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Finished Product


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Published in: Business
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Finished Product

  1. 1. Finished ProductThe finished product should have certain qualities; this evaluation will reflect on the items that itshould include in order being a successful digi pack. The first quality of the product should be aboutthe purpose, for instance, does it behave like a digi pack? Well the answer is yes it does due to theaudience response of the product which means that it has so far achieved the products purpose ofbeing a digi pack.Another quality of the product is will it fit into the market? The digi pack is similar to the other productsalthough the genre is unique although once again due to the audience responses, the product wouldfit into the market due to the fact that the audience would purchase the product and wouldrecommend the product to a friend.Another quality of the product should be all about the quality and to be honest the product isn’t of thehighest quality because the editing of the product was rushed which means that the image is of a highquality although the writing and other items were rushed in the editing process which let down thequality of the completed product.I feel that from this process I have learnt a lot of skills and knowledge. I have learnt more about themusic industry and what it takes just to be able to create the digi pack let alone all the otherprocesses you would need to go through in order to make an album or single successful in the musicindustry.