Time Management


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Time Management

  1. 1. Time ManagementDuring this project I had a timescale of production which meant that I could meet deadlines and alsobe able to understand what needed completing immediately and what I had more time with. This is aproduction schedule of the work that needed to be completed within this project. Task Summary Date of Completion Primary Research The primary research task means that for 10.10.11 some of the research and information that is needed will come from questionnaires and surveys. Secondary Research Secondary research means that through the 20.10.11 internet, books, magazines etc. there will be information that is needed in order to complete the project. Dissertation: Part 1 The part one of the dissertation is the first 15.12.11 2,000 words of the dissertation so that it can receive feedback in order to be able to move on to the second section. Dissertation: Part 2 The second part of the dissertation was 09.01.12 another 2,000 words which will contribute to the previous section which means that there will be 4,000 completed words. Dissertation: Part 3 The third part to the dissertation is the final 17.02.12 2,000 words to make the 6,000 which means this is the final piece of the dissertation. Evaluation This is the evaluation of the project and the 15.03.12 product which is two separate evaluations for this entire project. Presentation This presentation is in front of peers where I 20.03.12 will be marked on presentation and therefore the project needs to be formatted in a presentation.During the research period of this project I felt that I managed the time I had well as I kept to thecompletion dates that I had set out to complete the research. This meant that I had succeeded withtime management in this area. When completing the dissertation this took much longer than expectedbecause I didn’t realise the amount of detail that was required within the dissertation which meant thatI did not succeed with time management in this section as it had taken much longer due to the detailthat was required. Finally during the evaluation and presentation process I felt that this process was
  2. 2. completed faster than expected which meant that I succeeded particularly well within this area of theproject and I also feel that is how I made the extended project deadline through the final processbeing speeded up which meant that it equalled out the poor time management when creating thedissertation.