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Chosen Idea

  1. 1. Chosen Idea Main Stream Boy BandI chose this idea as from the feedback from an audience it is shown that 64% of the audience foundthat they would like to hear a new single from a main stream boy band over other genres, for thosereasons I have chosen to create a digi pack for a main stream boy band. The main idea for the mainstream boy band digi pack is to use the album name “Home At Last” which is also the name of themain single that is featured on the album of the boy band, the boy band’s name being “Video Boy”which will be featured on the digi pack along with the name of the album.Cost Considerations: Material Quantity Cost Photoshop 1 N/A Camera 1 £99 Model 1 £50 per hour CD Cover 1 £4.99 Printing Costs 4 £15p per pageAudience:The audience for this digi pack is to be an audience that is interested in listening to main streammusic and listen to more acoustic versions so the age range could be from as young as 15 up to theage of around 50 years old. The typical gender that would listen to this genre of music is unisex whichmeans both sexes are targeted, the reason for this is the music is main stream which means it’s amain feature on radio and television etc.Target Market:I feel that this digi pack will fit into the market of music where the genre is main stream; it could alsobe moved into the main stream segment if the single reaches the charts which is potential. The digipack cover will help to represent the contents of the songs and the style of the artist; there are notartists out at the moment that are releasing tracks along these lines so therefore I do see a gap in themarket for this particular genre of music.Legal and Ethical Issues:The legal issues that might be faced within this project is that there could be an issue with copyright,for instance the name of the song or the structure of the digi pack might be conflicting with anotheralbum cover or the name of a produced song which has been copyrighted.
  2. 2. The ethical issues that might be faced within this project is that a particular audience could feel thatthe song is inappropriate in some manor and if this were to happen then the song lyrics might need tobe changed so both the possible legal and ethical issues need to be avoided so that neither of thesethings occur during the project as this could cost time and money.