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Responsive leadership


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Slides from network meeting on Responsive Leadership and the future of work.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Responsive leadership

  1. 1. Responsive Leadership Handout 30-Aug-2016 Erik Korsvik Østergaard, Partner, Bloch&Østergaard Going to work should be nice, great, and awesome!
  2. 2. Erik Korsvik Østergaard Master of Science in Chaos theory Jazz pianist Guest lecturer on CBS Prev. Novo Nordisk and DONG Energy Leadership advisor Bloch&Østergaard ApS
  3. 3. The 30 second summary
  4. 4. Holism 1
  5. 5. Future of Work Purpose and direction Organizing Culture Innovation Leadership 5 A holistic approach
  6. 6. A new approach is needed More • People and culture • Experimentation • Complex thinking • Exception-based work Less • HR • Planning • Simplistic packaging • Job and task orientation 6 Business CEO ”CPCO” COO CIO CFO “CUXO”
  7. 7. Don’t compete on SKILLS and PRICE (Red Ocean) Focus on EFFECT and RELATIONS (Blue Ocean) New rules of the game
  8. 8. What value are you delivering? 8 Functional Saves time Simplifies Makes money Reduces risk Organizes Integrates Connects Reduces effort Avoids hassles Reduces cost Ensures quality Provides variety Has sensory appeal Informs Provides access Emotional Reduces anxiety Provides safety and trust Ensues loyalty Acknowledges me Is nostalgic Is aesthetic Has badge value Provides wellness Has therapeutic value Is fun/entertaining Is attractive Creates exitement Connects people Life changing Provides hope Enables self-actualization Motivates and engages Creates a heirloom Creates affiliation and belonging Social Impact Solves global challenges Ensures social responsibility Ensures sustainability
  9. 9. Responsiveness 2
  10. 10. 10 Efficiency, more predictable Versus Responsiveness, less predictable Profit Purpose Hierarchies Networks Controlling Empowering Planning Experimentation Privacy Transparency The Responsive Organization – what mix do you want? Source:
  11. 11. Evidence: 10 characteristics of responsive organizations Purpose and meaningfulness Relations beat skills Larger line teams Smaller project teams Everyone is a leader Followership supports leadership Step down from the Ivory Tower Listen, then decide Intense sprints Not more, but better Source: +10 clients that we’ve helped in the last few years
  12. 12. The responsive, networked organization Do you want effective silos or responsive networks? Or both?
  13. 13. Design principles of adaptable organisations What should you focus on? Source: Gary Hamel et al.: “Hackathon Report - Management Innovation eXchange” 13
  14. 14. The role and behavior of a leader 3
  15. 15. 15 Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous The world is VUCA We need experiments – we need entrepreneurs
  16. 16. Coaching and mentoring Being strategic as an entrepreneur White space management The role of the leader
  17. 17. Behaviour of a leader 17 Ensures purpose Challenges status quo Ensures delegation Values collaboration Focuses on roles and network Measures the right things Is a role model on emotional intelligence Thrives with uncertainty
  18. 18. Summary
  19. 19. The 30 second summary
  20. 20. Bloch&Østergaard Because going to work should be nice, great, and awesome 20