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  1. 1. ScriptSlide 1: IntroductionThe marketing of Women‟s underwear can affect the Great British public in various different forms;this dissertation will depict the positive and negative issues faced in the marketing industry. Thehypothesis of the final outcome of the dissertation is that the effects of the marketing strategies on thepublic will have various responses which will therefore show if the businesses marketing strategies ofeach focused underwear business is effective or not. I would want the public to benefit from thisinvestigation so that they can understand the effects that marketing has and I would want thisinvestigation to influence their opinion on the businesses that market women‟s underwear. I will wantthe contribution to help the public have a more thorough understanding of marketing when the publicare the specific target audience. In this dissertation I will choose three specific businesses that aredistinctively different which target a similar audience and focus on their individual methods. I will alsofocus on which of the three businesses has the most profound effect on the audience and if it had alarge contribution to the businesses success?Slide 2: General UsesWomen‟s undergarments are collectively called “lingerie”; intimate clothing and intimates.Undergarments or underwear are clothes worn under other clothes, often next to the skin. Thisprevents the outer garments from being soiled from bodily secretions and discharges, the underwearalso helps to shape the body and provide support for parts of it. In cold weather, long underwear issometimes worn to provide additional warmth. In the modern times, undergarments are intended foran erotic effect. Special forms of underwear are also used for religious significance, this is normal inreligions such as Islam and Judaism. Some items of clothing are designed as underwear, whileothers, such as t-shirts and specific shorts, are appropriate for both undergarments and outerclothing. If made of suitable material, some undergarments can serve as nightwear or swimsuits.Undergarments are generally in two forms, those that are worn to cover the torso and those that areworn below the waist, though garments which cover both also are available. Different styles ofundergarments are typically worn by women and men. Undergarments commonly worn by women inthis era include brassieres, boy shorts, knickers (known in North America as panties), bikiniunderwear, thongs and G-strings.Slide 3: HistoryThe history of women‟s underwear is intimately intertwined with the social history of the status ofwomen, including the evolution of fashion changing views of the body. Underwear advertising firstmade an appearance in the 1910‟s. The first underwear print advertisement in the US appeared in the“Saturday Evening Post” in 1911 and featured oil paintings by JC Leyendecker. Early underwearadvertisements emphasised durability and comfort, and fashion was not regarded as a selling point.
  2. 2. In the 1950‟s, underwear came to be promoted as a fashion item in its own right, and came to bemade in prints and colours which then changed the face of fashion and fashion advertising.Women‟s undergarments began to emphasize the breasts instead of the waist, from that the decadesaw the introduction of the bullet bra pointed bust, inspired by Christian Dior‟s “New Look”, whichfeatured pointed cups. The original wonder bra and push up bra by Frederick‟s of Hollywood finallyachieved its right and title in the world of women‟s underwear through producing a special model ofpush up bra called “The Rising Star” which achieved its title in 1948, in 2001, Julia Roberts wins anOscar for her role in 2000‟s “Erin Brockovich” where she popularised the push up look.Slide 4: HistoryWomen‟s panties became more colourful and decorative until the time of the 1960‟s were there weretwo forms of panties which was called “the hip hugger” and the “bikini” which is produced in sheernylon fabric for most of its production. Pantyhose, also known as tights in England, which combinedpanties and hose into one garment, this item of clothing made its first appearance in 1959, inventedby Glen Mills of North Carolina. The same business later introduced seamless pantyhose in 1965,spurred by the popularity of miniskirts at the time of their release. At the end of that decade, the girdle,also known as the corset, had fallen out of favour as women started to prefer and choose sexier andlighter alternatives.Underwear as fashion reached its peak in the 1970‟s and 1980‟s, and underwear advertisers forgotabout comfort and durability, at least in advertising. Sex appeal became the main selling point ofwomen‟s underwear and also in swimwear.(First set of images)The first image in this sequence is of images is of the pointed bra and the second two images arefrom the sports illustrated issues of the 1970‟s featuring the new line of under garments.(Second set of images)These images sport the 1980‟s style of under garments which became a sexier image than the 1970‟sas underwear was becoming sexier each decade as this was the most popular demand.Slide 5: HistoryThe tank top, became popular warm weather casual outwear in the US in the 1980‟s. Performers suchas Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were also often seen wearing their undergarments on top of theirclothes which were one of the first samples of celebrity endorsement for women‟s underwear.
  3. 3. In the largely mature market to date, lingerie makers have had to work hard at innovation to keepconsumers interested. Diamante thongs, hipster pants and gel padded bras have been introduced inmore recent times, with the help of advertising boosted sales by 7.9% between 2002 and 2003. Therehas been a more popular use of celebrity endorsement from manufacturers with stars such as KylieMinogue and Elle MacPherson launching their own ranges among other manufacturers, thesecelebrities also advertised their own range which increased the effect of celebrity endorsement whichagain in effect increased sales for their ranges. A growing trend in this market has been for high streetfashion retailers to include lingerie in their ranges. Lingerie accounts for about 17% of the totalwomen‟s wear retail market, which is worth £13.4 billion, this market has been growing in the UK inrecent years which is not unusual as the marketing strategies of businesses has improved which inturn helps the sales to improve.Slide 6: Victoria’s SecretVictoria‟s Secret is a modern business that specialises in selling lingerie and beauty products, thisbusiness is owned and managed by the Limited Brands Company. Victoria‟s Secret has a profit ofmore than $4 billion in sales each annum. It is the fastest growing business that is owned by LimitedBrands and contributes 42% of corporate profits.Victoria‟s Secret injects $66 million into their advertising budget each year, this is spread out intonewspaper advertisements, catalogues and televised fashion shows. In each of these sectors,Victoria‟s Secret sells an image and a lifestyle to the public; this lifestyle represents fun, romance,fantasy, desire and love. When Victoria‟s Secret advertises it must be of the highest standard as thisbusiness is convincing women that through purchasing Victoria‟s Secret products will boost their self-confidence and enhance appeal.(Images)These images are of two Victoria‟s Secret models representing their theme of fun, romance, fantasy,desire and love and through the colours and fonts of these poster advertisements, this is immanent.Slide 7: La SenzaLa Senza Corporation is originally a Canadian based fashion retailer which sells lingerie and intimateapparel. The La Senza brand is also owned by Limited Brands as is Victoria‟s Secret which is acompetitor to this business despite being owned through Limited Brands. This brand targets towardsthe ages of 18-35 years, this business provides underwear, loungewear and sleepwear to all of theages.
  4. 4. “La Senza‟s primary objective is to provide an affordable lingerie product, which is comfortable,romantic and sensual. Our retail stores offer women of all ages exquisite lingerie in a beautiful andintimate setting, providing our customers with the unique „La Senza shopping experience‟.”Slide 8: BravissimoBravissimo Ltd. Retails lingerie, swimwear and clothing for D-KK cup women. It offers lingerie,sensational sets and everyday essentials, t-shirt bras, sports bras, strapless bras, bodies andbasques, soft cup bras, and nursing bras; swimwear, bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis, and sportsswimwear. The business itself offers its products in different forms such as mail orders, websites andstores. Bravissimo Ltd was founded in 1995 and is based in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.The objectives of Bravissimo Ltd are so that the business can communicate the “Bravissimoexperience” as friendly, inclusive, supportive and fun. To appeal to an audience from girls to womenin their fifties, this is their main targeted audience.Slide 9: Primary Research
  5. 5. Slide 10: Target AudiencesVictoria‟s Secret Target Audience:The Victoria‟s Secret target audience depends on various elements in order to be specific with theiraudience specification. The terminal education age for the audience is 21+, this means that the age inwhich their target audience should of finished education is 21 and over as this business targets at
  6. 6. educated individuals. The social category for the audience is ABC1 which means that the audiencecan afford the luxuries of Victoria‟s Secret. The post code for the audience should be more industrialareas so that mail orders are more accessible as are the location of the stores. The age is between18 and 44 years so that there is a range of women that are eligible to wear Victoria‟s Secret due totheir explicit nature. A Victoria‟s Secret audience should be an aspirer which means that the audiencerequire status which is the main reason for the audience to want to purchase the Victoria‟s Secretitems is so the audience can gain status due to owning an item from the brand “Victoria‟s Secret”.La Senza Target Audience:The La Senza target audience depends on various elements in order to be specific with theiraudience specification. The terminal age for this audience is 18+, this is because La Senza reachesout to a much younger audience than its main competitor Victoria‟s Secret. The social category of theaudience is ABC1 which means that the audience should be able to afford the items that La Senzaprovides. The post code of the audience should focus around industrial areas as this is where themain stores are located and also mail orders are quicker and easier to reach. The main age range forthis audience 16-44 years of age as the business find that targeting at a younger audience becauseLa Senza found that the younger audiences are the most frequent purchasers. A La Senza audienceshould have live under the category of an explorer, this means that the audience would want todiscover new things and La Senza provides this is in their range of underwear as it provides that newand exciting vibe in all of their products.Bravissimo Ltd Target Audience:The Bravissimo target audience depends on various elements in order to be specific with theiraudience specification. The terminal age of the audience is 21+ as this business is sophisticated andtargeted at the older women due to the nature of the underwear. The social category that thisaudience falls under is BC1C2D this means that this audience should be able to afford the Bravissimoproducts. The post code that the audience falls under is almost varied to any post code as mail orderis one of the most popular forms of purchasing Bravissimo products due to the fact that there are nostores available to the public. A Bravissimo audience should live under the category of mainstream,this means that the audience are looking for security in the product which all of their products provideas this business help large breasted women to feel comfortable and flirtatious in underwear whichcompliments them which most underwear stores don‟t.Slide 11: MarketingVictoria‟s Secret has multiple attributes that contributes to its marketing schemes. These areattributes such as annual fashion shows, catalogues, printed ads in magazines and newspapers, thesuper models and the store front.
  7. 7. Annual Fashion Show:The Victoria‟s Secret fashion show is one of the most famous fashion shows of all time. Victoria‟sSecret manages to reach over 1 billion people including their target audience, including newscoverage. For one hour the super models of Victoria‟s Secret parade around in the new collection oflingerie to advertise perhaps a new image or just a general collection.Slide 12: MarketingCatalogues:Victoria‟s Secret catalogues are more erotic than a standard magazine as their attempting to presentthe best from their range of underwear collection. Over 390 million copies of the Victoria‟s Secretcatalogue are distributed in the US alone, this provides the target audience with a personal shoppingcatalogue which is delivered to their door, and this helps to build a relationship between the client andthe customer.Slide 13: MarketingPrint Ads in Magazines and Newspapers:Victoria‟s Secret doesn‟t spend on internet and television advertisements; it is put into their magazineand newspaper advertisements. Newspaper and magazine adverts are the most reliable whenattempting to reach a wide audience, in particular, Victoria‟s Secret targets other magazines whichtheir target audiences purchase on a regular basis, these are magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan.Slide 14: MarketingThe Supermodels:Victoria‟s Secret is one of the highest rated businesses that have the widest selection of the world‟smost famous super models to promote their collections. Victoria‟s Secret models are rated for theirbeauty and their respect in the modelling industry; this helps the consumers to believe that the modelsrepresent the business which is beauty and class.Slide 15: MarketingStore Front:Store interiors are one of the most important attributes in keeping up appearances of a business, theappearance of high quality and up market fashion for women. The wallpaper is a soft pink which helpsto promote a soft, feminine environment; the female shoppers should feel comfortable walking into the
  8. 8. store and walking out with their white and pink striped bags. The presence of valet parking at asprinkling of stores confirms that Victoria‟s Secret markets to high fashion and quality.Slide 16: MarketingLa Senza has multiple attributes that contributes to its marketing schemes. These are the attributesthat will contribute to the marketing and promotion scheme; Clothes Show London, price, product,place, promotion, people, process and the physical evidence.Clothes Show London:The Clothes Show London has shown that over 50,000 women are expected to attend the eventwhich is run over a total of 3 days. During the Clothes Show London, Victoria‟s Secret will also makean appearance which means that Limited Brands Ltd will be one of the most talked about businessesof the entire show. The catwalk show has been arranged to include some new designers that will besponsored through some confirmed magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Woman and Home whichmeans La Senza and Victoria‟s Secret will have improved chances on being sponsored.Slide 17: MarketingPrice:La Senza is one of the cheapest in its marketing sector, while some of their competitors have anaverage bra cost of £140 whereas La Senza sits around the average bra sale being £20. This pricerange has been calculated to able to make the brand more affordable so that the target audiencescan grow even more so than if the price was similar to competitors. This is also so that La Senza canmake an even greater profit compared to its competitors.Product:The product is simply the underwear, in order for the product to be marketed sufficiently somechanges needed to made in order to keep interest in the business and the products. These arechanges such as re-branding, spokeswomen swaps and targeted advertisements.Place:There are multiple stores across the UK; La Senza already has a strong presence amongst the highstreet. As there are underwear departments in most stores in the high street, there is a lot ofcompetition. Enhancing the advertisement and changing the appearance of the shop will helpconsumers to choose the dedicated underwear stores over the other competitors.Promotion:Communication to the customers is vital; this is done through viral promotions such as Facebook,Twitter etc. La Senza‟s own website and magazine advertisements. These are all good forms of
  9. 9. converting the message to the potential customers and target audience. All their other promotionalideas are generated into the Clothes Show London and London Fashion Week where the exposure oftheir business is at its peak.Process:La Senza provide a bra fitting service in their stores, this is an opportunity for customers to purchasethe correct bra and a high quality bra and the matching briefs. There are no other forms of processthat La Senza take in order to improve the process of sale apart from receiving customer feedbackwhich could be a potential process.Slide 18: MarketingBravissimo Ltd is a new business into the lingerie market which provides an abstract service forcustomers which is uncommon in most lingerie businesses. Bravissimo used exhibitions andconferences to attract the media and get extensive press coverage. There are multiple processes thatBravissimo used to become more recognised in the public eye such as sponsoring, making speechesto the public at certain exhibitions where their target audience will be located, doing product demosand inviting VIP guests to a product launch.Bravissimo Ltd then pushed on to organise an open day for their business where target customerswere invited to a hands on demonstration of the products, organised a special sale, held an auction toraise money for charity and invited special guests to attract media attention and coverage.Slide 22: Internet AdvertisingText: the text in this internet screen shot of the Victoria‟s Secret official website is professional andoutstanding behind the background as the text is white whereas the background consists of darkercolours. The text is also short and bold so that the target audience are attracted to the deals andinformation provided on the website.Colours: the colours on this website are blue, white and black which are the colour scheme for thenew winter collection from the brand. The background is a mixture of shades of blue, the model isbright and wearing elements of white and purple and the information sections are in black.Images: the images included in this website are the main image which is a model advertising the newwinter collection which added props to advertise the collection even more. The other images involvedare other models advertising the other elements that the website has to offer to the audience.Slide 23: Internet Advertising
  10. 10. Text: the text in this website is professional and feminine which therefore does advertise to womenand promotes the business as being feminine and professional. The text is also basic and bold whichstands out to the target audience and helps the items of information to be acknowledged.Colours: the colours in this website are revolved around electric pink and multiple other colours thatcomplement the electric pink on the website to use for titles and background colours. The othercolours that help complement the electric pink are soft oranges, pinks and purples which will help thecolour coordination on the website.Images: the images on this website page are of multiple models advertising the businesses productsfrom various different sectors of that business. The main image on the page is advertising the newwinter collection of products through using a model wearing the new collection and including coloursthat relate to winter to also include with the winter collection.Slide 24: Internet AdvertisingText: the text on this website is rather small although short so the customer will read the smaller textbut might not notice it as well because it is not bold and outstanding to the audience. The text is alsorandom and mixed together with other fonts to represent that the business is diverse in sizes andwomen which makes the audience more accepted.Colours: the colours on this website revolve around the block colour purple, there are also othercolours that revolve around the main colour purple such as pale pinks and soft moves whichcomplement the colour purple on this website and helps to bring out the femininity of the website andbrand.Images: the images on this website are limited apart from the main image on the page which is amodel representing and advertising the new winter collection from that brand. The image also has useof the colours used in the colour scheme of the website.Slide 25: Logos Colour: the colours used in this logo is pink and black, the pink background is a pale pink which is a stereotypical women‟s colour and also a more sophisticated pink which projects that the brand is of a sophisticated and professional standard. The black colouring in the font is used so that the brand name stands out from the back ground.
  11. 11. Font: the font used in this logo is feminine just as the colours which is to show again that the brand isfor women, the font has light shapes which represents that the brand is for women of a delicate andpetite shape.Text: the text used in this logo is “Victoria‟s Secret”, “Victoria” is a women‟s name which couldrepresent either the designer or the audience that this brand targets. “Secret” could represent thatwomen‟s underwear should be a secret and not be displayed as fashion item.La Senza: Colour: the colours used in this logo is electric pink and jet black, the jet black background helps the colour in the font to stand out and not merge with the background. The electric pink represents that the brand is more new, updated and for the younger generation.Font: the font used in this logo is curvy and long perhaps to represent the new age range that “LaSenza” brings to the market of women‟s underwear. The font also appears to be retro which alsorepresents the younger age generation that this business brings to the market.Text: the text used in this logo is “La Senza”, “La” means “feminine” and “Senza” translates to“without”. This could mean that the brand name represents that without “La Senza” there is nofemininity to the clothes and underwear that the target audience wears unless the customerpurchases “La Senza” products.Bravissimo: Colour: the colours involved in this logo is black and white which are also known as shades. The white background helps the font to stand out in the logo and also presents a professional aspect to the logo. Where the black colour is used in the font it helps to push the logo into looking even more professional and mature than with a colour such as pink or blue.Font: the font used in this logo is curvy and wide which represnts that the brand is more for the plussized woman which appears to be the target audience for this business. The font is also curvy in afeminine form which helps the font to not just be professional but also feminine.Text: the text used in this logo is “Bravissimo” which is a term to express great approval, especially ofa perfomance. This could mean that the brand is attempting to sell their products as a great
  12. 12. performance clothing item for the larger woman which could be in terms of support and structure ofthe products.Slide 26: ConclusionTo conclude the question “How does the marketing of women‟s underwear affect the Great BritishPublic?” I had researched three different businesses that had the same aim. These businesses are“Victoria‟s Secret” a more high reputation and classy business, “La Senza” a more erotic andadventurous business and “Bravissimo” a more sensible and practical business, each of thesebusinesses has one thing in common, selling underwear.Victoria‟s Secret are a classy and high class business that sells underwear to multiple differentaudiences, the average audience in the high street have been researched and questioned on whetherthe average woman would purchase products from Victoria‟s Secret, the answer is yes if the brandwas affordable then each average woman would want to purchase from their collections although dueto their high price products women can hope that their husbands will purchase them one set ofunderwear from Victoria‟s Secret for Valentine‟s Day. The average woman cannot afford luxuries suchas Victoria‟s Secret but when it is advertised the women see a slim petite model wearing hundreds ofpounds worth of underwear it forces women to feel uncomfortable and wishful that the model could bethem at some point in their life, this could be the reason for the multiple anorexic children as theadverts alone is pressure to be skinnier and beautiful like the supermodels in the adverts.La Senza is an erotic and adventurous business that has started advertising for the youngergeneration and therefore due to the aluminous pink lettering and erotic displays of underwear, theolder generations feel uncomfortable and dismiss that business as an underwear shop worthpurchasing from. The younger generation are drawn in from the plasticised models and their peersexpressing their love for the models and the underwear means that the younger generation arepressurised even more to purchasing the underwear from that particular store. As the average womancan afford this brand means that this business has a wide audience but that is decreasing due to theiradvertisements becoming a younger attraction.Bravissimo is a sensible and practical business that has started off as a small business but isgrowing, from their advertisements it is clear that Bravissimo is for the average woman that is not asize 6 and rich. This means that through using plus models that still look beautiful as a plus size andstill looking fabulous in underwear means that the average woman is comfortable to purchase theirunderwear and comfortable to wear the underwear that is designed from this business as throughtheir advertisements you can tell that the underwear can make you feel glamorous but is also practicalunderwear as the average woman is a worker, mother, student etc.
  13. 13. To conclude the question of how does the marketing of women‟s underwear affect the public? Thesimple answer is that the up market businesses such as Victoria‟s Secret make the average womenfeel insecure about their looks but on the other hand makes them desire the brand. The more averagehigh street brands such as La Senza make women feel that it is an affordable brand although for mostof the average women it is too exotic and inappropriate for most ages. The more down to earthbusinesses such as Bravissimo make women feel comfortable and secure about themselves due totheir welcoming nature. Altogether, the more down to earth businesses such as Bravissimo will be theup and coming business that will over run the other brands such as Victoria‟s Secret and La Senzadue to their welcome nature and promotion of being a healthy average woman.