6. 6. LIVING DRAUGHT OF DEATH  “Hey, Cedric,” said Jade.  “Um, hey…I know you wait it’ll take me a minute to get your name.”  “Hmm, pretty boy Diggory has a hard time remembering people’s names how does he remember the ingredients and directions of the Draught of Living Death that Professor Snape is giving a pop quiz on?”  “Wait we have a pop quiz in Potions today?!” asked Cedric.  “Well, you do, I don’t I’m…”Cedric cut Jade off  “An extremely short 5th year!”  “No actually I’m a third year.”  “Really, most third years haven’t even heard of that potions, and how do you know?”  “I have my sources”  “Bet it was Trelawney.” Said a friend of Cedric’s.  “Well, bye boys, McGonagall’s gonna skin me alive if I’m late?!” Jade said skipping off.  “Wait your name!” called out Cedric.  “Man she’s a looker,” said Evan.  “Shut up man!” Cedric said angrily.  “You don’t know her name, I’ve got a fair chance to woo her over…even if she talked to you first!”  “You know just as much as I do about her.” Cedric said.  “Man that’s some pretty third year.” Evan said.  “You’re right Evan. She’s a third year, we also know that she has transfiguration before lunch!” Cedric said.  “Ced, even if we asked all the third years which house has transfiguration before lunch it’ll be different every day and two houses have the same classes together.”
  7. 7. CH2 CONTINUED  “Evan what day is it today?”  “Tuesday.”  “We’ll ask who has transfiguration on Tuesdays!”  “You know what we have on Tuesdays before lunch, Ced?”  “No, what?”  “Potions!”  “Potions, didn’t that girl say we have a pop quiz?!”  “Oh, shit, Snape’s gonna kill us!”  ……………………..  “Diggory, Stevenson, 20 points from Hufflepuff,” said Snape, Cedric scowled and sat next to Evan; he would get back at the mysteriously pretty girl for this.  *half an hour later*   Cedric was actually glad for the girls heads up because he was sure she had gotten him his first O in only the second week of school. Cedric had mostly gotten Es which he had decided was only because Snape was his teacher and thought that all Hufflepuffs were dunderheads. Going to lunch he saw the dark haired beauty talking to the Weasley twins. She was twirling her tie and had a couple more buttons undone. He had only known her for 2 hours and was already getting possessive. He walked over to the Weasleys interrupting their talk.  ………………..
  8. 8. CH2 CONTINUED  “Hello,” Cedric said. The twins glared and Jade rolled her eyes.  “What can we do for you, his majestic pretty boy fag,” Fred said.  “I need to talk to your friend,” Cedric said looking at jade.  “Well, look at the time I gotta go, have to eat,” said Jade walking away with the twins. Cedric went behind the tapestry and found Jade and the twins in the crowded Great Hall. He grabbed Jade and pulled her into the secret corridor.  “LET GO OF ME YOU STUPID RAPIST!!!!!”  “Ha ha very funny,” Cedric said.  “Oh it’s you, what do you want!”  “I wanted to talk to you,”  “Um, okay.”  “What’s your name?” asked Cedric.  “Um, Jade, what’s it to you?”  “Nothing can I ask you some more questions?”  “Go right ahead stalker.”  “Hey!” Cedric yelled.  “My last name is Potter, I’m in Gryffindor, I’m a third year, I think your friend Evan’s funny, and I suppose your good looking. Anything else you want to know?” asked Jade.  “Um, no.”  “Really, not who my parents are? What they do? When’s my birthday? Am I failing any classes you could tutor me in?” Jade joked.  “Hmmm, let me think. The last question.” Cedric said, keen on spending more time with this girl.  “Tutor me in Transfiguration, we can meet in the classroom near the Charms corridor at 8 every night unless we have plans?”  “Great, come on let’s get lunch.” Said Cedric dragging her. They walked into the Great Hall with 5 feet in between them. Jade smiled at her fellow Gryffindors who thought that she wouldn’t have been able to do the dare.
  9. 9. PICS Cedric Snape Evan Jade Fred and George
  10. 10. UGH WHY IS PRETTY BOY DIGGORY SO…I DUNNO PRETTY!  “So what were you doing with Diggory,” said Parviti looking in the door way as Jade was loading her book bag with books.  “Huh,” said Jade turning around, “oh it’s you…I’m doing what I’ve been dared to…seducing Diggory or at least as way trying to.”  “So, you’re doing pretty well for day one.”  “Uh huh, and he asked to tutor me in Transfiguration.”  “But, you’re acing Transfiguration?” said Parviti questioningly.  “Correction, I’m doing well in Transfiguration I’m acing Potions!”  “Oh, really, well you got an Outstanding in that paper we got as our summer homework. And that’s well? In which country? North Korea?”  “You have too much against North Korea and yes that is well in some Asian countries, they expect you to get higher than an Outstanding and FYI, I got an high, very, very high, just one point away from an Outstanding; Exceeding Expectations. You see! My work has gone down the hill or whatever it is that those Americans say anyways.”  “Your work has gone downhill,”  “Well whatever…” then Jade leaned into Parviti as she was passing through the doorframe and muttered, “and mind you I’m only doing this for my grades.” Before turning and going down the stairs and out the Common Room.  *In the Empty Classroom*  “Oh you’re early,” said Jade looking at Cedric. He was looking; ohkay (in her opinion), decent, fairly presentable. Certainly not absolutely good grief Merlin sexy or hawt. No he was nawt sexy at awl. No, not hot at all wearing; black distressed straight-legged jeans, a 3-quarter sleeved white T-shirt with a short sleeved black baggy-ish T-shirt, and a short sleeved opened solid yellowish gold short sleeved shirt on top.
  11. 11. CH3 CONTINUED  Um, yeah, I didn’t want to be late,”  “Um, okay,” Jade said looking to see where she sit. And finally decide on sitting next to Cedric.  “So um what are you having trouble with?”  “Me, I um, am having trouble turning my um, hedgehog into a um, pin cushion.”  “Oh well, the spell is this Ericius Verto and you move your wand like this,” Cedric said making a swishing circle and then flicking his wrist gently.  “Aricyous Varo,” Jade said making her left hand go in a huge circular motion and flicking her wrist hard.  “No, you’re doing it wrong, it’s like this,” Cedric said going behind to and putting his hand on hers to make the correct movement.  “Wait, you’re left handed?”  “Um, yeah…”  “Okay and the spell is pronounced like this Air-ik-ee-us Ver-ee-oh you have to make the ic short and the e sound long.”  “Uh hum, Hair-ik-ee-us Var-ee-oh,” Jade said making the circular motion and practically jabbing the wand at the hedgehogs that Cedric had transfigured.  “You’ll get there soon enough, and Jade the spell won’t work if you’re not thinking about the hedgehog turning into a pin cushion.”  “I know,” Jade said smiling widely.  “Uh huh,” Cedric nodded. “How about we try to help you remember the spells and movements and then have you try them out?”  “Ugh, fine!”  *an hour later*
  12. 12. CH3 CONTINUED  “Look at the time!” shouted Cedric.  “Ah…It’s getting late” Jade said cleaning up and moving towards the door. Cedric opened his mouth to say something but Jade cut across him, “Till tomorrow tutor,” waving at Cedric. Cedric stood there with his mouth open staring dumbstruck at the door way before he gathered his wits and left as well. 
  13. 13. PICS Parvati Cedric Jade
  14. 14. QUIDDITCH PRACTICES AND EMPTY CORRIDORS  BRINNNNNNNNNNNG  RINNNNNNNG  “Someone turn the goddamn alarm off!” groaned Tommy.  “Don’t curse!” Evan said his voice muffled by the pillow he was using to block the sunlight with.  “What time is it!” asked Kevin.  “3 am!” said Tommy having gotten up to look at the clock.  “Class doesn’t start for ages!” Evan said lifting the pillow.  “Quidditch practice!” said Kevin grabbing pillow he looked forward to getting revenge on Cedric for taking away his sleep.  “Figures!” snorted Tom, “he who turns the alarm on and sleeps last, sleeps best.”  “Tanya! You’re getting the muggle sayings wrong its he who laughs last laughs best!” said Evan swinging off the bed and looking at Cedric.  “But Evalina! He’s sleeping! What did Jade do to him? He wakes up first!” Tommy whined. Kevin let go of the pillow and went to his friend.  “Oi! Cedric you’re the quidditch captain wake up!” Kevin said shaking Cedric.  “Five more minutes?”  “No Cedric get up!”  “Okay fine!’ Cedric said getting up. “Why am I getting up?  “You have quidditch practice.” Said Evan looking amused.  “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” chanted Cedric and his roommates watched in amusement as he got up and cursed and hopped around the room getting into his quidditch gear and grabbed his Nimbus 1900 and ran out the dorm to meet the rest of his team at the quidditch pitch.
  15. 15. CH4 CONTINUED  ………………………….  After two hours of gruesome quidditch practice and almost fainting from hunger Cedric and the rest of the team hit the showers. Cedric looked at his watch it was only 5 am. The rest of the castle would wake up at 7-8 or maybe even later and get down for breakfast and classes (classes started at 9). And now he had four hours of free time.  He was walking to the library but he realized that he had taken a wrong turn and was walking in a corridor that looked like most students didn’t use it. There was sunlight pouring through. He thought he heard something but decide he was going mental from the lack of food.  But then he heard it again! Someone was playing music. He ran to the end of the corridor to a huge room that was airy and filled with light. It looked to be an old music room for there was cellos and harps and all sorts of instruments lined against one of the walls. It was the room where choir practice used to be held, Cedric decided. Kevin had told him about the room and it very much fit Kevin’s description. The music was coming from the wall with the huge windows were.  It was The Girl with Flaxen Hair by Claude Debussy. Cedric’s music teacher had tried to teach him to play Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, and Beethoven but Cedric had put his foot down after he was 13. The beautiful music almost made him wish that he didn’t quit.  Then he saw her!  Jade Potter was playing the music with skilled hands that moved in a blur, sounding out the wonderful notes. She didn’t notice that there was anyone else in the room besides her and Cedric wondered if she came here every day to play.  The room had a wonderful aura to it and Cedric knew he was going to come back to it but for now he had to eat. Cedric walked away grinning as he thought about him and Jade playing music together on the piano bench. But in his mind Jade was lying on the piano bench naked and her moans and his groans were the wonder music and his fingers were hitting all of Jade’s keys.  ………………………..  Jade thought she heard something. But nothing was there. Jade thought about why she was here. Her grandmother Allegra had taught her how to play. And now she was in bed getting closer to her death everyday while Jade was at school much too far away to comfort her. She played the piano in her grandmother’s memory. And planned on playing for her as soon as she got home for Christmas. Her clock should her it was 7:48. Another day of doing work that was too easy for her and being away from Allegra that was why Jade was going to become a Healer no matter what it took.  ………………
  16. 16. PICS Jade Allegra Cedric Evan Tommy Kevin
  17. 17. PAIN HURTS. . . SO DOES BOOKS. . .  After eating breakfast Jade went to D.A.D.A. Professor Lupin had assigned them to do a report on boggarts after their lesson in which Jade had thought it was amusing to see other people’s fears. For some reason Professor Lupin hadn’t called on her to properly make a boggart disappear. For that she was glad but she knew that she wouldn’t be as lucky tomorrow.  Jade had aphenphosmphobia, or the fear of human contact. She hardly ever hugged anyone and hated it when people would grab her hands. Most people would wonder why anyone would have such a fear. When Jade was 7 she was doing magic at the muggle public park near home. A bunch of muggle girls had found her and started calling her an oddball and queer.  Let’s say that things didn’t go so well with the girls and since they ranged from 8 through 15 in age Jade hadn’t gotten away lucky. They had broken her right arm, both wrists, left leg, right ankle, 3 fingers on her right hand, her thumb and pinky of her left hand, a couple of ribs, and her nose. She had had bruises everywhere, a black eye, fractured shoulder, and both cracked ribs and skulls. She had been taken to St. Mungos instead of a hospital because her parents didn’t want to test fate. Her parents hadn’t even been sure on whether or not to send Jade to Hogwarts  Jade wondered how her fear would take form in a boggart. . . maybe it would be the girl who had broken most of her bones?  So now Jade was in the library instead of thinking of the pain she thought about the dare and how she was going to have fun with this. Jade went to the Magical Beings section of the library and saw that the book she wanted was on the highest shelf 12 ft up and was stuck in between two thick books; The Beauty of the Bothersome Banshees and Ten Things &Tricks to Know about Teenage Trolls. Jade sighed and looked around to see a stepladder near the History section. With another sigh she went and dragged it nearly across the entire library in a hurry to get back to the book. She got on the top and still had to tiptoe to get her arms to reach the thick volume. As she slid the book out the thicker book besides it Ten Things & Tricks to Know about Teenage Trolls slipped out and fell on the head of a very handsome lad. The very handsome lad that Jade had been dared to seduce.
  18. 18. CH5 CONTINUED  “OW!!!” Cedric Diggory groaned when the book hit him on the head with one hand he caught the book before it could drop to the floor and catch Madame Pince’s attention and with the other he accidently knocked into the stepstool making Jade fall with her book on top of Cedric. The poor guy had gotten hit by the book (again) and couldn’t do anything about the pain because he had moved his hand to catch Jade before she fell and dropped the book on trolls.  “Jade?!”  “Uh, hi Cedric,” Jade said awkwardly in Cedric’s arms. The stepladder hadn’t completely fallen and was digging into Cedric’s knees while Jade was trying to balance on him and the ladder.  “What are you doing with a book about trolls?” Cedric asked uncomfortably. Normally he could handle holding a girl, even a girl as pretty as Jade who he just happened to have a thing for, but holding Jade and having her dig into his body. Well sometimes Cedric thought that Merlin was testing him. . . to see what would make him explode and lose control. So Cedric tried (key word being tried) to not think of Jade and everything he could do to her against the frickin’ book shelf. But before he could do or say anything Madame Pince had come. She had been wondering about all the noise in her library. She promptly started screaming at them and Jade and Cedric ran from the library without the books they were looking for.  . . . . . .  “Jeez, this is all your fault Jade!” Cedric said mock annoyed.  “Well, whatever. . . Cedric,”  “You’re so rude. . . you didn’t even apologize for hitting me on the head with books.”  “Technically, I didn’t hit you on the head with books.”  “Welll, since you want to be all technical, apologize for making books fall on my head.”
  19. 19. CH5 CONTINUED  “Fine, I’m sorry Cedric,” Jade said sweetly, “will you please forgive me?” she asked looking into Cedric’s eyes and running her fingers on his arm. Yes she hated human contact but Cedric wasn’t about to hurt her right now when she had him under her spell.  Cedric coughed uncomfortably and said with difficulty, “uh. . . no...”  “What?1 why not?” Jade whined.  “Because that’s *cough* not the kind of *cough* apology I want” Cedric said running his hand through his hair making it stand up and look wild in a sexy sort of way Jade decided.  “Really?” Jade drew out the word and looked into Cedric eyes.  “Yes *cough* really.”  “Then what kind of an apology do you want?”  “Something that will stay in my memory. . . like you know,”  “No I don’t.” “Tell me, Cedric.”  “Like something like this!” Cedric said ducking down and kissing her neck, he nuzzled his head into her and trailed kisses and then bit her earlobe which made Jade give a surprised gasp. Cedric stopped and looked up. “Sorry Jade.”  “No! Not happening, I already gave you an apology. . . so don’t expect that and. . . I do not accept your apology,” said Jade walking off.  Cedric stared after her feeling a sort of pain in his stomach or maybe his heart, he couldn’t tell and decided he would not stop until she was his and his only.
  20. 20. PICS Pro. Lupin Madame Pince Jade Cedric