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Tamana Eri Iwashita


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Tamana Eri Iwashita

  1. 1. TAMANA Eri Iwashita
  2. 2. Tamana city It is north in Kumamoto prefecture in Japan
  3. 3. Tamana noodles It is popular in Tamana. You can eat noodles many shops.
  4. 4. HOT SPRING!!! There are many kinds of hot spring in Tamana Many tourists come here Hot spring for foot!! Everyone can enter free
  5. 5. EVENTS A fireworks display is very popular in Tamana. A big straw rice bag festival stamp rally of chinese noodles
  6. 6. An observation desk of Tamana You can see Ariake sea from here. It is complex shape.
  7. 7. Kyuukan University There is a University of Kyuukan in Tamana Recently, a school festival was geld and Gyarusone came there
  8. 8. My station It looks very old but I think it’s not so bad. There are many flowers.