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Student Log

  1. 1. Student Name: Erika Louise TolputtUnit Title: Extended Project Date Lesson Summary 12.09.11 This was the first of the extended project lessons; this lesson was based around an introduction into the unit extended project where our class was introduced to the basic outline and specification of the unit. This lesson also gave us a chance to start considering options for which item to produce for this unit for future lessons e.g. dissertations, artefacts. 19.09.11 In this lesson we began choosing which option of production we wanted to use to present our work, I chose to present this work in the form of a dissertation. Then we began starting activities such as starting some initial brainstormingand developing initial ideas and getting some feedback from peers and tutors for these initial ideas so there can be a conclusion of which idea is to be used for the project. 26.09.11 In this lesson we began working on the preproduction work in order to begin our main project. In this lesson I decided from the feedback I gained the previous lesson that marketing and the marketing of women’s underwear was the topic I was to focus on throughout the dissertation. In this lesson we were also told to create a question to title the dissertation if that was the path we chose and from this, the question would be the main point of interest throughout the whole dissertation. 03.10.11 In this lesson the preproduction activities had been completed, these activities included proposal forms, activity sheets, logs etc. Each of these activities had to be uploaded to our blogs in order to have them marked and assessed as completed via the deadline set for those tasks. 10.10.11 In this lesson initial research had begun into the project, this consisted of secondary research for the time being. The first section that needed research was a general idea of the advertisement of women’s underwear so that I could produce an introduction to the dissertation. The next section that needed research was the history and origins of women’s underwear which was simple enough to research from studying internet sites, books and magazines from various dates. 17.10.11 In this lesson research was continued, this research focused more into the modern businesses that specialise in women’s underwear. I focused on three particular business; La Senza, Bravissimo and Victoria’s Secret. These businesses all have a similar target audience but all advertise in various forms which is the reason for these particular choices. After choosing these businesses I researched further into these businesses taking a particular interest into their target audiences and their marketing schemes. 24.10.11 In this lesson research was continued, this research focused into the actual advertisement strategies of these businesses. This lesson was focused around the posters and billboards that the businesses use to advertise their products. During the lesson I chose particular posters and analysed them to show the differences between each businesses advertisements. 31.10.11 In this lesson research continued, this research was focused around each businesses form of advertising through the internet. This meant that print screens of each home page of the businesses website were analysed to show how each business promotes them virally. This lesson was also used to research the logo’s that represent each business, the logos were analysed as this is one of the most important items in advertising as the logo will represent the business in each stage of advertising. 07.11.11 In this lesson research was continued, the research consisted of primary research was carried out throughout the time between the previous lesson. This primary research contains questionnaires and surveys from members of the public which was then converted during this lesson so that it could be used during the dissertation. 14.11.11 This lesson focused around depicting the successes and failures or in other words strengths and weaknesses of each business marketing strategies so that each could be compared to present which business is more successful than the others due to their marketing strategy. The title of this section almost concluding the dissertation, “does it actually work?” 21.11.11 This lesson focused around creating a conclusion and creating a structure so that there is a reasonable explanation for the research and the final outcome of the project. 28.11.11 In this lesson the first half of the dissertation was created which was nothing too
  2. 2. strenuous as all the research had already been carried out and therefore it was just the transition from the research into material to be used in the dissertation.05.12.11 In this lesson the first section of the first draft was continued as this is the largest section of the two which consists of secondary research which needed to be broken down and used in this dissertation without plagiarising, this section also needed Harvard referencing.12.12.11 In this lesson the first section of the dissertation had been completed with Harvard referencing as this was based around secondary research and needed referencing in order not to plagiarise the whole first section of the dissertation.19.12.11 This lesson focused around the starting of the second section of the dissertation which is a continuation of the first section but with more primary research and conclusions.26.12.11 In this lesson the second section of the dissertation was completed which more focused around opinions of the research findings, this isn’t a large section although it takes up 3 sections in the dissertation, this second section also needed Harvard referencing in order to complete it.02.01.12 In this lesson the whole first draft of the dissertation was completed, although after it had been completed, it was important that I ran through the first draft before it was handed in to the tutor so that there could be less editing for the second draft of the dissertation.09.01.12 In this lesson the first draft of the dissertation had been complete and presented to the tutor assessor. From this the tutor would assess the first draft so that in the next lesson I would be able to edit and improve on the dissertation.16.01.12 This lesson, after receiving feedback from the tutor assessor, I started editing the first section of the dissertation to be able to hand in for the next lesson to be assessed after the initial editing so that I can move on to the second section of the dissertation, although there was a lot of feedback from the tutor assessor so this means that the first section has to be changed dramatically which is a big setback for the completion date.