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Next Generation Lightning-Cable Headphones for Apple Products


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Don't believe the hype about Bluetooth headphones. Lightning cables transmit both data and power and thus provide a whole new world of "smart headphones" that is of higher quality than both wireless and the old 3.5mm cable types.

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Next Generation Lightning-Cable Headphones for Apple Products

  1. 1. LIGHTNING CANS Best Lightning Headphones
  2. 2. 2 WHO WE ARE This website exists to explore the rapidly growing sub-category of Lightning-connected headphones, monitors and earbuds. The technology and its potential make for what amounts to “smart headphones”. So, just as “smartphones” “smartwatches” and “smartglasses” are differentiated from old fashioned “normal” phones, watches and glasses, so thus are Lightning headphones. Why Does this Website Exist?
  3. 3. LIGHTNING CANS Lightning Cans is all about that ear candy...that musical delight...that joy you get when you hear your favorite song in high fidelity for the first time. Lightning Cans is a participant of the Amazon Associates affiliate program and as such include occasional links to
  4. 4. 4 BEST LIGHTNING HEADPHONES FOR NEW IPHONE MODELS some of the best headphones released specifically to work with Apple products. They are MFi certified, a.k.a “Apple-approved” and offer a variety of features not available with either old fashioned 3.5mm headphones or even new bluetooth models like the crappy “Airpods” So without further delay, here are the brightest and most clever cans currently on-market: Top Performing Lightning-port Cans for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X• Libratone Q Adapts • 1More Triple Driver • Philips Fidelio M2L • Audeze Sine • Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature READ MORE
  5. 5. 5 The FiiO i1 DAC/AMP: Much Better Than A Dongle A range of different adapters have been developed that can be inserted directly into the Lightning Port of a range of Apple devices. The FiiO i1 DAC/ 3.5 to Lightning Headphone Adapter is a fantastic example of this, coming from a company that is known best for the range of portable and desktop headphone amplifiers that they produce. DUMP YOUR DONGLE It features a seamless metal body with a matte black finish. It also has a built-in ability to detect whether you are using a pair of standard headphones or ones with built-in controls. The certification itself is Apple MFi certification, meaning that the adapter will pose no risk to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The FiiO i1 DAC/ 3.5 Lightning Headphone Adapter features a DAC, otherwise known as a digital-to-analog converter. This ensures that the audio quality produced will always be crystal clear. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS The FiiO i1 DAC/ 3.5 to Lightning Cable Adapter is a fantastic product, enabling you to keep using your favorite earphones with even the newest Apple devices. It greatly enhances the user experience and has been built to be slim enough to fit within the majority of different phone cases. It should be noted that certain cases might not have a gap wide enough for the adapter. THE LIGHTNING CANS VERDICT READ MORE
  6. 6. 6 TIDAL THE BEST MUSIC STREAMING APP FOR IPHONES? There are hundreds of different streaming services in countries all around the world. You have Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Tidal vs. Pandora ad infinitum.. Some of these services are specifically designed for particular devices, whereas others can be used on almost anything. These services are also usually owned by small companies, at least they start that way, and many, like Tidal and Apple Music go on to make heaps of money. READ MORE
  7. 7. 7 Anker Soundbuds Digital IE10 In-Ear Full Review As technology advances, the design of these devices will change change as well to adapt to the latest and greatest audio trends. Apple recently made a big decision not to include the headphone jack in the design of their iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices, making quite a ruckus in the process as consumers were understandably quite shocked. The ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 do not come with that risk, as they have been Apple MFi certified, having been made specifically for use with iOS. You can check whether an accessory like a pair of headphones if officially MFi certified by using Apple’s own “approved list” search found at . ANKER have specifically designed the ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 for use in a sporting environment. Firstly, the product is much more durable than a standard set of earphones would be. Secondly, the product features an IPX5 level of water resistance. The Lightning connectivity feature of this device is really what makes it stand out among other products. It can be used with a range of iPods, iPhones, and iPads. here are 3 different EQ modes to choose from when using the SoundBuds: balance, clear voice, and super bass. You can switch between modes easily, with just the touch of a button. READ MORE BUY FROM AMAZON
  8. 8. 8 SUMMARY The ANKER SoundBuds Digital IE10 are different. They are incredibly affordable when compared to other Apple MFi certified products, and they are even affordable when compared to other products that have not been Apple MFi certified. It’s difficult to find products that offer as many fantastic features as this one does with a similar price tag. We are big fans of lightning-powered earbuds as there are some great offerings like the JBL Reflect Aware and Libratone Q Adapts, both of which look cool AND offer active noise cancelling, but you have to pay extra for that tech.
  9. 9. WORLD’S FIRST TRIPLE DRIVER LIGHTNING EARBUDS • With the market being flooded by what are essentially different color variants of the same crappy lightning cable earbuds it is getting confusing for audio lovers to differentiate between fly-by-night schemes and good, honest consumer audio brands. • The Triple Drivers have already won a fair share of awards, earning them considerable “street cred” in the audio world. • Triple Drivers can hit frequencies between 20-40,000 Hz, which you will be hard pressed to find with other buds at this price. • Each have 3 drivers in each “bud” (totaling 6), there is also a 5-In-1 controller that lets you make phone calls, run Siri, adjust volume and change tracks without having to take your phone out of your pocket. • The design of the buds themselves is kind of an industrial-minimalist motif, with nice lightweight sandblasted finger-print-proof aluminum alloy for the housing, oblique angled silicon ear fittings for a tight fit, and a strong kevlar-cored cable for long strength. READ MORE BUY FROM AMAZON
  10. 10. 10 SUMMARY At a suggested price of $149.99 for the lightning version of these buds, factoring in all of the features mentioned above, and the simple and time-tested aluminum housing+kevlar cable design, we think 1More has a real winner on their hands with these. As a consumer, you would be VERY hard pressed to find a better balance of quality and value! One thing we are curious about though, is whether 1More plans to port their “Quad Driver” earbuds over to a lightning-connection anytime soon…as they also look absolutely stunning!
  11. 11. With the iPhone 7 Apple killed off the 3.5mm headphone port, to the dismay of many. Although anger about the move still simmers, and conspiracies, perhaps rightly so, still persist that it was a giant revenue ploy by Apple to get people to buy more dongles, it’s had one major positive impact; the forced evolution of headphone makers to embrace “smart headphones”. Pioneer has shown us what this glorious “smart” future looks like.. PIONEER’S INNOVATIVE RAYZ PLUS REVIEW Finally, Someone’s Made a Set of Truly Smart Headphones What Are Smart Headphones? Smart headphones are connected headphones that utilize new tech to bring you new and innovative features not possible with traditional, analog headphone types. This includes integrating DAC and amps directly in the headphones like Audeze does with their Sine headphones and CIPHER lightning cable. It includes the Scosche lightning adapter for Bose headphones. With Rayz you can Listen and Charge at the Same Time, Smart Controls ,6- Mic Inline Controls, In-Ear/Out-of- Ear Detection, Active Noise Cancellation and EQ App, Low Power Consumption. READ MORE BUY FROM AMAZON
  12. 12. 12 SUMMARY Overall these earbuds are impressive as hell, from the unique dual charging function, to the beautiful app, to the low power consumption considerations. These are without a doubt the most technologically advanced earbuds currently on the market for Apple users and for that reason they deserver a huge round of applause
  13. 13. 13 AUDEZE SINE LIGHTNING CANS ARE AU-MAZING Audeze Sine Headphones have attracted a whole heap of praise from influential tech reviewers would be a serious understatement. PC Mag have heralded them as “powerful, vibrant, balanced, stylish and comfortable”, while Metal-Fi, called them “outstanding” and Digital Trends quite pointedly noted their ability to overcome the limitations faced by other headphones. The Audeze Sine Headphones are putting their best foot forward with wireless tech. A super fat, heavy duty, tangle free cable that not only transmits your music losslessly to your ears but also includes a built in DAC as well. Additionally the cable includes a micr0phone for voice calls, full SIRI compatibility, built in DSP, and a dedicated EQ app to adjust your music to your taste directly from your smartphone. The Cipher cable is one of the stand out features of the Sines and a very practical application of the benefits afforded by using lightning connections instead of analog READ MORE BUY FROM AMAZON
  14. 14. 14 SUMMARY Overall the Sine's a truly unique, bringing Planar Magnetic technology and a really neat lightning cable to the table which is pretty empty in terms of direct competition. Sure the price is a little high, but factoring in all the engineering that has gone on to get incorporate these new technologies, it's actually a pretty fair price we think and if we had the cheddar, we'd drop for them in an instant.
  15. 15. 15 LIBRATONE Q ADAPT ON- EAR HEADPHONES OVERVIEW The Libratone mission is to liberate sound – a brand that’s defined by its slogan to “Adjust the world to your music”; following a number of audio products that have won them awards and grabbed them plenty of attention, they’re now moving into the realm of personal audio. The brand new, Bluetooth Q Adapt earphones are their flagship product – a first of what may well be a long line of products that aim to re-define the status quo for audio enthusiasts. The world of iPhone 7 headphone options is looking truly bright indeed.. The design of this product owes much to the Scandinavian heritage of the three entrepreneurs behind the brand . READ MORE BUY FROM AMAZON
  16. 16. 16 SUMMARY Overall the Q Adapt On-ears are some of the most innovative Bluetooth headphones on the market. While the punch and frequency response may not be the same as cans from audiophile brands, the Q Adapts make up for it with insanely slick styling and design.
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