Image Analysis


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Image Analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of Images• Image OneIn this image the couple seem to be happy together and enjoying each others presence which quotesthe title of the film “Love Happens”. With Jennifer Aniston you can see that the hair is natural and wavyand as for her make up, it is a limited amount to make her look much more genuine.• Image TwoIn this image you can see just Jennifer Aniston considering thoughts as an expression which relatesback to the title of the film “The Break-Up”, once again sporting the wavy and natural hair with also alack of make up to make her appear more genuine.• Image ThreeIn this image you can see a business man who is happy and content with Jennifer Aniston who isdressed more freely and pampering the business man in the film “Along Came Polly”. Once again themain comparison with these three images is that in all of them Jennifer Aniston has natural hair withnatural make up. This is perhaps to connect with the women of the audience to promote that whathappens in the film has happened to other women.