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EeloSoft Project Management Primer


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A Crash Course in Project Management -- Because there’s no time to read a novel and definitely no time to fumble through your next project!

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EeloSoft Project Management Primer

  1. 1. Project Management Essentials A Crash Course. Because there’s no time to read a novel and definitely no time to fumble through your next project!
  2. 2. Why Many Projects Fail Problem • It’s not clear or agreed upon what should and shouldn’t be accomplished as part of the project • Poor Communication • Poor Organization Solution • Project Charter • Project Plan + Issues List • Project Plan, Budget, Schedule
  3. 3. What Should & Shouldn’t Be Done? • Project Charter Captures Answers to this Question • Meet with Team Before Starting Project • Include anyone that can Make or Break the Project • Discuss These Topics & Document Results: – What are the key obstacles, issues, or problems that we want to overcome by executing this project? – In a positive sense, What are the Objectives of executing this project – Are there a few critical variables that could make or break the success of this project? – What will be done as part of the project? What won’t be done? – Who needs to be involved? – Are there measures/metrics that should be used to empirically gauge the success of the project? • Click the graphic for a free 1-page Excel- based Project Charter template.
  4. 4. Draft the Project Plan • Work with Team to Brainstorm & then Analyze what work needs to be Done • Use the Project Charter as an aid to keep you on-task & within Scope. • Generate a list of all work to be done – Break tasks into approx. 30min. Chunks of work – Use Common Sense to clearly define beginning & end of each task. – 30 min. is a guideline, not a hard rule • CRITICAL STEP: Assign Responsibility & Due Dates to EVERY task! – Only 1 person can be Responsible for each task. – Work with Assignee to determine reasonable deadlines & workload • This document is your Project Plan • An Excel Project Plan template is included with the EeloSoft Project Management Toolkit (purchase link at end of presentation)
  5. 5. Create Budget & Schedule • Many Simple Projects Don’t Need a formal Budget or Schedule • If you are using a Formal Budget, break it down: – Review Project Plan for product/service procurement tasks – Estimate or look for quotes on all items – Add 10% contingency for normal projects – Add more contingency for risky projects with a lot of unknowns • Schedule will follow the Project Plan deadlines & Dependencies – Document key Milestones for Management – A Gantt Chart can be used as a graphical aid for presenting Schedule & Dependencies – A Gantt Chart Template is included with the EeloSoft Project Management Toolkit
  6. 6. Execution! • Time to put the Rubber to the Road • Meet with Individual Team Members at Agreed Upon Intervals – Discuss Assignments & Any Questions – Explain that you will follow-up a few days before due dates for status updates – Maintain open communication channels & be there to help, if needed • Pay Special Attention to Critical Path Tasks & Critical Success Factors • Give Everyone ‘Read’ access, at minimum, to the Project Plan & other documents • Remember to celebrate successes!
  7. 7. Summary • I just gave you the bare essentials to successfully manage projects • Volumes have been written on the topic. – Read more if you have time – Email me if something doesn’t make sense or you want to share a success story! • The EeloSoft Project Management Toolkit is an absolute bargain! The tools included will get you up & running quickly: – Project Management Guidebook – Project Charter Template – Project Plan Template – Budget Template – Schedule Template – Free upgrades for life! • My contact Info & useful links are on the next page. • A Glossary of Terms follows that
  8. 8. EeloSoft – Making Work so Easy it’s Fun! Links • Project Management Primer • Free Project Charter • EeloSoft Project Management Toolkit Eelo’s Contact Info • Erik Lomas • • 920.226.1923 • EeloSoft Blog
  9. 9. Glossary • Assignee – Person to which a particular task or group of tasks is given Responsibility for completion • Budget – A plan that outlines which items/services will be purchased, and the amount to be spent on each. Tracks Actual vs. Planned Spend • Charter – Single Page Project Summary Document. Includes Objectives, Scope of Work, Team Members etc. • Contingency – Adding Schedule time, Budget money, or redundant tasks as a method to manage uncertainty • Critical Path – Sequence of tasks that define the minimum project Schedule • Critical Success Factors – The few considerations & events that must go well in order for the Project to succeed • Deadline – The latest time by which a task should be completed • EeloSoft Project Management Toolkit – A suite of guidebooks, templates, & other tools to aid new & veterna Project Managers. • Gantt Chart – Visual tool that demonstrates planned and actual work dates as horizontal bars on a calendar grid with dates as columns • Milestone – Action or Event that marks significant progress within the project • Project Plan – A checklist of project tasks, due dates, assignees, & other task-specific information • Responsible – Assignee that is held accountable for completion of a task. Others may complete all or a portion of the task, but only one person can be Responsible. Shared Responsibility often fails… • Schedule – Planned dates & durations for completing project tasks • Scope of Work – Definition of what will and will not be completed as part of a project. A boundary of work to be performed • Workload – The amount of work that is expected to be done by a team member or other resource