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Baumann, Erik Resume 1


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Baumann, Erik Resume 1

  1. 1. Erik Baumann 3183 Lansdown Court, Pleasanton, California 94588 Cell (510)754-8298 Summary: I’m a self motivated leader with 19+ years experience in a high technology manufacturing/R&D environment. Major strengths include equipment repair on electrical, precision mechanical, robotics/motion control and pneumatics. When I approach a job/task I always keep safety and quality in mind. Skills include: High Vacuum Systems Leak Detection Residual Gas Analysis Precision Mechanical Robotics/Motion Control Pneumatics & Plumbing/Cooling RF/Plasma Systems DC Power Systems Electrostatic Chucks Digital Multi-Meter Oscilloscope Schematic Diagrams Soldering MIG/TIG Welding Precision QC tools Thermocouples/Temp Control Equipment Interface Software LEAN Manufacturing Statistical Process Control HPM Methodology MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint Extensive Safety Training Breathing Air (SCBA) Experience: FormFactor, Livermore, California. Sr. Principal Equipment Engineer. Oct-2011- Present Equipment Owner for over 50 major pieces of equipment in our Livermore Assembly and test facility. I also have ownership of over 100 pieces of Ancillary equipment. I am the only equipment engineer for all of A&T since December of 2014. • Responsible for setting up Maintenance PM Schedules and procedures. • Responsible for maintaining and creating all work instructions relating to maintenance activities. • Coordinate vendor support for issues we cannot resolve and PMs that we cannot support. (Nikon calibration, JMAR calibration, TDR calibration.) • Equipment improvement: o Pareto equipment down events to drive action where needed. Focusing on PWX as it has the most down events. This has caused action for the Post down events which led to the development of the YAG laser clean. This also led to a redesign of the MB rails to reduce down events due to flip issues. Yokagawa arc tip response. No arced tips since the switches were installed on the MBs and procedures were updated. • Equipment Upgrades: o Things like the TDR ergo upgrade I am working on. o Any possible upgrades to machines that the Manufacturing Engineers need to improve the Process or provide more Process capability. (Chiller upgrades, ITC LOT plate for KOA, ect.) • Equipment Install/Removal:
  2. 2. Erik Baumann 3183 Lansdown Court, Pleasanton, California 94588 Cell (510)754-8298 o Fab layout design and approval. o Facilities work requests for required items. (Power, vacuum, OFA, Seismic bracing, rigging, ect.) • Equipment Monitoring (SPC): o Currently collecting data Monthly for PWX and TDR.  TDR has OCAPs in place but we still need to establish fixed limits once we collect enough data. • New Equipment Procurement: o Responsible for providing Capitol Approval Requests and Justification for new capital equipment purchases. • Tooling: o Main contact for all tooling requests. o Work with the tooling group to design and manufacture all specialized tooling and fixtures. • Financial Responsibilities: o Fixed Asset Impairment review, CIP Status review. (Audits by Finance.) o Small purchases. <$1K per purchase, up to $10K per month. (P- Card)  Responsible for reconciling each purchase to the correct department each month as well as handing in an expense report. • Managerial Duties: o Acting manager for our 3 on shift Equipment Technicians.  Time card management and approval.  PTO and floating holiday approval.  Responsible for yearly reviews. Solyndra LLC, Fremont, California. Equipment Engineer June 2011- Oct 2011 Started a new job as an equipment engineer primarily on the CIGS tools. I crossed over to the other vacuum tools as my primary responsibilities (Ropes/Translation and substraight heating) were applicable on all the vacuum tool sets. • Was selected to remain with the company after its announcement that it was closing its doors. I am currently working on placing the tools in a safe state as well as some minor decontamination. • Participated in many of the cross functional teams between equipment engineering, process, defects, and the design team. • Practiced the methodology of PTI and SQVC. Proficient people with procedures that have the right Tooling including jigs and fixtures, with the Inventory of parts when needed will be a successful team. Always keeping in mind Safety, Quality, Velocity, and Cost. • Owned the checklists the technicians used to perform turns on the CIGS tools. I made edits to may sections of the checklist including best known vacuum practices and various changes to several of the sub systems checklists. • Worked with the quality group to resolve issues with suppliers for fiber optic cables and wire heaters. • Worked with the software group to resolve an issue on the CIGS tools with a heater counter. We discovered the counter was not working so I had to look through all the past turns to see when the counter stopped working and then manually calculate the actual hours. This affected several tools and I had to track them for several weeks to get the heaters changed that were overdue. • Was responsible for setting up and presenting the weeks hardware changes for the CIGS tools to upper management. • Ran experiments on a fixture I helped build to test new wire rope designs which we use to rotate the tubes while coating. • Created a BOM for the Zone heaters as well as added some parts to the Selenium Absorption Cell BOM.
  3. 3. Erik Baumann 3183 Lansdown Court, Pleasanton, California 94588 Cell (510)754-8298 Master Maintenance Technician Jan 2010-June 2011 Started training to be a CIGS Lead which I quickly picked up and started leading turns (PMs) on my own within a few weeks. In the beginning I was performing the maintenance on the rope drive as well as leading the turn. • As the Lead of the CIGS turn crew I am responsible for the various tasks of 8-14 technicians from the time the tool is handed to me from the pilot until I hand the tool back to the pilot ready for production. • Responsible for coordinating all the tasks (Automation, Ropes, LILO (reflectomitry), Crucibles, Tables, EIES, Flap Valves and VAT valves) throughout the turn providing whatever support is needed including parts and technical support. • Consistently attended the Ropes and CIGS Leads HPM meetings and have been a major contributor for procedures and policies within these teams. • Used my welding skills to save the company money. I recently repaired several shields and shutters for the EIES group saving them from having to purchase $6K in new parts. • Used my welding skills to build 2 different types of specialized T-handles to help with 2 different tasks. (Turbo baffle replacement and Se crucible removal) I also designed and built the fitting for the Se fill allowing us to use the house vacuum to more efficiently fill the Se. • Helped to draft a new procedure for filling the Se crucibles and I designed and built the fitting making it possible to use the house vacuum to draw the pellets into the crucible. Equipment Maintenance Technician Sept 2009-Jan 2010 Started off in this new company learning the translation system (Ropes) of the Solyndra Vacuum tools as well as the Von Ardenne system. • This is a system of pulleys and wire ropes to translate a carrier with tubes through the tool and spin the glass tubes at the same time. It is a very mechanical system to maintain. • Certified to maintain the rope drive in 6 weeks and I quickly took the lead whenever maintenance was required on this system. • Learned how to service and adjust the Flap valves. The adjustment can be quite a task but I am able to do adjustment with no difficulty. Intel Corporation, California Technology & Manufacturing, D2 Fab Plant, Santa Clara, California Engineering Tech, PVD Group, D2 Thin Films Engineering Dept. Beginning of 2009-Aug 2009 Co-lead the safe defacilitization, decontamination and demolition of 12 AMAT 5500 Endura PVD/MOCVD tools to convert to a formal safe/resale state as part of the D2 fab plant closure preparation. • Following strict tool-specific guidelines and general fab shutdown procedures to achieve safe state of all tools in the group with injury-free results. Key contributor to the critical tool-specific shutdown procedure. • Driving and leading day-to-day activity prioritization for 4 shifts of toolset technicians. Removing atypical road blocks ahead of scheduled activities to keep shutdown momentum moving to achieve tight shutdown schedule. • Coordinating and working with various trades and support groups (Gas Pad Techs, Facilities (plumbing) Techs, Electricians, Safety Team, etc.) to ensure proper shutdown, defacilitization and formal inspection/safe state sign-off and documentation. Equipment Coordinator, PVD Group, D2 Operations Dept. 2001-2008 As PVD shift leader, prioritized and coordinated the daily maintenance and operational activities of 6 equipment and operations technicians supporting 15 AMAT 5500 Endura high vacuum sputter tools, engineering (technical development) support requests and all associated PVD module activities. • Responsible for achieving and sustaining optimized performance of $45 million worth of capital equipment. • Deep expertise (recognized across Intel's "virtual factory" (VF) - at sister factories in the US and abroad) on the AMAT Endura 5500 toolset and with many manufacturing and experimental/pathfinding process chamber configurations. • Lead tech maintaining developmental Anelva C-1700 co-sputtering system, used for materials characterization for technology pathfinding. • Extensive precision mechanical, electrical, robotic/motion control and DC/RF system troubleshooting. Led many successful SWAT teams for equipment and defect excursions and extended tool downs. • Primary technical resource to PVD Engineering group and key contributor for many equipment development and qualification projects. (Frequently allocated to PVD Eng Group with split Eng and EC duties.) • Lead tech on many tool conversion projects throughout the evolution of Intel flash memory, logic, chipset and phase-change memory technologies, including 250, 180, 130, 90, 65, 45 and 32nm technology nodes. • Co-designed RF sputter chamber to provide the Phase-Change Memory Eng group with the capability to deposit chalcogenide films, including making the chamber work with the existing Applied Materials software. • Implemented DC pulse sputtering chambers for sputtering non-conductive target materials. Included integration of the pulser to the chamber safety interlocks and modifications to the power delivery system. • Implemented a cost saving strategy for an etch chamber development project, resulting in $16K savings. • Wrote and edited many specialized equipment preventative maintenance and troubleshooting procedures to improve equipment/toolset performance and maximize tool up-time, utilized across the Intel VF. • Chaired the joint Eng-Tech PM Team and HPM (High Precision Maintenance) program, resulting in significant improvements in mfg. constraint tool availability, PM quality, and cost/manpower reduction across all shifts.
  4. 4. Erik Baumann 3183 Lansdown Court, Pleasanton, California 94588 Cell (510)754-8298 • Trained over 50 technicians, engineers and operators across the VF in PM and troubleshooting methods and ensured they met all training certification requirements. Manufacturing Equipment Technician, PVD Group, D2 Operations Dept. 1995-2001 Led equipment maintenance, repairs, training and improvements on various Thin Films equipment. • Performed equipment maintenance for the AMAT 5500 toolset; edited the toolset specs and PM checklists. • Led equipment repair, troubleshooting and recovery quals to maintain high manufacturing up-time statistics. • Led technician training and certification. • Developed/piloted numerous process/hardware upgrades, improving run rate and tool performance reliability. • Supported engineering development projects and toolset conversions. • Chaired the Station Improvement Team and owned PM scheduling for all shifts. Represented D2 to the VF Equipment Improvement Team. Education: Associate of Science, Electronics Heald College, Hayward, CA Specific Equipment Training • Applied Materials 5500 System 1, 2 and 3 maintenance • Applied Materials Copper Barrier-Seed Process/maintenance • Applied Materials 5500 Advanced Troubleshooting • High Precision Maintenance • Solyndra CIGS equipment. (Ropes, Crucibles, Tables, LILO, XRF, Raman, TTS, Conveyor systems.) • Solyndra Sputter equipment. (Rotary targets.) Awards: • Various Intel Spontaneous Recognition, Manufacturing Excellence and Thin Films Engineering Department Awards for key problem solving, cost saving, engineering development support, module performance improvements and safety role-modeling. References: Available upon request.