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  1. 1. Features of Qualitative Research:- The aim of qualitative research is to be able to get a complete and descriptive section of information.- The researcher will have a small understanding of their objective in the project and will need more detailed information.- This is the most common method of researching when at the beginning of the project with no knowledge of the product of service.- This data is in the form of words, pictures and objects.- Qualitative data is less efficient and harder to generalise for use. Example: “Memorable and Great Chick Flicks”Why is Qualitative Research important?Qualitative research is important to students as this is the initial form of research when beginning aproject as the students could have a lack of knowledge on their topic and therefore this method ofresearch means that the students can see through documents and context on their topics to helpthem gain more knowledge.
  2. 2. Features of Quantitative Research:- The aim of quantitative research is to be able to help explain or present your findings when researching into a particular topic- The researcher already has a clear understanding of their objective and will find the basic information needed using quantitative research.- This is a common research method when beginning a project to gain some information and understanding of the topic.- The data is in the form of numbers and statistics.- Quantitative data is more efficient although it is not descriptive enough as it lacks text. Example: “MPAA Statistics: Who Goes to the Movies?”Why is Quantitative Research important?This method of research is important to students as this helps them to gain a full understanding oftheir topic and this is shown through graphs, numbers and statistics. This method also helps studentsto back up their own documents on the topic.
  3. 3. Primary Research:There are some common primary research techniques such as observations, questionnaires, surveys,focus groups, audience panels and participation in viral questionnaires. Example: “What’s your favourite type of movie?”Why is Primary Research important?Primary is an important method of research as this means that your results from your chosen methodis reliable and means that you aren’t breaking any copyright laws or needing to reference yourfindings, this means that this is a more reliable form of research although it is not time or cost efficient.Secondary Research:There are some common secondary research methods such as books, journals, reference basedbooks, periodicals, newspapers, film archives, photo libraries, worldwide web, searching internetforums, CD ROM databases, audio material, ratings, government statistics.
  4. 4. Example: “Prepare for a new chick flick migration”Why is Secondary Research important?Secondary Research is important as it already provides the information that you could be looking for,although the information is not reliable and could be more opinionated than fact or could even be bias.Even though you could face difficulty with referencing and copyright, it is a more time and costefficient form of research.Data Gathering Agencies:Market Research analyses data about a particular target market, competition or environment. Thisform of research will usually include both primary and secondary research in order to be able tocollect all the necessary data, the purpose of this is so that a market research project has anincreased understanding of the subject. Example: “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at CSA: Mapping Future Collaborations and Data Gathering”
  5. 5. Why is Data Gathering Agencies important?Data Gathering is an important method of research as it relates to primary research which means thatwhen collecting the data, you already have a clear understanding that your source is reliable. Thisform of research also relates to audience research as you’re receiving feedback from audiences sothat you can decide on your target audience and on a small scale how successful your product orservice is.Research Board:(BARB) The Broadcasters Audience Research Board shows different forms in which audiences havebeen recorded in terms of broadcasting on either the radio or television. Example: “Weekly Viewing Summary”Why is BARB important?The Broadcasters Audience Research Board is an important method of research as when deciding toadvertise a product or service, one of the forms of advertising could be radio or television as these arethe most popular. This research method will help a student to depict which station should advertisetheir product or service and to gain a rough idea as to the volume of their target audience they areaffecting.
  6. 6. Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd:(RAJAR) Radio Joint Audience Research Limited was formed to operate a single audiencemeasurement for the radio industry, this means that this business is tracking one particular targetaudience in order to get a more specific reading that BARB. Example: “All individuals 15+ for period ending December 2011”Why is RAJAR important?Radio Joint Audience Research Limited is an important method of research due to the fact that it is amore specific form of discovering the percentage of your target audience to your advertising which willgive an advantage of knowing the most effective advertisement process.Self-Generated:Self-Generated research means that the information comes directly from yourself, so in other terms afact that you know through experience or previous knowledge which means you don’t have toresearch in order to know the fact.
  7. 7. Example: Study 4: Questions, Anchors and ResultsWhy is Self-Generated important?Self-Generated research is important because it proves that you have knowledge over a topic and didnot need to reference the information because you had a full understanding and didn’t read theinformation from another source. This is different to primary research as it still needs to be researchedbut not for self-generated information.Audience Research:In the beginning stages of a project, researching audiences is used to learn about potential targetaudiences for the project or topic. This means that you can use audience research in order todiscover who is to be the target audience and how specific that audience is. Example: “Youth Tribe Audience Research”
  8. 8. Why is Audience Research important?Audience Research is important as it will depict your target audience so that the student could gain afull understanding of their target audience and what their target audience requires in order for theirproduct or service to be successful.Market Research:Market Research is an effort to gather information about markets and customers; it is an importantcomponent in a project because the student is attempting to discover where their product or servicefits into the market and which market. Example: Market ResearchWhy is Market Research important?Market Research is an important form of research as the student would need to discover whichcategory their product or service would fit into, and this will also help depict his target audience evenmore so than just through audience research.
  9. 9. Production Research:Production Research means that the student has reached the stage of completing all research andnow has the research to help with the production of the product or service. This is the stage whereafter all research has been complete, the student must decide and depict the best options from theamount of research undertaken in the beginning of the project. Thisalso means that all areas of theproduct or service need to be researched, such as other competition, legal issues, health and safetyissues etc. Example: DreamWorks, Film Production BusinessWhy is Production Research important?Production Research is important due to the fact that it is known to be the last stage in the researchchain where the student has collected all the necessary data and can now continue to producing theproduct or service. The student must also consider the legal issues and health and safety issuesthrough reading the research again to insure there is no risk of copyright when the student moves onto the production stage.