Design Origination


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Design Origination

  1. 1. DESIGN ORIGINATION Erika Louise Tolputt
  2. 2. DESIGN ONE This first design was part of a class activity in which we were given an image and text and had to place them together inshape of a poster which helped to inspire the sort of design and positioning that I would like to use within the digi pack. The inspiration that I would use from this design is that thecolours are all coordinated and the font suits the atmosphere of the image and the positioning of the text suits the image.
  3. 3. DESIGN TWO This design was created through a band coming into our class to talk to us about their band and that their group needed a new design for their album which was our task. The brief of the task was that you needed to use their style of music with their name and use other creative elements that will relate to the topic and help make the digi pack more creative. The inspiration I would take from this design is the use of black and white scale with bright and bold fonts with a slight hint of colour which helps the design look more creative.