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Social Media Revolutionising Marketing for Business


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Social Media, Revolutionizing Marketing for Business. This is the presentation from my MBA dissertation project, from the consultancy that took place at The Yes Yes Company Ltd. The presentation demonstrates and highlights how Social Media is now playing a pivotal role within the Marketing, Public Relations as well as Search Engine Optimization fields. My approach was to explore if Traditional Marketing was more effective over Social Media.

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Social Media Revolutionising Marketing for Business

  1. 1. Social Media Revolutionizing Marketingfor Business
  2. 2. Presentation Map
  3. 3. -Founded -CertifiedOrganicPersonalLubricants -MarketSegment -Marketing
  4. 4. Traditional Marketing Social Media Marketing
  5. 5. Education Sales Increase Brand Awareness
  6. 6. Is SocialMedia a Fad? Or the biggest shift since the industrial Revolution?
  7. 7. Continued…
  8. 8. The Consultant’sApproach - Action Research - Literature
  9. 9. The Consultant’sApproach - MarketingMix - Strength &Weak Ties - MarketingConcept - Social Consumers - Bottom-Up
  10. 10. Analysis& Findings Visits toWebsite by Social Networks TrafficfromArticlesposted onSocial Networks
  11. 11. Continued… -BrandAwareness -Best Content Type -Bottom-Up Marketing
  12. 12. Conclusion Education Sales BrandAwareness
  13. 13. Increase Exposure Increased Traffic Market Insight Develop Brand Ambassadors Improve SEO Generate Leads Grow Business Partnerships Reduce Marketing Expense Improved Sales Recommendations