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Analysing your ComicFront CoverColoursThe colours in this front cover consist of pale brown, red, cream and hazel. All the...
GenreThe common genre is more of a horror based graphic novel; this means that there areelements of thrills and horror sce...
ImageThe main image on the front cover gives a small summative review on the outline of thegraphic novel; it is a realisti...
argue that this graphic novel does challenge the typical stereotyping in graphic novels. Thisparticular novel does this th...
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Analysis of Comic


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Analysis of Comic

  1. 1. Analysing your ComicFront CoverColoursThe colours in this front cover consist of pale brown, red, cream and hazel. All these coloursare pale and not so bright and bold, the colours used are a good coordination of colours aseach of them sink together to create a blend of colours. There are also small hints of othercolours such as pale blue and green although these colours come together to project thisfront cover as though it was created with water colours.FontThe font on the front cover of this graphic novel is basic although bold and precise. The basicfont is what leaves the space for it to be bold and simple, so the audience can clearlyunderstand the title to the graphic novel as well being captured with the boldness of the fonttitle and sub titles.Binary OppositesBinary opposite’s means are the essences of good and evil? In this front cover there aresome items that represent the good in the novel and there are also items that represent thebad in the novel. The good items are pure such as the white laced dress, white umbrella anda white bouquet of flowers which represents elegance and purity due to the nature of theitems and the white colour of each. The bad items are the blood that is laced around herdress, the zombie like structure to her face and the tomb stone that the character is climbingout of.ContentsThere is no content on the front cover to this graphic novel which lists what the focus will beabout as the main image and the title helps the audience to come to a realisation of the basisto the comic and it’s interior.ImagesThere is one image on the front cover which is the main image of the comic whichautomatically gives the impression to the audience that there is a lot of action but also a goodplot because there is a lot of mystery in the image which entails that there will be in the actualgraphic novel.
  2. 2. GenreThe common genre is more of a horror based graphic novel; this means that there areelements of thrills and horror scenes in this graphic novel which leads it to be considered ahorror. There are some elements that follow codes and conventions of a comic, the normalitems you might find are panels to separate frames, break panels to separate the frames,speech bubbles of the characters and onomatopoeia. This comic is different in the sense ofthe art form which is different from a typical comic as it is more realistic and detailedsketches, there aren’t colours involved in this comic where a normal comic would usuallyinclude lots of colours to represent emotions and atmospheres which this comic doesn’t use.There are also the difference of the narrative which means this comic uses a more oldfashioned form of communication where as a normal comic usually wouldn’t do this, the otheraspect that is dissimilar is the characters are not out of the ordinary such as the normal comicsamples such as the superhero and the villain.The normal front cover to a comic contains multiple elements such as the masthead which isthe section on the front cover that presents the title, author and other people that helped toproduce the comic; this shares the purpose of giving credit and recognition to the creatorsand supporters of the comic. The other elements include the tagline which serves its purposethrough promoting and endorsed through other companies that applauds its efforts andachievements. The strapline shares the purpose of producing a form of slogan for the comicto convince the audience to purchase the comic if the audience weren’t persuaded so far. Thefreebie that comes with a comic can tempt the audience to purchase the comic due to the freegift that is provided on purchase with the comic, this can tempt the audience that areinterested in comic collector items.The main character on the front of the comic presents the purpose that it shows who is themain focus and icon of the comic. The price is situated around the barcode on the coverwhich means that the price is a piece of information that the comic doesn’t want paraded onthe front for the audience to notice and consider over the interest of the comic. The date is notpresented in an obvious form but serves its purpose with the age so the audience understandthe age of the comic to understand how all its other elements could be presented. Thebarcode on the cover shares its purpose of the purchase so that it can be paid for and thenbelong to the customer. The internet address will serve its purpose of promoting the comicand or its author to be able to market itself more than just the purchase of the comic. A clue toits contents will help the audience to grasp an idea of what the comics contents contains sothat it could spur them to purchase the comic more than just the image and title of the comic.This specific comic contains just a simple handful of these comics such as the masthead,tagline, the main character, price, date, barcode and a clue to the contents of the comic whichare all basic elements to most comics. The front cover of this comic follows the codes andconventions of comics to a certain extent but does waver from it as the entire baseline of thecomic is rather different to a normal comic and therefore doesn’t contain the same sort ofinformation.Fonts and SizesThe font fits with the genre of the comic because the font gives the idea that the comic couldbe simpler than first expected whereas the image on the comic front cover prevails a differentimpression. The simple font on the front cover helps to simplify the comic so that it does notbecome too complex or complicated for the audience as this could promote a disinterest inthe comic.The font also appears to have straighter edges and a more professional appearance whichleaves the impression that is for targeted at adults and more of the older generation that willunderstand the ethics of this graphic novel. The font also is of a medium standard and not toooutrageous to present the impression that it is a particularly classic and aristocratic graphicnovel.
  3. 3. ImageThe main image on the front cover gives a small summative review on the outline of thegraphic novel; it is a realistic image which is common in western graphic novels. The imagefocuses around one of the main characters in the novel which supports the target audiencefor understanding the style of the graphic novel and its interior. The mise-en-scene whichmeans the items in the whole picture includes multiple items; the first item is the colouringwhich is a mixture of pale colours which blend together to create a soft colour scheme whichis coordinated in a professional light. The other items in the mise-en-scene is the maincharacter which is featured in the graphic novel, the basic facial expression of that maincharacter is plain although her outfit is peculiar which leads the focus there. The mostimportant items in this front cover are the posture of the main character which is more of aprimal posture which appears unsuitable for the character but suitable for the title of thegraphic novel.The message it delivers to its audience is that together it would seem as though some itemsdo not fit together but sometimes those pieces can produce a great piece of art, as the imageshows a range of items that are not a common mixture although in this comic it seems to fittogether. When the reader reacts in an astounded form to the comic their instincts whenpurchasing should be how the comic will open their minds to possibilities untaught of. Thecomic promises the reader that there is a surprise during the comic that was unexpected andwill change the tone of the comic and the audience.Main Character/ IconThe image expected on the front cover of a graphic novel should be of the main characterwhich is also the same situation for this front cover on this comic. The main image of the maincharacter is shown in a light where the background colours are dull and faded, where theexpressions of the main character is simple yet effective due to the deformations which aresimilar to a zombie on her face. The main character featured in this image is predominantly inthe same outfit in each series of this graphic novel, there are no extra characters with themain character although the changes made in each front cover is the position and extraelement or prop that is featured in the background of the image. The prop in each image doesremain as some sort of bad item as mentioned before although the positions are not justprimal, the positions can also be of a higher class to mix up the situation and to bring freshideas to the audience’s eyes.RepresentationThe forms of characters used in this comic are of a high class although their situation appearsdangerous and suicidal. In this comic the fashion statement for each character can give theaudience an idea of who each character is and who the main characters are. The audiencewould react in different forms depending on the audiences taste and preferred form of graphicnovel. I believe that this particular comic is not criticized for stereotyping as the charactersinvolved, including the main characters, do not portray a particular stereotype, so I would
  4. 4. argue that this graphic novel does challenge the typical stereotyping in graphic novels. Thisparticular novel does this through using uncommon characters that are not common in acomic but are common in general books which tend not to include stereotyping as much ascomics. The clothing of the characters represents an era more than forms of sexism, racismand occupations, the era signifies the women’s role and the men’s role of that time althoughthat will just represent historical facts.AudienceThe age range for this comic will be of the age of a mature adult, male or female gender asthis comic is not specific for either as it is aimed at the unisex group and it is more for theworking class and higher due to the price and ranking of the comic. The audience would readthe comic to gain a thorough understanding and cure the interest of the initial draw into thecomic when first sited. It will provide the use of widening the creative mind for the audienceand the gratifications of the understanding of the comic. The significance of the price is that itpresents the direction of the target audience as that is the group that this comic is reachingout to. One of the main reasons for targeting to a mature adult audience is so that after thecompletion of reading the comic then that person would be eligible to recommending it to afriend or collage that would ordinarily fall into the same target audience description of thecustomer that had just read it.