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Sirikt 2013


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Presentation in the track Challenges on Sirikt 2013, May 16.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Sirikt 2013

  1. 1. Goedemiddag collegas.Fijn jullie te mogen ontmoetenDrs. E.D. (Erik) Bolhuis Windesheim UniversityPozdravljeni kolegi.Lepo vas je spoznati vasLepo vas je spoznati vasGood afternoon colleagues.Nice to meet youyou
  2. 2. CongratulationsYou’re in the top ofICT rankings!ICT rankings!ICT rankings!
  3. 3. 7
  4. 4. Food forthought
  5. 5. • Liao & Hao (2008) concluded, based on 44 meta-analyses(30 f2f-studies and 14 distance education, 1376 + 968studies) that on cognitive aspects .29 effect and .06effect on affective aspects• Means et al. (2010) based on 176 studies (k-12, 99studies with an (quasi) experimental design): students inonline conditions performed better (overall effect size.20). Instruction combine f2f with online is better thanonly online (.35). Effect size was larger where studentswork corraboratively. The results appears quite broadacross different content and learner types• Higgins (2003): “[t]here is evidence from research thatICT can help pupils to learn and teachers to teach moreeffectively. However there is not a simplemessage in such evidence that ICT willmake a difference simply by beingused. Findings suggest that although ICT can improvelearning there are a number of issues that need to beconsidered if such technology is going to make adifference”
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Ziggy: interactive trigonometry
  8. 8. TCP
  9. 9. Research1. Experimental and control group ( N = 54/45)2. Pre-test - post-test design3. It makes no difference
  10. 10. What doe we learn fromUbersence en Ziggy?1. Deepen: It’s not the app that enhancelearning, so schools/teachers have toconstruct knowledge about how ICTenhance learning (context matters)2. Broaden: We have to develop newstrategies to reach all those colleagues whoignore ICT or use ICT superficial
  11. 11. How?1. Deepen: Learning communities in andoutside the schools. Old school and newschool like coursera..2. Broaden: Keep on speaking terms... Whatstories from the Sirikt do you spread?
  12. 12. How do we reach colleagues who ignore ICT?
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