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What is blended learning?


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Blended learning is not a new concept. Better and more affordable software solutions, like G Suite for Education, and improved internet access means more educational organisations are implementing blended learning solutions. Blended and elearning isn’t ‘good’ just because it is digital; it needs to meet student needs and learning goals.

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What is blended learning?

  1. 1. What is blended learning? By Erifili Davis Google Certified Educator, Level 1
  2. 2. Blended learning: a definition A formal education program in which a student learns: ● at least in part through online learning, with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace. ● at least in part in a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home.
  3. 3. Blended learning is not 'good' just because it's blended. You need to consider sound pedagogical principles for any learning experiences.
  4. 4. What are the elements of QUALITY blended learning? student ownership personalised mastery based relationships From: Key Elements of the Student Experience. (2015, November 21). Lecture presented at Blended Learning: Personalizing Education for Students, Coursera MOOC. Created: E. Davis, CC BY-ND 3.0 AU
  5. 5. Benefits of QUALITY blended learning Student focused and driven. Multi-modal. Allows students to work at their own pace. Opportunities to collaborate. Monitor student progress.
  6. 6. Some blended learning models Flipped classroom Station rotation Flex model
  7. 7. Flipped classroom Content and instruction is delivered to the student online, usually at home. Teacher guided practice and projects are undertaken at the brick and mortar learning environment. What a flipped classroom looks like
  8. 8. Station rotation Students rotate at fixed time intervals to different learning stations within the classroom. Stations may include: Small group, teacher led instruction. Online learning. Collaborative projects. Lab rotation is similar with the class What station rotation looks like
  9. 9. Flex model Online learning forms the backbone of the flex model. Each student has a personalised learning plan that is optimised for the students needs. The teacher provides face-to- face and online support as needed. What the flex model looks like
  10. 10. The right software tools Software tools to support blended learning are evolving and it is fair to say 'we're not there yet' as far as a single, holistic solution goes.
  11. 11. G Suite for Education provides a range of free solutions to help educators implement blended learning.
  12. 12. To find out more, visit: Easy blended learning with Google Apps 4 Google tools to get you started
  13. 13. About Erifili Davis My passion is education for social justice and the possibilities of educational technology to positively transform the educational experience for all Australians. Find me online